Chapter 320

Chapter 320: No one would let me rest, jumping in one after another, making it a super hard labor with no way to escape.

Day 76 – Nighttime, the Capital, the Royal Palace.

It is my duty to oversee this ball, which will be my last one as the grand chamberlain, and I cannot allow any harm or embarrassment to come to that black-haired boy, even if it means offending the nobles.

The guest from a faraway land that saved the Frontier, saved the Kingdom, and even refused to take any credit for that to save the Royal Family. And I was entrusted with a party to welcome him. And the matter with the orphans even saved the Royal Family itself. The Royal family’s reason for existence, which seems to have gotten mistakenly lost in the long tradition, was pointed out.

The nobles are vigilantly looking out for an opportunity to ridicule and mock that benefactor. The atmosphere of the venue went beyond threatening and reeks of clear malice. The majority is driven by envy and the desire to illicit love from those maidens. They wouldn’t shy from any measures if it’s for the sake of taking them away from that boy.

The nobles take pride in their refined education, so they must be intending to point out faults in regards to dancing, and after inventing some sort of pretext, make a conflict out of it. After all, the dance is the special privilege of the nobles, hammered into them from a tender age.

Even so, the ball is going to begin.

The sound of music being played begins to spread, and the atmosphere in the venue starts to change.The partition that separated the lower seats from seats of honor is no more, and the tables are moved to the wall.

The award ceremony is over and the event is about to proceed to the ball. Formally, the black-haired boy received no honors or rewards. But being announced and entering the very last he is treated as the most privileged guest.

The most privileged guest walks to the center of the hall… Alone? …He stands listlessly in the very middle of the floor by himself.

Seeing that the nobles snicker and jeer at him,『Abandoned by his partner』or『A country bumpkin who doesn’t even know how to dance』or『Being alone is just perfect for a clown』, ridiculing and pointing fingers.

Then, the music starts.

The melody produced by the orchestra resounds through the venue.

That is a divine dance.

Everyone has their breath taken away as they are gazing at it with their eyes wide open in a mute amazement. Dancing in elegant and yet free movements they create afterimages flickering around like mirages due the complexity of the footwork.

The boy that stood at the center of the hall, getting ridiculed by everyone, raised his right hand and took a step forward with the first opening notes, just one step.

In just one step, he reappeared in front of the maidens awaiting at the side of the hall, in turn, the maiden with blonde hair moved towards him, and the next moment was in his embrace, leaning against him, with his hand on her waist. It all happened at the very first sounds of the music.

And the next moment, the grand venue was completely taken over. A dream-like sashay leaving only countless afterimages behind, etched with every single dancing step, combining both elegance and splendor their movements are extremely swift. Even a spin seems like gliding, making the pure-white dress appear flowing away. They fly around the ballroom in a divine dance with heel, flat, inside edge, outside edge, and seemingly countless combinations of footworks, leaving behind beautiful afterimages all across the floor as the lead with infinite variety, which seems like it couldn’t possible have any routine behind it, is being followed by the maidens in the most natural manner. A reverse turn with a composition so complex that it is impossible to distinguish with the naked eye is performed without a change in breathing, posture, a hold or even the distance between each other.

A perfect footwork far beyond the technique of social dance. Sashay or weave from PP, curved feather from cross, twist turn and numbers of artistically beautiful spins, combined together in a perfect uninterrupted flow of steps and swings.

While based on the Kingdom’s ballroom’s dance, which uses only a few types of steps that have been passed down since the olden times, they also combine it with fast and big movements with unprecedented footwork and turns, resulting in elegant and aesthetic dance with a beautiful flow which however holds passion that takes one’s breath away. Giving the impression of the sharpness of sword dance with the goddess of war, and the heavenly dance unfolds, keeping the venue hall silently mesmerized.

As soon as one song ends, the partner changes to a black-haired maiden, and in a complete change from before, they dance in a tranquil and graceful manner, gliding across the ballroom in large slides. Only sighs can be heard from the captivated audience as the song ends and the partner is changed to another maiden. They have a complete monopoly as no one is able to step onto the floor where that dreamlike beautiful spectacle unfolds.

They managed to completely shut down the never-closing mouths of the nobles through dance alone, allowing no room for schemes or intrigues.

Be it an assassin, a bowman, a swordsman, or a mage, no one can keep up with that dance. While quick, elegant, and involving large motions, it’s however complex and advanced to the point of seeming irregularity, making it impossible to attack him as one wouldn’t even be able to read the incoming movements. The moment you think they are right before you, they are already dancing on the other edge of the floor, leaving only a mirage behind.

Even the Princess and the Count’s young lady took their turns to dance, but no one else dares to take a step onto the floor. No one can intrude on that supreme masterpiece of a dance.

