ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 284 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 284: Meeting A Slut Meets A Holy Maiden!? Part 2


The silence that fell after that moment was so awkward that it was almost painful to witness. Also, I am starting to think that this guy may be a little bit touched to the head…… in more ways than one.


By the way, are you going to stay in this form for good now?


Nah, I shall return to my normal form the moment I die, so……


Please leave it to me! I am going to protect you from every possible harm in this world!


Could it be that by saying that I made some kind of a mistake?



I have heard that the Saint’s quarters are located inside of Fiftsia. So you might say that it would have been a whole lot faster and more efficient for us to simply teleport there. However, when I asked about that, and why would we go there by carriage, the answer I was given was as follows: “It would be unbecoming of the knights to simply waltz in there as if we owned the place”.


Well, they said that rely heavily on roleplaying. I do not care all that much about it, but it is certainly nice that those guys would not cut corners when it comes to small details like that.

Once we are going to exit this carriage, there is going to be a heavy amount of roleplaying, so I would like to apologize in advance and ask that you please bear with us for a while.


The moment when Joset told me that, I though that he was joking. However, the moment I have exited the carriage, I felt as though the air around me had froze solid.


Fuh…… Well then, let us go, Sanraku-dono. The Saint-chan is expecting you just beyond this point.


The change was very sudden and very abrupt, as if someone flipped a switch. That female knight who was oogling me all over not even a moment ago, right now turned all serious and about ready to carry out her duties with utmost care. Just what you could expect from the first shield to protect the Saint.


Looking around, I could see various knights forming a corridor from the place where the carriage stopped and going somewhere in the distance. The way in which they did that and their synchronization made them looked more like NPCs rather than players.


Yeah, right…… Then please excuse me there for a moment.


We arrived in front of an expensive-looking mansion, located most probably in the best part of Fiftsia, where only the richest of people could live. The sheer contrast between this place and the area near the docks was so striking that I could almost feel my head spin. Then I was taken inside of the mansion and through the building to the place where the lord of this place probably was, a place that looked like a room reserved only for welcoming the most distinguished of guests. All the time, the people of Holy Shield Territory would not leave my side for even a moment.


Iristella-sama, I have brought you the Pioneer, just as you requested.


–––– Please enter.


A voice answered the announcement, and that voice was like a myriad of small silver bells being rung all at once. Joset then turned towards me, her face back in friendly mode rather than roleplay mode. She then whispered to me: “Please try not to be rude”. After that, she went back to the roleplay mode and opened the door before me.


You must be Sanraku…… Hm? That’s strange? I thought that the reports stated that you are a man……?


The room must have been her private quarters or some sort of a study. And as for the person who was inside there……


She had long, silver hair that look almost transparent tied behind her back, and was wearing a sort of a cleric robe, but much more ornamented and expensive-looking.


And above all ealse, her eyes looked as though they could suck you right in. Those were the eyes that looked like the moment in between the dark of the night and the light of the dawn, mysterious and bright. You would think that if you stared long enough into them, they would suck your soul out of your body.


I see, so this is not your typical NPC model. A whole lot more work was put into this one, making it unique and more detailed. Even normal people could pale in comparison.


So the appropriate course of action here would be to shift from the Anit-Vash gangsta style to the more polite and aristocratic one. Not only it should make the conversation go smoother, but I also get a feeling that if I offend this woman in any way, those knights all around me would slash me down like a rabid dog on the spot. Yeah, let’s try to avoid that.


It is a pleasure to meet you, Saint Iristella-sama. My name is Sanraku…… I am one of the Pioneers of this world.


In the next moment, all of my clothes popped off and turned into nothingness. Clearly, the limit of three minutes must have already come to pass.






Please excuse me, and please pay this no mind…… It’s a chronic disease that I happen to be afflicted with……


No, umm, yeah. My plan here was to change into something else on my way here, but I totally forgot about it because this place was so big and splendid. So I changed into a new set of clothes while I could feel Joset’s burning gaze upon me. I get it, I totally get it. But I’m not going to forget about this, you hear me, Luukan!?


The pleasure is all mine. My name is Iristella…… As you may already know, I am a Saint of Charity, someone on who a whole lot of people depend on.


Amazing, that’s actually amazing, Saint-chan! Talk about a true power move, a true assertance of dominance that even the knights must consider an amazing move!


 From that short exchange I can already tell…… This woman is on a level of Weissash, if not even higher. How can I put this…… this is something on a “Protagonist” level, for sure!



Those who are going to defeat the seven strongest beings of this world…… Thank you for going along with my selfishness, Joset. I know that it is not easy.


…… If that is what you want, My Lady, then that is what we all shall do.


Now then, if that is all that was required of me, then I guess we can talk about the details some other time……


And while I know that it is my own selfishness speaking once more…… But I would have a certain request for you. A request for you specifically, the one who possesses the extraordinary amounts of strength.









Oh my? What’s this? Could this be my very first quest for the World of ShangriLa Frontier?



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