Chapter 11: They are off in the head. Those that did the same are also off in the head. Part 1



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Day 11 – The Cave.

Today’s breakfast once again consists of seasoned mushrooms, other world style sautéed with dried meat with herbs (preserved food). Plus bits of a broiled rabbit.

I’m already sick of it.

I’m hardly making progress at identifying weird skills, and my main power, Cane Arts Lv 5, feels like 「Eh, these are cane arts?」by this point.

Anyway, I want information. The geeks, that had a lot of it, left, heading for the town. And I don’t want to do anything with the class, that by now probably devolved into messy unrest.

Were they to discover my lovely mid-century modern style house[1. TL Note: Mid-century modern is an American design movement in interior, product, graphic design, architecture, and urban development that was popular from roughly 1945 to 1969. It is typically characterized by clean, simple lines, honest use of materials, and it generally does not include decorative embellishments.], they surely would take over it, acting as if they own the place.

There is no doubt about that after hearing the geeks’ story. And I also don’t think that anything good can come from getting involved with them. All of their information on this world, skills, and monsters came from the geeks, so it’s not like they know anything themselves.

I guess looking for a town is a sound idea, but I’m not sure I can get along with the people possessing no culture or common sense. Don’t underestimate how much of a loner I am, I’m Lv 3! (Smug).

After all,「Safety Comes First」is the biggest factor. I have to get strong enough to be able to protect myself with certainty. My level is low compared to others transported to this world. It’s likely that there is some sort of penalty on leveling up. With「Jack of All Trades Lv 1」,「Muppet Lv 1」having such a huge impact on Lv 1, it gives me shivers, thinking what is going to happen when they level up.

However, the transported that I saw until now had Lv 11. Even the geeks had only Lv 16, with status reaching three digits only for their best stats. Around 160-170 I guess? If my Lv is going to raise as it did until now, I should have about 120-150 by Lv 10, and when I reach Lv 16 I might go over 200? The growth rate could be going down, as it does in some games, but from what I saw, it stayed the same up to Lv 5. Or actually, didn’t it go up a bit?

Putting status aside, the geeks, being Lv 16, and getting through a week of nonstop battles were struggling with 5 goblins. Yes, there was a matter of them being out of mana and having a questionable formation with only one person on the frontline, but even so. 4 people with cheat skills and Lv 16. On top of that, they almost got killed by an ambush from behind by two goblins. Could it be that actual combat experience matters more than Lv?

If I appraised other otherworlders or natives of this world I could get a better picture through comparison. But there is no guarantee that they won’t attack me, and even if I’m stronger than them, I still might fall into a trap.

The geeks were saying that in another world enslavement magic or items, charm, skill stealing, and instant death skills pose the biggest danger. Having no resistances, even poison or hypnosis would lead to a checkmate.

Looks like humans are the most dangerous. Do I have no other choice but to confine myself to the cave and lead a NEET loner life?

However, the geeks chose to go to a town anyway, even if there is that much danger. And that is because they are high school boys! Thank you very much, they are merely lusting for girls.

Apparently, enslaved animal-eared girls, lewd elven beauties, and dwarven legal lolis are waiting for them there…… Didn’t they just escape from high school girls? Well, do your best.

The depths of the forest, huh. After I saw the wannabes I made no attempts to go there. And I have even less desire to do so after hearing the geeks.

But the geeks left them in such a state.

The wannabes had Charm and Puppetry sealed, but they could have other cheat skills. Now, that the geeks left the group, it could spell a lot of trouble were they to turn to violence.

I don’t care about them. But even so. Though I was a loner, we still were in the same class, so there are people, whom I’d like to remain safe. Well, about 5 or 6 of them? Everyone else either doesn’t matter or should go and eat shit.

Especially the wannabes and bitches. I wouldn’t mind if they went and aggroed kobolds. Or rather, please do! Get bitten! It really hurts! I’m speaking from experience.

Should I check on them after all? Even the geeks were worried about the president. She is a beauty after all.

Yeah, there is nothing but mushrooms around here. A lot of different types, but still, nothing but mushrooms.

The depths of the forest should have different ingredients, so I can check on their status as I search for food.

Gathering food, training, experimenting, and while I’m at it, scouting? I also can expand the Map.

Today’s destination is the depths of the forest. Since their base was on the river bank, I should be able to find it going upstream. It should be located near the place where I encountered the wannabes. As the geeks said, the wannabes never went far from the base, so it should be there. Upstream, huh. I wonder if I can catch any fish? I really want lightning magic.

I proceed through the forest, going along the river. Walking near the river might get me spotted after all, and it’s also unlikely that I will find any food there.

I think I should be getting close to the place, but… There is no food? Did they eat up everything?

There are a considerable number of goblins, but it’s not a problem. They are really weak.

I was a bit wary since they are clustering in packs of 5-6, but with Lv 3-4 they aren’t only slow, but also lack strength.

