Chapter 20: President is the greatest praise for the president.




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Day 19 – White Weirdo Inn

「An unfamiliar ceiling.」

Aah, I finally got to say this. I thought this day would never come.

I thought I would have to live without ever being able to play out this trope.

It’s an actually unfamiliar ceiling.

No doubt here.

It’s not that crap about the unfamiliar cave, unfamiliar forest, or an unfamiliar schoolgirl.

Be the name of the inn white lover or white weirdo, the inn’s ceiling still counts as an unfamiliar ceiling.

It’s finally an unfamiliar ceiling! I saw it before I went to sleep, but if I say I don’t know it, then I don’t!

Isn’t it weird that it took me almost 20 days to say this line after coming to another world?

Normally, you’d start in a castle? Then, there will be a princess? Or rather, didn’t things go weird from the very beginning? Why an old fart? Why not a goddess? That’s where things went wrong. And he was senile on top of that.

Well, anyway, we finally reached a town in another world.

We did it.


「Good morning, mind not ending the story the first thing in the morning? And also, it’s not like you had any intentions to find a town, to begin with? You just tagged along, didn’t you? You didn’t accomplish anything here, why are you trying to bring closure?」

Could it be that instead of a morning call, this inn provides a morning retort service? A flat-eyes retort. Thank you for the treat.

So it’s 『My adventure is only starting! 』with a forever unfinished first arc? And it’s still not ending?

It appeared like survival in another world, but it turned out like living in the countryside? No publisher would allow a story about endless mushroom picking to continue for more than one issue! Even this world is about to axe the story.

「Good morning, President. You are a president today as well.」

「Why are you saying it like it’s a compliment? Why do you look so smug, as if you said something nice? It’s not like we are swapping presidents, so I’m obviously a president every day? Or rather, there is no school anymore, so it makes me wonder for how long am I going to be treated like a class president.」

Sadly, it seems she is not aware that calling the president the president is the greatest praise possible at our school.

Presidents of other classes? No idea about them. Never even saw them. And since I never saw them, I can’t even tell if they really exist. Even the real Vice President of our class is yet to be discovered. If they do exist, I still don’t care.

「So what brings you so early in the morning? Are you hungry? Can’t wait for breakfast? Want a mushroom?」

「Why do you think of me as a miserable child? Am I really that hungry all the time? No, I came to talk.」

Looks like I’m mistaken. It seems she has no Gluttony, but instead…… No, nothing.

「Yesterday, everyone gathered information at the guild. And…… I thought I’d tell you……」

She looks very reluctant to talk. Hesitant, almost pained to talk, even though it’s actually about me……

「Is it about the level wall?」

「Eh? How do you know? Who told you? So…… you know…… everything……」

So it was about that after all. After learning about this she couldn’t bring herself to tell me. After all, she had to tell me the bad news.

No matter how she puts it, there is nothing that can be done about this.

Level Wall is a rule of this world.

The easiest to understand example is equipment. Especially weapons.

For example, suppose there is a sword.

This world has levels.

Even swords have them.

Even a normal iron sword of the lowest grade would have Lv 20, so to use it, the person will need to be at least Lv 20.

Of course, one will be able to hold or swing it without meeting the requirements.

The problem is skills. Even if one has the Swordsmanship skill, it won’t activate without level 20.

And as they say, Weapon Skills is one of the most important things in this world.

For the sword 「Slash」and「Thrust」are the basic skills.

These are basic moves that allow only for slashing and stabbing, but with Weapons Skills the power is completely different.

On the other hand, even if one were to hold a sword for the first time in their life, having sufficient level「Slash」will work as a Weapon Skill.

And to defend against weapon skills of level 20, one needs level 20 or above.

This is the Level Wall.

This is the reason why the level is said to be absolute in this world.

Merely having a lower level puts you at a disadvantage of being unable to defend against your opponent’s Weapon Skills or get through their defense in case of defensive Weapon Skills.

In other words, no matter how strong I get or how high my stats will get, I will lose, since I can’t raise my level.

Monsters have weapons skills as well. And in this world, humans calmly kill other humans. Being unable to get Weapon Skills I will sooner or later be killed.

Game Over.

Declaration of Death.

So, early in the morning, she came all alone to tell me that I’m already checkmated…… That’s why she is the president.

No one wants to say that, and most probably can’t.

But, not conveying this is dangerous. Ignorance about this will spell doom.

Even if the bearer of the bad news might become hated……

「Aah, I heard it from the old men. Eehm, the old men trio?」

「Aah, so the guild master of the adventurers guild Hakies-san is among these three? You don’t have intentions of remembering even the name of the guild master?」

「Thank you. President. You have pandas under your eyes.」

She probably spent the whole night, thinking about how to tell me about this. She was worried about what could happen to me. So she now has pandas.

「Noo, I don’t have pandas! What kind of eyes would have pandas under them! Why do you have to turn panda eyes into pandas?」

Not pandas, it seems.

And then, came breakfast! It’s bread! Bread! Rough and crumbling bread! It’s super hard, but it’s bread!

「So there is bread. Let’s buy flour and go back! Gather ingredients! All of the ingredients of this world into my grasp! Muhahaha!」

「Why does eating bread lead to world domination? Don’t cause trouble to another world.」

Fish Girl scolded me. Is it because I didn’t give enough praise to the fish? Which reminds me, didn’t they say that both of her parents are fish? She probably has a lot of emotional attachment to fish.

「Homesick? Don’t worry, both of your parents are probably doing fine, happily swimming in the ocean.」

「Don’t make fish out of my parents!」

Scolded, once again. But didn’t they say that they are fish? Did I hear it wrong?

「What are you going to do today? Going to the guild in the morning? Morning guild? Want to have a guild in the morning?」

Well, even if we want to shop, first, we have to visit the guild. I still have no money.

「Why are you trying to make the trip to the guild sound like breakfast at a fast food place?」

「Everyone was eating and drinking at their own tables?『Right now, for only 100 Ere!』 is what was written there? 」

If one cup is 100 ere, then one ere is about one yen? They probably have 100 ere shops. I wonder if they have bookstores?

First, money. Though the number of the magic stones was huge, they are still only F grade. They shouldn’t amount to a large sum.

But, I won’t need a lot of money.

I can’t equip any weapons or armor with my level 9. The stick is pretty much all I can use. And I already have it.

So I don’t need money, since I can’t even use leather armor.

Well, since I can’t become an adventurer, I also don’t need any of those preparations.

It’s all about ingredients and cookware. And especially seasonings! Though I have salt, for some reason it’s not depleting at alL! Villager A-san, just how much salt did you buy?

It seems they have no bookstores. They don’t? I want to read something though?… Is it time to order express delivery? Finally?




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