ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 310 Part 1

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 310: Departure For Poaching, That Is Why I Like It (Abduction) Part 1

A Special Pioneer-Only New Continent Research Vessel. The name itself might be pretty imposing and overbearing, but it ultimately boils down to being a giant ship. A giant ship similar in design to a long and luxurious cruise liner from the real world. It was a joint project that only became possible to finalize thanks to the effort of the players and NPCs alike, as well as combining three basic components: a little bit of magic, a little bit of modern day engineering and a little bit of medieval technology.

And right now there was no longer only one of those New Continent Research Vessels. There were actually three more. The first and the original Research Vessel was named “Travelling Discovery”. It crossed the sea earlier than the rest of the ships, and its cruise turned out to be an astounding success. The three younger ships were named “Belhemorus”, “Lebiosnu” and “Zuizui”. And as of not too long ago, they were all fully operational.


I must say that the events of last night were simply amazing! I got front row seat when it comes to watching both Akitsu Akane and Rei struggle against various tough opponents here in Rabbitz Coliseum. What started as a series of innocent matches soon turned into a fierce competition to see who would be able to defeat more opponents. Not to mention that the enemies were severely more dangerous than the ones I had to fight, so it was a true feast for the eyes. But because of that I knew that Rei would be ready for the challenges of the New Continent.

The final opponent in Akitsu Akane’s case turned out to be a monster called Jura Vulcanrex, a huge dinosaur-type monster that was completely covered in bright red flames.

According to Weissashe’s explanation, it is a monster that is one of the “ancient” races that should now be mainly extinct, but that fact was making its setting even more exciting. However, since it stats must have been set relatively high, Akitsu Akane was having a really hard time against it.

As for Rei, her final opponent was not a dinosaur, but a giant, majestic-looking lion. Its mane was jet black in color and its body was covered in bluish thunder. The name of this lion was Leo Nemearex.

As expected of such majestic-looking monstrosity, its lore and setting were also top tier and nothing to scoff at. It was supposed to be a “king of all monsters”, something that would reign supreme on top of the food chain and do not cower from danger of combat, something that would set it more or less on an equal footing with Nightprowler Luukan. It also possessed a special skill that allowed it to leave a trail of electricity behind its body, which was making moving around the battlefield increasingly more difficult. I’d say it would be on the same level of trouble to fight as Atlantic Reaperorca, if not even higher.

I mean, that lion bastard was a true piece of work! Even though it was fighting Rei, all the time it kept on glancing towards me, and once it managed to kill Rei, it jumped right at me without a moment’s warning! If it was not for the fact that Rei managed to respawn in time and aid me in fighting for my dear life, I surely would have been killed there…… probably about four or more times or so.

Both of those enemies were defeated many times, so after we got a hang of it, it was time for strategy meeting and coming up with various plans for fighting those monsters effectively and how we could make easy and short work of them. It was actually pretty entertaining, thinking about different scenarios and coming up with different solutions.

「Yo, what’s up? I have come to see you off, so I hope that you don’t mind me sticking around for a little bit?」

「Oh my? Come on now, as if the biggest troublemakers of our little happy family needed such a thing as sending off.」

On this particular day, there would be a fourth ship that would set sail from this harbor and go on a voyage towards the new continent. The fourth ship here was called “Teres Cerestial” and it was a joint effort of three guilds: “Wolfgang”, “Library” and “Black Wolves”. But this fourth ship was much smaller and less grandious, mainly because its destiny was slightly different. This ship was supposed to carry a group of players from all three guilds and take them towards the Underwater City Lulilas, where a new group of challengers were supposed to take on “Kutanid of the Abyss” as part of going the Unique Scenario EX: “People Stare Into the Abyss, the World Turns Around”.

But contrary to the methods described in the “World Truth Book” that I disclosed to the Library and the way in which I managed to trigger this Unique Scenario EX, their way of starting it would be substantially different here. It is not the “Punching the Apostle of the Abyss” Unique Quest, but rather another Unique Quest: “Fearless Fishing Expedition”.

In a nutshell, it is a quest that is supposed to bring you over to the underwater city Lulilas, but in much more ominous and less subtle way. It is full of death flags such as: “Oh look! The weather is starting to go bad, but don’t mind that! Let’s go fishing!” I f everything goes according to the script, you will end up meeting the ghost ship, yet another death flag. And the rest you are all too well familiar with.

「A seven days’ trip, huh? …… So, how was it down there? Did you have any time to spare or to take a break?」

「With so many people? Give me a break. With a group this large and legions of monsters spawning day in and day out without a break, there was no free time down there to speak of.」

I asked that question to Pencilgton in order so I could verify if by any chance they happened to run into a squad full of Atlantic Reaperorcas and experienced true hell for themselves out there. Oh well, not this time around, but there will surely be another chances.

「I see. But since you have the strategy book on you, was it of any help down there? Did it help you to narrow down your options and strategies?」

「Somewhat, but that’s not where the real problem lies. It would have been nice if this battle was like the one with Gravekeeper Wezaemon, where you go in the dungeon and you are delivered straight into the boss battle. Kutanid per se is not that difficult of a battle, but the problem here is the materials, items and weapons…… We actually burn through them in no time. How did you manage to do this?」

「Yeah, when it comes to equipment durability it is really hard of a dungeon, but what about the boss battle itself? Eight people should be more than enough to clear it no problem, right?」

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