Chapter 35: Usually idiots and even bigger idiots when they open their mouths. Without that the fine line there is only boundless idiocy




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 22 – Late at night, the cave.

The muscleheads finally woke up. Their condition seems to have improved quite a lot, but because they were on the verge of dying, they are far from full recovery. And since even the close encounter didn’t heal their stupidity, they are going to stay idiots forever. Be it past, present, or future, they will always remain idiots.

「……And so, we still haven’t found the geeks, so hurry to the town and rejoin the president and the others. And when you meet them, say 『Sorry for being idiot』.」

It will probably take 3 days for them to completely recover. After all, rather than healing, they just grew back some of their body parts a short while ago.
As for what the idiots told me, ignoring nonsensical context, since they are idiots, and rearranging keywords, I was able to somehow grasp what happened and that the reason for their survival is extreme, absurd luck and a coincidence. In Japan, these five were hailed as genius athletes. Exercising, competing with enemies, finding their weak spots, attacking them, protecting themselves, instantly ascertaining the situation and making a judgment, gifted with prodigious insight and talent, the five specializing in nothing but grasping victory, and able to understand tactics, teamwork, battle formations in mere seconds, miraculously survived. Even in such a terrible situation, they managed to survive but were unable to find a way to win. Even a way to make it into a draw. Even crushing defeat was the most they could get. Then it’s just impossible for them. That’s pushing it too much, that’s why they are idiots.

「No, our wounds already healed……」

「Leaving alone……」

「We will remain…… You are going to kill them, right?」

「Taking them on by yourself is too reckless…… They are……」

「If we can’t remain, then at least come with us……」

They objected all at once, but their words are moronic, their thinking is idiotic, and of course, everything they do is dumb. They are complete idiots.

They are supposedly geniuses, possessing lightning fast judgment with the ability to instantly understand the situation. But they simply aren’t using their heads. The moment they feel something they are already moving. In other words, usually, they are idiots. And they are even dumber when they open their mouths. There is a fine line between a genius and an idiot, and they lack it, making them complete idiots.

This is so annoying. I have no patience to explain things to idiots.

「You are idiots so even if I give you an explanation you wouldn’t get it, right? That’s why you must go to the town, and I must stay here. This is the best possible solution. Do you understand?」


This is just annoying. It’s the same as explaining every step you took to derive the solution despite long since having the answer.

Just as annoying as explaining why 1 + 1 = 2.

There is no other solution other than 1 = 1. If that isn’t true then the whole math or even arithmetic will stop working. That’s the very basic requirement for it to make sense.

Explaining that is even more annoying.

It was supposedly a normal boy, who underwent a sudden change and attacked the girls but was easily beaten back by the president. Yet they have no idea who that was.

That’s why they split.

That’s why they were made to split.

They were forced to split.

That is the answer.

That normal boy?

He never went through any sudden change.

He wasn’t even pretending to be normal.

He was just acting as usual.

Taking actions that can only be seen as normal.

At any time, at any place, in any situation, normal even after ending up in a different world?

Not standing out at all even after coming to a different world.

Unnoticeable even after monsters attacked.

Unnoticeable during internal discord as well.

Such a person is anything but normal.

Or rather, extremely abnormal.

Normal since the beginning? Is there someone more perfectly abnormal than that?

It is because there was someone that was abnormal that the president couldn’t unite everyone.

That’s why they were split.

There is no way that these idiots wouldn’t be able to act because of their doubts. There is no way no one would try to help the geeks in that situation. There is no way the president would just give up on organizing everyone. There is no way the bitches would be so obstinate that they would be ostracized. In the first place, the very fact that there was no one around when I came is strange. It’s impossible that no one would realize how absurd things are despite them getting this weird.

Everything was weird since the beginning.

Someone split them.

That’s why I will remain.

That’s what it means.

「Yaay, alone, at last.」

It’s been a while since I could shut myself in at home.

The idiots departed for the town with a ton of mushrooms that I gave them. They should completely recover by the time they reach it.

I missed this. It hasn’t even been a month since I came to this world, yet it feels like I returned home. This is what home means.

Being in the cave alone like this, makes the uproar of the last few days feel like a lie. The girls, making a huge ruckus in this cave is like a distant dream.

So silent.

Day 22 – Over.




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