Turning every noble of the Kingdom into a wallflower, he completely took over (hijacked) the ball. There is but one main character, and the Kingdom’s nobles are just a rabble (mob).

The boy for the sake of just the black-haired alone, who dances with one maiden after another.

Even the nobles who were relegated to mere spectators of a solo performance can’t step past the afterimage curtain created by this divine dance.

While glaring at him, enraged with jealousy, they are still intoxicated and captivated by the dream-like beauty of the dance, admiring and envying it. Observing with wide-open bloodshot eyes in an attempt to steal the technique, they end up stunned by the degree of its complexity and difficulty.

Dozens of the maidens took turns dancing on the floor, as the black-haired boy made their beauty bloom in full glory. He merely obliged the invitation and came for a dance, and with that dance alone he completely overpowered the nobles. He made all plots, conspiracies, and assassination ploys impossible.

Even if an army encircled and swooped down at him, they would be powerless to grasp that divine dance. Even if 100 people were swinging swords at him all together, they wouldn’t be able to even graze him.

Not a single noble among those that were leering at the beautiful maidens, or even lusting after them, can even ask them for a dance. The reason being, if they were to try to dance with them, they’ll have their arms cleanly torn off. There is no other person who can serve as a partner to the maidens in their intense and passionate dance aside from that boy.

And looking at the maidens’ attitude, akin to that of loyal servants waiting upon their master, which changes to delighted smiles while they are dancing with him, the nobles are seething with envy, understanding full well that they don’t have even a shadow of a chance of wooing them.

Even utterly depraved nobles, freely using money and power to obtain any beautiful woman that caught their fancy, are just looking at them with the eyes of envy. Even noble ladies in extravagant dresses and weary of their lavish lifestyle,don’t have the courage to step onto that floor. Trying to rival these beauties is nothing short of a laughable suicidal action.

Fools who don’t understand the significance of dungeon killing, and who have forgotten their duty as nobles, just stare at them wistfully. It’s not the dimension where low-level lazy nobles who don’t even bother to fight can hope to accomplish anything.

And the last song. The first half of the ball ends here, and we enter a break. While I was just staring at them, holding my breath, several hours had passed. The dream-like hours passed in a flash.

The maiden that appeared next was a peerless beauty with amber skin. Having such a line-up of matchless beauties is almost scary.

No hold? They both take poses with their hands away, standing so close that they might touch, but without actually touching, just gazing at each other.

In that stillness, the last song begins. This is a foreign composition that the black-haired boy specifically requested to the orchestra. Then, they begin to move to the tune of a fervent yet beautiful melody.

Everyone is entranced by the smooth foreign dance the likes of which they’ve never seen before. A dance which involved stamping one’s feet on the floor and clapping hands, colored in deep passion and intense desire.

But there is nothing vulgar about it, far from that, there is a polished artistic refinement. The level of technique that is impossible to imitate has everyone mesmerized, as they look without even breathing.

As the tune grows more intense, the dance also becomes even more feverish and passionate, in a beautiful display of technique. And with the melody reaching the climax, the dance ends with her leaning back in his embrace.

The hall erupts in a thunderous applause, even those that aren’t fond of the boy are still clapping their hands. It’s obvious that claiming to not recognize its beauty is equal to lowering one’s own status. Clearly hating it, they are still clapping their hands.

They might’ve forgotten their pride as nobles, but the education they were going through since childhood still remains. Getting thorough training in manners and dance as a part of etiquette, they realize that that sublime dancing technique signifies his refined equation, thus, if one desires to mock him, a dance superior to that would be expected from them, so there is no way they could do such a thing.

The nobles who came with an idea of mocking and making fun of that boy after seeing that play had their mouths shut. It’s obvious that one can only bring embarrassment to oneself by trying to find faults with him. Because he managed to shut up all of the Kingdom’s nobles through dance alone, their own forte. Thus, he sealed their mouths. The nobles who are good only at arguments had their greatest weapon destroyed.

Unable to trip him up and make him fall, bump into him on purpose and create a pretext for a quarrel, splash wine on him, trample his feet, or carry out any other kind of harassment that the nobles like so much they ended up just frozen in place with their mouth sealed. Trying to trip or bump into that is next to impossible. Not to mention that they couldn’t even join the dancing. Because that means their defeat in terms of education as nobility. That’s why they can’t do anything.

The commander of the Second Division Sir Terrysel had once said that it’s utterly presumptuous for us to even worry about that boy, and he was exactly right. It was I who was underestimating him.

That is a living legend in the form of a boy. Because that boy is the real hero, that no one knows about, in the Kingdom’s miraculous heroic tale.

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