ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 315 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 315: A Very Lively Bee Part 2

I crouch once more in the sea of clouds, but this time around I do it to such an extent that only my head is sticking out. And surely, upon surveilling the area, I could see some black grains approaching fast from the distance, clearly visible on the carpet of white and fluffy clouds. The way in which those things were moving was way to bizarre for simple birds, so I guess those things must be monsters.

「Alright, Emul…… Get down on the ground and wait here for now.」

「You’re aiming for a surprise attack, is that right?」

「Yeah, and I think that I can wipe them out before they will even know what hit them if I run with all of my might here. Say, Emul? Are there any obstacles in particular in between us?」

「Nope! It’s a straight line from here, and as flat as you would expect it to be!」

「Alright! Now then, let’s take care of some bees here, shall we?」

I equip the Levin Trigger / disaster Hand and activate its effect by slamming my right thumb into my chest. I then assume the starting position while submerging completely into the sea of clouds and…… Ready! Set! Go!


You think that something like limited visibility would stop me from advancing here!? There are those players out there who can perform RTA in Full Dive games even with their eyes being blindfolded! As for me…… this level of obstructed visibility is nothing! It’s a piece of cake, I would say!

While I’m in the Overflow state, my sense of distance changes drastically. So in this obstructed environment I must be especially careful with my steps, because even the slightest mistake here might cause me to slip up on the empty space and make a few uncontrolled flips, as if slipping on a discarded banana peel. Needless to say, going into such violent and uncontrolled motion would end my life in about two seconds or even less.

However, when you think about it, even airplanes can gracefully fly through the air, even though they are nothing more but one big lumps of steel. Heck, they can even maintain their balance there despite the air currents, which would normally make it impossible to stay on course in a steady position.

I lean forward so much that it seems to me that I might fall to the ground any minute now, and I cut straight through the sea of clouds until I reach a point where I think it would be the most suitable to jump and attack my opponents.

Then, at the same time as I jump out of hiding, I release the black thunder that is covering my entire body and return back to normal! The time spent in the Overflow state was less than ten seconds, so I should have not suffered any decrease in HP. So technically you could use it continuously for less than ten seconds over and over again, but it’s not all that effective. But short distances? That’s another story.

「Monster Panic!!! Surprise Attack!!」

Right now I feel like a shark that jumped out to the water only to grab a poor jock and drag him back into the ocean with me. Shame that my teeth are not as big and sharp.

Speaking about materials here in ShanFro, I have encountered bees in this game before. It was at that time when I fought the Empire Bees and used their materials to develop my Lake Daggers into Empire Bees Swords. Those were genuine bees. But now that I can see the Dominion Hornet actually emerging right in front of me, I can see that it is more of a wasp rather than hornet. …… But I guess that’s okay, since both hornets and wasps are pretty aggressive by nature and are kind of an assholes.

Their specs might be all different, but honestly I can’t feel that much of a threat coming from them. It’s really strange.

「Eat this! Sudden Assassin-like Kill!!」

I draw my Duxaram Blade and brandish it in a splendid upwards arch, cutting through the belly of the Dominion Hornet and scoring a critical hit on that strike, which further increased the damage dealt to the monster. Apparently it was more than enough to eat through the Dominion Hornet’s whole HP bar.

「That’s the first one!」

I don’t know exactly how many rare materials and what materials I my need for my strengthening, so for now I am going to haunt all the bees in here and I will kill every single last one of them.

I don’t really have to worry about being rough with them, so I can finally let loose and deal with them however I see fit. This awaken a strong fighting spirit inside of me. So I start slashing away with my sword with no reservations.

The bee explodes in a myriad of polygons, and without waiting I switch to the other bee and then another one. It was then that I noticed that one of the Dominion Hornets started to act in a strange way.


「No, not bees, you guys are Hornets…… No, wait, that’s not it, either……!!!」

Even before coming in here for the first time, I made sure to collect some information about this place and the monsters that inhabit it. That is why I knew that there were not only bees in here, if it was just that then there would be no problem here. But it was not like that.

For example: think about what you do when you end up picking a fight with someone. You think that you can take them on, but all of a sudden your opponent turns out to be a whole lot stronger than you are. Usually, in such case the most natural thing to do in a situation like that is to just run away.

However, think about this: what to do when you as the weaker person try to escape from the stronger opponent, but you find yourself unable to do just that? …… It’s really simple, you just have to make up for the lack of strength! And how do you do that? Of course that you do it with sheer numbers!

「Is that a whistle that you use to call your friends for backup……!?」

I can hear Emul’s voice coming from behind my back as the ground starts to shake violently. Apparently Emul’s sonar must have picked up something really big once it entered the sonar’s range. Ah, now I get it…… This must be it, that giant mass of clouds that was making its way over here and it was making that way really fast……!


「Whoa there, so huge……!!」

What is this, a truck!? No, it was not that, but this “thing” was certainly huge! So huge that when it was wriggling around like a snake and started to emerge from inside of the sea of clouds, it was effectively pushing the clouds away and to the sides.

Could this be the rare enemy of this area? What is this thing’s name? Cloud Elephant, huh……!?

I mean, sure, I’ll take it on since I am virtually over Level one hundred, but what about the Dominion Hornet!? That’s the thing I came here for in the first!

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