33. Wolf’s Hidden Village (6)

「Now, that was a very unusual visitor. To think we’d run into the rumored decoration hero.」

The platoon leader laughed while pointing behind him. Looking behind, he could see the two of them peering into the swamp in the distance.

Among Duke Abik’s direct troops, decoration heroes refer to the “Divine Silver Sword.” It was a well-established theory that the party was not S-class based on their ability.

According to the rumors, it was a hoax made up by the guild that supervises Abik territory.

「A sword prodigy, a former royal gatekeeper, a genius mage, and a saint? I guess the rumors were true that they were selected for publicity.」

「You’ll realize it’s an obvious fact once you give it enough thought. It’s pathetic that both the people and the adventurers are so easily fooled.」

The two mages also agree. In fact, when they heard about Altora’s blunder, they thought that the mask had finally

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