ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 285 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 285: Even Though That Person Is No More, The World Keeps on Moving Forward Part 2





Shut the fuck up! You are just a novice player, so shut up and go die like a novice player you are! Know your place, trash! That’s how we are doing things here!


And while she got shot to the head from behind with a matchlock rifle, there was a certain thought starting to bloom inside of Kyogoku’s mind.


–––– That fucking bastard, whatever she should do about him?





At a certain company, at a certain café terrace.


There was a certain woman sitting there and drinking her coffee with a dignified expression, looking so marvelous while doing that that it would gather the looks of envy  of both men and women alike.


Honestly, I have no idea how you could possibly relax in a place like that. Are you doing this on purpose? Or maybe it’s something else……


Oh my, if it isn’t Saiga Momo-chan. Done with your work for today?


More or less…… And hand over some of those scones, why don’t you?


Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, didn’t mommy teach you that it is a mortal sin to try and steal the last piece of a tasty treat from someone else……?


Hoo? Even though it was you who taught me that as far as sweets are concerned, everything goes?


Kuh, you damn Melon Woman……


The newly arrived woman took the seat that was open at the same table…… For some strange reason, the way in which Saiga Momo was acting and speaking was that as if she thought she was the center of the entire world…… She then took the last scone that Towa Amane had brought with her and just like that she put it in her mouth. Her shoulders then relaxed as the expression of pure bliss showed on her face.


Nfufu, anyways, aren’t you glad that you finally managed to get yourself rid of that nasty Riberios, my dear Saiga-san?


Please don’t say it like that. If anything, let’s just call it a division of goals and responsibilities. Right now we have “New Continent Exploration Group” and “Nightprowler Luukan Defeat Group”. I am only interested in Nightprowler Luukan, anything else is pretty much non-existent to me at this point. So let them try and beat Siegwurm, it’s not that I really care.


I am not saying that’s something bad. However, getting yourself rid of all the troublemakers and shifting responsibilities…… It is not all that adult-like thing to actually do, you know?


Look, you are probably the last person on this planet I want to hear those words from.


Even though the two women would often argue with one another like that, the truth is that they understood that all too well.


For better or for worse, Riberios was still a skilled player and his ambitions would not simply disappear or change so easily. So it was actually impossible for Saiga-100 and Riberios to coexist in the same group. It was also true that Riberios had a steady group of followers, and getting the “Black Sword” rid of them would put them at severe disadvantage. It was a risk that Saiga-100 was too afraid to take. So Saiga-100 decided to do the most logical thing here and just split the goals of the whole organization, so that the two groups would not interfere in the interests of others.


Are you really sure about this? There’s a level cap release option over there, you know? So maybe you should go there before you actually face Nightprowler Luukan so you could benefit from that as well?


Fuh, I admit that it was a tempting option, for a while at least. But then it was proven that you can defeat Nightprowler Luukan on Ninety Nine Extended, and it is real, not just a theory. So……


He’s a little special case…… He can sometimes spit out really useful information without even realizing it. He’s kinda like a dusty tatami mat, if you think about it?


For a moment out there, Towa Amane continued to watch as Saiga Momo was eating the scone, watching the dregs of the tasty treat fall down on her ample chest that was so large that it was actually stretching the material of her shirt to the limit. No wander she would often get gazes filled with envy. Even Amane caught herself on drinking the cup of tea that was already emptied long ago.


Well then…… Momo-chan?


Hmm? What now?


About that Unique Scenario we were talking about before?


It was no secret that there was a sort of agreement between the leaders of “Wolfgang” and “Black Wolves”. And right about now it was the time to discuss the meaning of certain weapons and the possible quests related them. Just like Sanraku suspected.


Ah, about that one…… I have already achieved the conditions for starting it, but there are no changes to the quest so far. Apparently there is something more to it, more than initially meets the eye.


So, does that mean by clashing with you, we have theoretically managed to enter the same stage of that quest, but without knowing anything about it?


Most probably, yes.




Unique Scenario “Trial of Bravery”. It is a quest activated upon acquiring the weapon that once belonged to a hero, and it is divided into at least several phases.


One of such phases was “Fight between Heroic Weapons”. It was a condition that was already satisfied thanks that that skirmish in between Saiga-100 and Arthur Pencilgton during the duel. So no matter the results of the duel itself, it was a win for both of them.



I’ve had my suspicions for a while now, but it really is like that, huh?


Yeah…… I mean, it was kind of obvious. I mean, don’t you find it strange that there are heroic weapons in this game, but no heroic armor whatsoever?


If someone was not in on the subject, it would be impossible to understand what exactly the two women were talking about. However, they come from the same game and are of equal standing, so it was all too clear. It was a story about a Unique Scenario related to heroic equipment.




…… “Oh the brave Hero, I shall await you at the destined place, where my golden hand protects the gates leading to the lands beyond. What lies beyond that point, is the armor that can overcome all possible hardships”.


If we are to follow the traditional naming convention…… Would that be called “Seigai” or something like that?


That new power that the Holy Sword was hinting towards, just for who…… for what it was even prepared for?


No one would know that just yet.


However, it would all become clear eventually. Once the voices of the dragons would become extinct.




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