Chapter 100: Wouldn’t it mean expulsion if a highschool boy stopped doing highschool boy things?




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 39 – Morning, The Cave.

I’ve been getting beaten up since the morning.

With what happened yesterday, she woke me up today and we had breakfast together, you know?

I then thought I’d tease her a bit, and said 『You were very cute yesterday』, after which she turned red and began donning her armor. I was wondering what she was doing, and then she immediately started a morning practice! Instead of morning cuddling, it’s morning stomping!

And to begin with, she looks sexy even in her armor. She has such an amazing figure the armor even looks somewhat lewd.

I can’t do this, the impact from yesterday is too great. One look at that hot armor is enough to make me recall what happened. I can’t focus at all. She looks very dignified right now, but yesterday she was so lovely. The way she acted a bit embarrassed made it even more alluring. The way she seemed a bit hurt was also lewd. I’m being very hurt right now though. Because I’m getting beaten up. Is it revenge for the last night? Did I go overboard after all? Yup, when I checked my status in the morning I got both 『High Sexual Vigor』and 『Insatiable Libido』, so I surely must’ve went overboard. Now I’m the same as the president.

「I’m gonna die. Or actually, I’m dead, HP-wise. If it wasn’t for 『Soul Ring』then it surely would’ve been 0 already. It’s beyond beating already? I’ve even seen the geeks waving hands at me from the other side of the river? I burned them though. Along with the river.」

It’s impossible for a highschool boy, the image is already burned into my eyes. Because of Rajingan I saw everything very well. Thank you very much. 『Apex Thinking』must have some sort of Perfect Memory function, as I can recall it in vivid details. Fighting in this state is just too much. The best I can do since a while ago is evading her bloodthirst, I also did the best I could last night. No! I’ll die if I keep thinking of such things! I’ll die for real!

And it seems she has a voice. She probably simply forgot how to speak after spending so much time all alone. I’d like to practice with her, but I first have to survive THIS practice. She let out so many lovely voices last night, wait, 「WHOA!!」

That was close?! I almost lost my head there? For some reason, the armor’s visor looks red. And there is also steam coming out? Was the armor actually running on a steam engine? I’m pretty sure I just heard『PSHHHHH』? No! That’s not what’s important right now! Didn’t I just teleport? Just a bit? If I didn’t my head would’ve been rolling on the ground? I was unable to avoid the attack, but the next moment I was out of range? That must be teleportation. For some reason, every time I get any funny thoughts, a fatal attack comes my way. The 『face』of the armor also appears red. Since she doesn’t speak she gives off an impression of a cool beauty, but in reality, she is very shy. The type that goes on a rampage from embarrassment. And she is currently running amok. I most likely will die if I don’t stop this.

「Sorry for teasing you? Kind of? But it’s true? You were really cute?」

Saying that I very carefully pat her on the head.

I recall patting her on the head in the dungeon, and she seemed very happy about it, so I tried to do that again. I’m a bit scared about losing my arm, but since it will regenerate anyway, I guess it’s fine…? Is it though? However, the head is impossible. Or at least that’s what I’d like to think. If I managed to grow back a lost head that probably would mean that I’m no longer human?

The silver armor turned red. Looks like she stopped functioning. It seems I managed to survive somehow. Let’s keep teasing in moderation from now on. Or someone might get hurt. Namely me.

For starters, we enter the forest with me leading the way. It’s a secret that I can’t walk behind because her figure the back is too much for me to handle. Okay, next time I should take her from behind… 「Cough, cough」, no, I wasn’t thinking anything? Honestly? There is blood thirst flying at me from behind? You can’t go for my head, okay? It probably isn’t going to regrow? I’m not joking.

As expected, the forest is filled with dangers. I should focus. Even though I’m a highschool boy, highschool boy-like things are sealed from now on. More than a month passed already, I wonder if my attendance still allows me to be counted as a high school student? Is being summoned to another world treated as absence without leave?

Thinking about silly things I’m trying to somehow distract myself. My mind immediately gets filled with images of that mesmerizing white skin the moment I close my eyes, so even blinking is a matter of life and death. But my… Her legs were so long, so beautiful, and those thighs, eh, 『WHOOSH!』. …Thank you, Teleportation-san. It seems I became able to use Teleportation after all. Though it bothers me a bit that the activation condition seems to be a threat to my life. Well, considering that my life is endangered every 5 minutes, I’m fine with whatever will allow me to stay alive.

But isn’t it too much to ask a highschool boy to stop doing highschool boy things?

Goblin King wasn’t home, so we are currently in a meeting with Kobold King-san. It’s Lv 37 and is super fast. Its SpE stat is over 300. Though it is still slower than me, however, since its movements are sharp, akin to those of a wild animal it is hard to deal with, but I still manage to dodge them.

Fending off the storm of claw swipes from the kobold king with the gauntlet on my left hand and the staff in my right I step in.

And then stab the kobold king from behind with my staff, piercing it through. It went right through its neck, it’s over.

While probing for signs of life with Sense Presence I breathe a sigh.

Using teleportation during the battle is a dangerous bet. The failure would mean stumbling defenseless right in front of the enemy. I’m pretty sure I’ll immediately have my head bitten.

Armored Pres’ armor also returned to silver color, and she is now nodding to the results of the battle. Looks like I passed.

Okay, enough of Teleportation. It’s not a skill I can repeatedly use without considerable concentration. And today I have the least amount of it in my whole life. I can concentrate as much as humanly possible on another matter, but it would put my life at risk. An attempt to hide embarrassment more dangerous than the Evil Forest might become the end of me? Since this morning my life is in constant cat and mouse with death! It’s really close!

There was only one king, so the rest of the training is to be conducted with normal kobolds, and it should be done ASAP, since there is a serious extinction threat to them? A silver flash is sparkling all over the forest? It’s training, you know? Leave at least something for me? Please? Just a bit? Just a little? Just the tip… Ah, no, it’s nothing. This Flat Gaze is so bloodthirsty it’s scary. Kobolds are fainting from it? Just now, 3 of them that were standing behind her dropped to the ground.

With this and that the kobolds seem to have gone extinct. Let’s go up the river, sweeping trash monsters, and then check on orcs. One shouldn’t drop their guard, but it should be fine to try out new skills a bit since those are weak monsters. Experimenting is important.

The sun is about to set, so it’s about time we go back to the town. We hunted more than enough. Especially Silver Armor-san. While I did get to practice and experiment, while I was dealing with one monster, every other one would be annihilated in the meantime. Efficiency is one problem, but it was like I was training in the middle of a murder scene, which created a very awkward atmosphere, to which kobolds and I would from time to time sigh, unable to say anything. Orcs also were on a brink of extinction, with barely a few of them around, but they were completely annihilated. All while I was practicing with one of them? What about my spar partners? As I thought, the monster deficiency of the forest is very grave. But it goes without saying that because of that, there is a massive quantity of mushrooms.

I once again collect a whole bunch of paralyzation mushrooms. Is this a foreshadowing? I also collected a lot of Deadly Poisonous Mushrooms, are these meant for a dungeon? Am I going to fall once again? Is this a flag? I don’t remember it even working out?

Now, let’s go back to the town. I might get scolded if I don’t go back for more than two days, and going back to the cave I might get in trouble in a highschool boy-like way. Or actually, I surely will. There is no way I won’t. It was pretty close even during the combat. No, I actually, restrained myself to only sneaking peeks at her? Even if I peek, it’s just armor? It’s not a big deal if I look at it, right? It’s lewd though…




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