11. [Altora] Life’s Greatest Chance – Introduction (2)

「Damnit! I can’t get rid of this void in my stomach if I don’t at least get the dungeon capture reward back.」

Marge did not say much to the guild.

『The other members were stuck inside. I couldn’t carry them all by myself, so I left them behind.』

That’s all he explained.

From Altora’s point of view, the mere fact that Marge was alive was an incomprehensible situation. What’s even more incomprehensible was that the dungeon had been cleared. Time passed by without any resolution to the mystery.

「There is news, Altora!」


The door to the bar suddenly creaked open, and the sound of rain became louder. The person who jumped in was Gordon, the last member of the “Divine Silver Sword,” a former royal gatekeeper and shield. With water dripping from his wet hair, his huge body made the floor creak as he approached Altora’s table.

「You make people run around the guild, yet you are drinking yourself stupid here.」

「Shut up. So, what’s the matter?」

A messenger from the guild came and told Gordon to come to the guild as soon as possible, but it had already been late. Altora doesn’t even try to hide his displeasure as he told Gordon that he was late.

「I guess I’m not feeling my best yet. My legs feel strangely heavy…」Gordon.

Gordon handed Altora a letter, who was thinking that it was about time to cut him off too.

「More importantly, this is amazing news. It seems that Lord Abik and his wife, who are on a tour, are stopping by to see us for having conquered the unprecedented “Abyss of Evil”! We can show off our skills!」Gordon.

Altora poured the remaining ale in his glass down his throat and burped in public, with a large smile plastered on his face.

「…I guess luck is in my favor. My path to becoming a “true S-class” is completely unstoppable.」

The S-class party “Divine Silver Sword” has been outstanding in its achievements over the past few years, and has now conquered another dungeon that is nicknamed the S-class killer. There was only one thing missing.


The Lord of Abik territory, is a powerful lord who governs the entire territory including this city. It was the perfect opportunity for attaching prestige to his name.

「If I can make an impression and develop a strong network of contacts, my dream of becoming a noble won’t remain a dream forever.」

If there’s even one incompetent member in the party, there’s a chance of disappointing the lord. Thinking of this, Altora smiled to himself and realized that he had made the right decision to cut off Marge at that moment.

「So, you’re going to show off your skills? As expected…」

This territory is the land that humans acquired from the demi-humans in an old war. Altora calculated that if that’s the case, then Duke Abik’s family must be home to a number of warriors.

「I’ll show off my [Sword Saint]. I guess it would look better with Tina’s [Angel’s White Wings], no?」

「N-No. I’m sure it would be easy to impress just with your [Sword Saint]…」

「It tastes even better when you sprinkle it with parsley.」


Tina’s response was somewhat dodgy, but Eria seemed to be reacting much differently than usual. Gordon felt something was amiss, but since Altora didn’t say anything, he reconsidered and ordered sake and a meat platter, and took a seat.

In front of the assembled members, Altora targeted a mutter towards Marge.

「Marge, I don’t know where you are right now but as long as I have my [Sword Saint], the “Divine Silver Sword’ will never fall. Burn to death with envy when you see your old party rise to the very top!」

Placing his hand on the famed sword on his waist, Altora imagined his bright future.

Altora’s [Sword Saint] is a powerful unique skill that allows him to move at lightning speed and perform sword slashes. Its effect is specialized in “acceleration”, and its speed, which approaches the speed of sound and far exceeds human perception.

This is just a what if scenario, but… what would happen if his “dynamic vision” could not cope with his own divine speed?

Skill – [Hawk Eye].

There are still ten days left until Altora learns the true value of the skill that Marge lent him at the very beginning, and that it has already been lost.


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