ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 294 Part 2



Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: ryunakama

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 294: My Girl Power Level Is Over 530 000 Part 2


…… Nyu?


What’s wrong, Emul?


Could it actually be…… That I am nothing more but an answering machine once again?


…………………………………………………… Dude, you noticed that just now?


I awkwardly turn my face away.


But I can see Emul pouting his cheeks in anger.


No, it’s because, you know…… Ah! that’s right! Only one person can be teleported into the INVENTORY at a time! And besides, I don’t know how other races are going to behave underwater in this game! No clue at all!


Lately, I get a feeling as if I was just a convenient tool for you to teleport all over the place!


No, you see, please understand! Lots of places I go to are dangerous! So much that you might actually die if we are not careful enough!


So maybe it is you who is weird, Sanraku-san!? Because you always seem so happy to go somewhere where you might die easily!


It’s not my fault that the more hazardous the place, the better loot you can find there. And that you want to squeeze the place dry of its resources to the very last drop. Lately even Katsu asked me if I know of a good material farming spot, and I was actually considering to bring him to the Crystal Scorpion Cliffs. Only to see him being torn to shreads by the Crystal Scorpions over and over again. To my satisfaction.


And that is exactly why, Emul.


Yes, if you say so.


Thinking about it carefully right now, after I manage to collect the things that we have come here for, the fastest way of getting back is probably going to be committing suicide there and respawn. So that means that you can actually go back to Rabbitz!? What the hell!?


Does that mean that about eighty percent of my hard work here was useless in the end after all!?


You said that, not me……


Emul then sammersault in the air and kicks me to the chin, causing me to lose my balance and tumble down the steep slope for about ten meters or so.


Even though I was expecting it, this thing is still pretty heavy…… I mean, I know that this is supposed to be a mecha that can get me to the bottom of the lake, but even when active, won’t this thing have like zero mobility? Isn’t that kinda bad?


A gorilla. An American football player. Without a doubt, this thing uses heavy machinery in order to create a mecha of a “Heavyweight” type…… A heavy armor in two major colors: dark green and jet black. Just like a moss growing in the deep caverns, that was the feeling that this heavy armor type “Fugaku” was giving me.


Fugaku…… Fugaku…… Somehow, that one word was more than enough to revive the memory of that painful challenge inside of my mind. But I do not believe that the two are actually related here. Most probably the “Fugaku” here is read as “mountain”.


But that raises even more questions here. However, I am sure that once I start to do more World Quests and slowly unravel the truth about this world, the answers will come to me on their own. At least I hope so.


After all, it is all about recognition here. Super advanced science may seem like magic at the first glance, but those things are not one and the same. You might say here that they seem similar for as long as you do not unravel the way in which the science tends to work. Yeah.


Alright, let’s do this thing, shall we!?


Have a safe trip down there! As for me, I shall be heading back to Rabbitz first! I shall wait there for your return!


Sorry for leaving you out of it like that! I will make it up for you sometime later! You’ll see! I will buy you whatever you want!


I am a very rich person now, after all. I have more than enough money to spare. So it won’t be that much of a problem here.


Then, then this is better going to be one of those super expensive spell books containing those super powerful magic spells!


Dude, did you even looked at the price tags on those things? I am rich, but I am not THAT rich, let me tell you!


One spell book of the highest caliber costs roughly around one hundred million mani. So you will have to excuse me if I won’t be buying you one of those! You can be angry with me all you want, but I am not going to change my mind on that! Or could it be that you are still angry about something here?


Oh well, I might not buy that specific spell book, but a cheeper one? Why not? I really want to kick into effect the Emul Strengthening Plan that I have been putting away in time as of late, so that would be a start. And with that thought, I jump into the water right into the lake that formed in that oversized crater.


The truth about this area that Weissash told me about. The mysterious powers that are at work here, strong and sinister enough to make even the most battle-hardened veteran shiver in his boots. Using the Red Dragon as a “lid” in order to stop the volcanic activity in the area. And the tranquil emptiness here.


It’s like sticking your finger right in the middle of the cookie dough and trying to press it against the cutting board. Systemic physics of ShangriLa Frontier may be perfect in every detail possible, but the physics of the world itself here can sometimes be all over the place. And this is my moment to shine. As for the details…… Oh, who cares about them, anyways?


The sinking “Genbu” does not light up ready to be operated. It’s only a matter of course, since the Aether Reactor went back to Katsu, its rightful owner. So right now “Genbu” was nothing more but an oversized mecha. A very heavy mecha at that.


Of course, there is no way for me to be able to acquire oxygen underwater, even when sitting inside of a mecha. Like that, I would have suffocated within seconds here. However……


This is just too convenient right now. It’s actually so convenient for me that it is actually suspicious……


I then teleport right into the INVENTORY, breathe as much air in as my lungs desire, spin the gacha roulette on the MP recovery potions and go for a dive once more.


The rest of the work here is just letting the game physics engine work its magic. So I sink even further down below, go to the INVENTORY to replenish my oxygen level and magic points, teleport back and repeat the whole process. And after a few repetitions just like that, I could feel my feet standing on some real solid ground.


Sorry for trampling all over you, buddy.



If Weissash’s words are to be believed, the place that I currently going through should be the place where the former Red Dragon “Kreptokrum” met its end, slaughtered by Siegwurm many years ago. So this place is actually it’s tomb.



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