Chapter 26: I feel like I’m being accused of wanting to take over the town, even though I want to leave it.




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 20, Night, White Weirdo Inn, Girls Assembly

「Haruka-kun is trying to leave on his own after all.」

「Yes, he seems to be preparing to go back.」

「Gosh, even though he is living in the town without any problem?」

「Well, there are actually plenty of problems…… But the townsfolk seem to have given up…… Like the guild for example……」

「It’s only a guess, but I think Haruka-kun is waiting for Oda-kun and others. For Shimazaki-san…… and our sake……」

「Why? Didn’t he tame us?! Why is he trying to leave?! Why is he abandoning us?! We didn’t do anything…… Anything……」

「Let’s see… Isn’t there something? Like, that would make it so Haruka-kun won’t leave? Isn’t there something?」

「Something like…… Not a weak point…… But you get what I mean?」

「Using your bodies is a no-no…… Don’t even think……」

「Ehm, there is something that will prevent him from going away, but it’s not here.」

「「「「「Eh?! What is it?!」」」」

「A library.」

As expected of a librarian…… Eh, wait, it wouldn’t work. Establishing a library just to stop him…… No, if it’s a building alone, then he might be able to make it himself. And a pretty extravagant one.

If he hears that he will be able to read a lot of books, he might do it overnight…… He surely will. If he hears about a library, Sagrada Família[1. TL Note: One of the most otherworldly buildings in our world. Looks more like a very elaborate video game prop than an actual building.] will certainly be built in this world, and much faster than in our original one.

In that case, if the town had a library, he absolutely, without a doubt, will remain here. He won’t go anywhere, and even if people try to force him out, he will remain, forcibly occupying the city.

Yes, after all, the Haruka-kun that I know, has been constantly reading books for all 11 years that I know him.

Always, all the time.

That’s probably what he wants the most.

We received a lot.

We received all kinds of things from Haruka-kun.

After all, we are still alive only thanks to that.

Yet, we didn’t give him anything in return.

There is nothing we can do.

And today as well, we probably will just end up talking about what we should do or what would be the best thing to do……

And once again we will continue until someone starts crying, unable to continue anymore…… And we will just keep thinking…… And thinking…… And thinking.

Because I told them. Because I ended up telling them the reason.

「The reason why Haruka-kun is trying to go back to the cave is probably because he wants to prevent the boys from coming here.」

Because it will put us and Oda-kun’s group at risk.

I think he intends to stop them there.

So we won’t get killed……

So we won’t have to kill……

He wants to do all of that on his own.


No matter how strong he is, there is the level wall.

Even if he is stronger than anyone else, he still might get killed.

No matter how strong he is, he might still get killed.

Even so, he wants to do this on his own.

Even if he is stronger than everyone else, no matter how much stronger, even though he is weaker than everyone else…… Frailer than everyone else…… In the most dangerous position……

For now, I confiscated his money. This should delay his preparations for a while.

Meanwhile…… Until the day comes……




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