ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 318 Part 2

ShangriLa Frontier Chapter 318: Blue Collar Workers Go to Challenge the Unknown Part 2

「No, no, no. There’s no way I would actually try to do something like that now. That’s unreasonable no matter how you look at it.」

That being said, I knew that I was doing, so it is fine…… Besides, don’t you think that this roleplay of yours is a little bit too strong, Joset-san? One wrong word or move this day and age and you could actually end up invoking the wrath of the new raid boss called “Iristella”, you know?

Thinking that I cast a quick glance at Joset, who clearly looked as though she thought something alongside the lines of “Ahh, the Saint-chan moments after she just woke up is so cute as well!”. Just like that, we wait for the Saint to actually join us.

「–––– Joset, please give her the usual.」

「…… Yes, Ma’am!」

There was initially a brief pause here, but ultimately Joset decided to follow the rules of the role play and handed me a handful of items, although she did so quite reluctantly.

One of the items was particular in both shape and the atmosphere surrounding it. Could this be……? Yes, it looked pretty similar to the recording item that was already in my possession. Was it perhaps a different recording item of sorts?

「I know that we have asked you to keep watch over His Majesty the King and the First Princess, make sure that they are safe and prevent them from being assassinated in the new continent…… And we do realize that it is already an impossible of a task to fulfill. That being said, would it be alright if we added yet another condition to the list?」

「Let’s hear it first, I am going to decide after hearing you out.」

According to the Saint-chan, as long as the First Prince is roaming free, there is no way for the Church or anyone else to actually stop the assassination attempts from happening. Even if we were to stop the new continent one, there would surely be more of those to come around.

That being said, it would be a wise move to actually not kill the potential assassin here in the new continent, taking him prisoner and question him instead. That way the Church would have the proof that was needed to put the head of the First Prince “on the block” for good.

「…… In other words, I would like you to wait until you manage to get a definite proof of the First Prince’s involvement, and only then prevent the assassination attempt.」

「…… Huh?」

Hmm…… The time progression in this game goes really close to the real world’s time, so there are various timings to consider…… But I must also take into account that I would try to do other quests, Unique or otherwise in the meantime. I would not be able to babysit the King the entire time.

But if the conditions for clearing this quest change so rapidly, does that not mean that there should be at least some sort of hints that would help me clear it? I mean, without those, this quest was shaping out to really be downright impossible to clear.

Even the Unique Monsters, which were all pretty much impossible and unreasonable to begin with, had some clues pointing towards how to defeat them…… So you tell me that a quest like that is not able to do that?

Alright, when in doubt, it’s time for some additional role play. Role play has never failed me before, so let’s give it a shot.

「…… I understand. This here avenging blade has certainly heard your wish. And acting as the blade, I shall follow the will of my user.」

「Fufu, I can see that a rather capable and amusing blade has joined the ranks of that organization. Very well then, I shall put my faith in you, Blade-san.」

Yeah, whenever in doubt, go full on roleplay. A little bit of roleplay never hurt anyone, and it can certainly help when you need it to.

Anyways, I could finally see the silhouette of the new continent emerging on the horizon.

And the moment we could also start to notice the massive shape of the first new continent research vessel “Toravant Discovery”, pretty much every single player was looking towards our destination either on the deck or from the windows of their respective cabins.

Taking advantage of the fact that everyone was focused on the new continent right now, I got mixed in the crowd to have a better view myself. At least for now no one should be paying any attention to me.

「You are going to be soon helping out the King and the Princess, right, Sanrako-san?」

「Yeah, and according to the vision of the Saint-chan, the assassination attempt is not going to take place too soon, since it would have been way too obvious that way. Makes sense, since right after we land there is going to be the Pioneer base of operations, even though it might be in shambles now.」

His Majesty the King and the First Princess were of course mixed in with the most important NPCs that came here with us. It’s not all that uncommon for high ranking nobles and rulers to mix in with the common folk from time to time, but travelling all over to the new continent just because you felt like it is a little bit of a stretch if you were to ask me.

If you want to assassinate someone in a place like that, you need to have a plan and appropriate amount of preparations in place…… Better to be on my guard and have my eyes and ears wide open just in case…… or maybe not. That would surely make me stand out way too much.

「Have you become stuck way at the beginning already?」

No, not yet. That is because, I have a reliable senpai to whom I can always turn for help and advice!

「–––––– That being said, would you be willing to help me out with this one? Ero Rad…… I mean, Ruthia-paisen.」

「…… Why do I get the feeling that you were this close to calling me something rather disgraceful right now?」

「Who? Me? No way! You’re imagining things! I would never do something like that!」

Kuh, that Ero Radish is rather perceptive, isn’t she? Right about now the new world research vessel should be ready to anchor in the harbor. While everyone else was getting excited for seeing the new world, I came down to the “Snake’s Apple” that was at the bottom of the ship. Master, one apple juice, please!

「…… Well, I do not really mind helping you out. You seem to be a rather promising newbie, and the current king and his policies tend to work in our favor, so it may be worth our while to make sure that the current status quo stands that way.」

「I am really grateful for everything that Little Girl Tias-sensei managed to teach me, yes.」

Both the Bounty Hunter Ruthia and I sat down at the table to discuss “business”. And while Ruthia was still wearing her deep hood and a muffler indicating that she was all serious, the corner of my lips started to lift when I heard that the conversation was apparently going well in the direction I wanted it to go to.

「Anyways, you…… Are you actually a woman?」

「No, there is a reason for why I look like that, but at my core I’m a man through and through.」

「Ahh, so you are one of those, huh? Weird hobby, but oh well……」

Hey, it should not be all that weird that someone who was always playing a male character in video games would like to try out to play as a woman for once, you know? Actually, it is only natural here. Now, please apologize to every player out there that you have just insulted with your rude remark.

However, thanks to that, I have secured a reliable source of information on the NPCs here. I should use it all in order to help me make this King and the Princess rescue quest as much of a breeze as possible.

That being said, I pushed aside the popping up windows that were starting to block my view.

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