Chapter 89: The stairs on the 100th floor were especially long, but no one understands me.




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 37 – The Faraway Labyrinth

The way back. The return trip consists simply of going up.

With everyone unsatisfied and confused about the ending.

With everyone surprised about still being alive.

With everyone grateful for that.

Everyone spoke of it to Haruka-kun, thanking him.

Everyone was shocked, about what he did, and admonished him in despair.

The story was so outrageous, that it was hard to comprehend.

It was some kind of upgraded version of absurdity.

And yet it was just what Haruka-kun would do.

The answer that didn’t occur to anyone else.

「「「「You didn’t have any trouble at all?! Or more like, you didn’t even fight?!」」」」

Here we thought that he was desperately fighting for survival in the dark depths of the earth, and it turns out he was simply doing the usual Haruka things.

The person who we thought was struggling on the lowest floors, suffering, getting injured, and yet desperately fighting for his life, trying to reach us… Didn’t get even a single scratch, and wasn’t even fighting, not even in his usual way, much less forced into a relentless struggle. He was just making his way back as usual, while one-sidedly exterminating monsters.

And his main impression after all that was「Climbing so many stairs was a real pain」. Oh yes, 43 floors, was it? That must’ve been really hard!

We didn’t have to worry about him at all. He was just doing his everyday stuff. Setting up traps, farming mobs, one-sidedly annihilating them, and thus moving up the floors. Apparently, climbing the stairs from the 100th floor of the most fearsome labyrinth was very tiresome!

「I mean, there is no way I can win against them in a fair fight?! There is no way I’m gonna even try? Lv 99 Minotaurs and Lv 100 Living Armor, can you imagine that? No way, absolutely impossible, how am I supposed to beat that? I’ll die if I try. Yup, no way.」

So since he couldn’t beat them in a fight he… killed them? Everyone fell to their death. Without a doubt dropped by the usual suspect. The scoundrel that doesn’t have even an ounce of remorse!

「We were struggling so hard with the Cyclop, and you are… the Achilles tendon? The shins? And then… the vitals?… That is just too cruel!!」

「I thought that werewolves might be the strongest monsters… Vinegar… Vinegar, you say… And they were unable to do anything because they were holding their noses?…」

「No way! I’m not eating any salted snails!! That’s not escargot!!! It doesn’t have the tag 『Edible』!! I’m 100% sure!!」

「The buffalos were so scary… We worked so hard… Death from fall damage? An unfortunate chain of accidents? No way that can be true! It was a malicious trap by a cow-hating villain!!!」

And the biggest mystery is how they killed the immortal human-lion… Isn’t it immortal because it cannot be killed?

「AAAAGH!! What the hell is that talk about disabling immunities? What is that about killing immortality? What even is the point of the skill?」

The more we listened to him the more pandemonium spread.

Bewilderment, confusion, chaos.

Dungeon Emperor only kept nodding with a look of resignation.

Everyone went through bafflement, shock, lament, and finally resignation.

Dungeon Emperor also seemed to be done with this. They seem like they have common-sense. Must be a good person.

The one to blame is the lunatic that got Dungeon Emperor so fed up. Actually, isn’t Dungeon Master more human compared to him?!

The monsters that would’ve instantly annihilated us, the tough floor masters, that didn’t get to use their size, all had no chance to show their power and were simply mercilessly and thoroughly farmed by him.

Their sturdiness was useless, their toughness was pointless, their sturdiness didn’t affect anything, they just got one-sidedly slaughtered without being able to do a thing.

There was no battle.

Because their death was decided even before the fight could start.

Before they’d even meet.

Since they were too strong to fight, they were simply killed off.

And since he wasn’t even fighting them, he couldn’t be defeated.

So if we are looking at results only, he is unrivaled.

Too overwhelming and overbearing to be called peerless.

An untouchable, but in a different way from Dungeon Emperor.

Overwhelmingly unequaled in a very different way from Dungeon Emperor.

After all, he wasn’t even fighting.

So he cannot be beaten.

He simply was killing the enemies.

Simply butchering them.

Unrivaled in the worst possible meaning.

Since enemies don’t even get to oppose him.

So he has no rivals… Thus, unrivaled.

Most of the monsters died without knowing who killed them or even that there was an enemy. So it was not even a fight, since they didn’t even get to face him.

It’s not about Affection or any other rating at this point?! Even from our viewpoint, who was just saved by him, he appears much more fiendish, villainous, and atrocious than the monsters of this dungeon, with every little thing he does so filled with wickedness that even Dungeon Emperor is rendered speechless…!!!!

That’s why he survived.

That’s why he didn’t die.

That’s why he is okay.

So it’s all good?




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