As training, I tried to trade blows with them, but a goblin that has no advantage in strength can’t be an opponent. They are so easy that I can’t even use them to practice cane arts. Cane arts I said. Yes, I have my own objections to that name as well.

And then kobolds. As always, walking around with their dog-like faces. Reapplying Mana wrapping I approach them. Hm? Lv 2 and 3?

Ah, so the geeks told the truth. They are a bit stronger than goblins. A bit stronger than gob weaklings of Lv 3-4.

They are faster, but they just dash in a straight line. Are you gobs? And they even stopped running to wave sticks at me. They might serve as good training dummies.

Exchanging blows with 2 kobolds I noticed. They barely have any skills. That explains why they aren’t trying to make joint attacks. But they do have Biting!

This would explain why the geeks would struggle with the monsters near the cave. After getting used to these, they would feel like a completely different thing.

If these are kobolds, then what the hell were those that I fought the other day……? As I gave them a glare without a thought, the kobolds backed off.

Certainly, until now I went through a lot of badmouthing and backbiting about my eyes. That I have a bad glare, that my eyes are scary, that they look dangerous. I’m also aware that there is some truth to that.

BUT EVEN SO, YOU ARE MONSTERS, DON’T BE SO SCARED! Are my eyes on the same level as those of monsters? What even are the eyes that would scare even monsters? I’m a human, right? This reaction hurts my feelings, you know? The hell are you tucking your tails for?

Snapping, I beat kobolds to death. And I’m not sorry, they should be sorry.

Until now I peacefully lived at the cave but turns out, it was a pretty dangerous spot.

Now, this leaves only orcs. I guess I will manage? Stronger and tougher than goblins, proficient with clubs, the strongest monsters of this area.

But having skills and being stronger than gobs and kobolds from this area, isn’t that the gobs that I usually fight?

That explains why Lv 16 geeks would struggle. This place gave them no combat experience. It’s on the level where I’m completely dominating.

Using Farsight I found the base of my classmates, but tents and fences are all in tatters. Does it mean that without the geeks they now have no one to do the maintenance? But staying like that is dangerous. Or rather, it’s like there is no one there.

Did they move? No, that’s unlikely.

According to the information I got from the geeks, they weren’t in a state that would allow them to act as a group. Even if they split, it’s still weird that no one would stay here.

Maintaining caution I approach the base, and there is not a single person after all. Where did they go? Did something happen?

Examining the base and surrounding, I look over it, searching for traces that could give me some clues.

An instant of dizziness.

I felt like I suddenly Saw something. And then, that information went to my head, hitting me like a shockwave, and it hurt.

A new skill? That can wait.

Examining it once again, the base, the woods, the river bank…… There are two traces in the base. The first one is focused around a certain spot further into the base, that’s probably the place where the geeks were attacked. The remnants of magic power feel older here than in the other spot.

And the second one is a bit away from the base, on the dry river bank, leading from there to the woods. The traces of magic feel new…… 「Magic」, meaning that humans fought here.

I don’t know which skill this is, but those eyes of mine are the only thing I can rely upon. Following the trace, I enter the forest.

Nearly one hour of running later, I finally found signs of human presence.

Looks like a group escaping while making rounds through the area is running this way.

Wait and see how it goes? Or should I help them?

Observe it is. The group running from the pursuers is shedding blood. I still can’t see them, as they are out of my sight, but I can See it.

If the pursued party are bad guys, then what about the pursuers?

If pursuers are bad guys, then what about the pursued?

In conclusion, both were baddies.

……Okay, let’s go home.

What should I have for dinner? Mushrooms? Or mushrooms? Or may~be~ mushrooms?

Ah, they are here, what can I say……「Hey! You! Stop there!」」……Aaah~ how annoying.

「Yeah. Good day, dear bitches. And bye. 」

Then, let’s pick up some berries on the way back……「I told you to stop!!「Eh? The hell is that「And bye」!!!」「Who are you calling bitches!」gyah gyah!!」on the way back……?

Gyah? Never heard of a bird crying in such a way. Let’s leave it alone and go home~♪

「「「We are telling you to friggin stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!」」」

Haaaah. Of all people possible, it’s bitches. If it were high school girls bursting with the energy of youth I would’ve considered stopping, but I don’t want to stop for high school girls bursting with bitchiness.

「Or rather, why are you in such a place「Are you their friend?!」「Hey you「what does this mean?」hurry up and do something!!!」, why are you silent?」

Annoying, annoying, annoying, what the hell are they! So noisy, what are they even talking about?

「Look, what is 「what does this mean?」supposed to mean? Then, you were the ones who walked to「such a place」! And「their friend」, who are you talking about? And I don’t even have friends! I’m a loner! Don’t make me say it!」

I have no idea who was chasing them, but to hell with helping them. Jumping out of nowhere and going「Hurry up and do something!!」?

Enough, let’s hurry home.

「「「As we said! Wait!」」…………Please.」

Eh? I’m getting auditory hallucinations. My ears went crazy since bitches were too loud?!



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