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Chapter 189: Looks like Pres-sama is going to whip them into shape, changing Job to Mistress




Translator: “Pink Tea” Editor: ”Ryunakama”

Day 55 – Late Morning, Dungeon, 50 floors underground.

The giant boomerang is flying through the room, tearing through the air with a thunderous roar, the massive blunt weapon draws an irregular elliptical trajectory. The one commanding the battle is our glorious leader, Pres-sama. Should I perhaps make a whip for her? Eh? Somehow, it feels like it might suit her? I wonder if a leather outfit will look good on her? Is Pres-sama going to change Job to Mistress? A rank above Royal Girl?


Alright. She stopped the idiots from chasing after the giant boomerang. Or rather, stop chasing everything you see! It’s a boomerang, so it will come back anyway! Why do they run off chasing the boomerang they just threw themselves and then return running after it as it flies back?! Just throwing you guys instead will be faster! In the first place, if you are going to chase it, the point of using it as a ranged weapon is completely lost, isn’t it? Why are they chasing it all the way to the enemy, which actually happens to be flying? You might as well fight it in close combat at that point?

Moreover, we told them not to get near that thing since it’s hot, but they are chasing it anyway, just why is it? Can’t they get the hint by looking at that? I mean, it’s 『Phoenix Lv 50』, it’s definitely very hot! It’s burning, why do they notice only after they get themselves burned?! It’s literally a firebird! It’s burning hot!

Defending from the fireballs that keep endlessly pouring from above they are gradually getting closer, using ranged attacks in the meantime. A solid approach.

Armored Pres-san, Slime-san, and I are prohibited from doing or even saying anything? It’s boring, you know? Well, Slime-san can’t speak, so it isn’t going to run its mouth, but in a way, it seems very keen on doing exactly that, or rather, on swallowing up this bird? The bird seems hot to me, won’t it get a burn? Even so, we are spectating.

It keeps evading the giant boomerang, but being unable to focus on offense due to continuous incoming attacks seems to be pissing it off. That must be because it doesn’t eat enough fish. You wouldn’t be so irritable if you had enough calcium, you know? And it’s also very tasty? Well, I doubt it has soy sauce, so…

The charge attack it performs from time to time with that giant body is being repelled by the geeks, simply being on fire is not enough to break through that barrier. Even I couldn’t do that! However, fried chicken sounds great.

Because it keeps resisting debuffs from the culture clubs’ girls, they can’t deliver a decisive blow. This is a battle of attrition. The culture clubs’ girls also shifted to attacking with bows. Composite bows are a good idea, but it might be nice to add enchanted arrows to the mix as well. Fire rate and accuracy are great, but the destructive power is lacking. After all, the enemy is 『Regenerating』. Is this bird actually a lewd bird? Is it regenerating all night long working hard, just like me? It has 『Regeneration Lv 8』after all? But looks like it has no 『Insatiable Libido』or 『High Sexual Vigor』. It’s not one of my people.

(They have to get it to the ground, right? Long range attrition battle puts them at too much of a disadvantage? Armored Pres-san, don’t you think so as well?)

(Nod, Nod) (Jiggle, Jiggle.)

As I thought, they are of the same opinion. Or rather, it will be all over if we simply slam dunk the bird with Slime-san. Regeneration or whatever, it will be devoured right then and there. I mean, Slime-san looks like it’s about to eat it any moment now? But we happen to be prohibited from interfering.

「Focus fire on the base of its wings!」

「「「Roger that!」」」

Looks like they are trying to shoot it down, but it’s difficult to concentrate fire on a target that flies around. They have to slow it first. But Wire Cutter can only be used by Slime-san and me, 『Air Walk』also can be used only by me, the only skills that can get it at this range are my『Dimension Blade』and Armored Pres-san’s『Sword Flash』. Since they had no means to quickly finish it off this turned into a prolonged battle, and in prolonged battles 『Regeneration』gives one an overwhelming advantage, but no one has it besides Slime-san, Pres, and me. Actually, Pres-san has a full set of 『Regeneration』,『Insatiable Libido』and『High Sexual Vigor』, but since she is glaring at me I’m not going to say anything. Focus on commanding, okay? Don’t get distracted? I’m not saying anything at all? We are of one kind, you know?

「I’m coming~! Here we go~. Take this~『Freeze Line』~?」

「Everyone, charge!」


Countless arcs of ice appeared in the air, trapping the phoenix and creating the path to it. Indeed, with this, there is no need to force it to the ground. Everyone runs up the ice arcs, rushing towards the phoenix. If they manage to bring it down here the victory is assured.

So that was their aim, as I thought, while everyone can use magic, they lack specialized backline mages. However, 『Great Sage』alone has excessive magic firepower. There wouldn’t be any problem if she was using it on the usual basis, but for some reason, she is specializing in close combat.

As expected, the geeks’ mage specializing in protection is the reason for the lack of offensive power, however, it is also true that we don’t have enough defensive options as well. There were too many spellcasters among the 13 dead.

「Strike its wings!」

「I’ll take the right one!」「I’ll help~.」「Same~!」「Leave it to us!」

「「「We’ll take the left one!」」」

The head is suppressed by the geeks and the committee members. Hmmm, will they make it in time? The Numerous interconnected ice arcs are about to melt. Sliding on them probably would be a lot of fun, but I think they’ll be angry if during the combat someone goes『ICE SLIDE, YAHOOOO!』behind them. Let’s control ourselves? (Jiggle jiggle) Yes, looks like we can’t?

The idiots on the left ice bridge are about to get rid of the right wing, but for what reason do they keep hitting it with boomerangs? And yet it somehow suits them? Are they aborigines? Barbarians? Just what did they think a boomerang was when they asked me to craft it? You can use swoooords! However, it seems to be very effective.

The right side struggling with attacks from the legs, hindering the progress? The athletic girls move to suppress the legs, while the bitches are targeting the wings. But the ice won’t hold much longer?

Wouldn’t it have been better to focus on one of the wings or the head? Well, as a failsafe plan, this one might be better, but fighting against someone with 『Regeneration』they have to swiftly finish them off, or they will keep fighting back? Moreover, currently trapped in ice, the fire is suppressed, but as soon as it melts down 『Grand Blaze』will be back at full force. When that happens they won’t be able to get close.

Well, Vice Pres B-san seems to be doing all of this on purpose, so let’s leave it be. There is probably some kind of meaning to it. Librarian also doesn’t use her last resort skills.

While it’s only level 50, a monster who is both a floor master and a dungeon master can’t be beaten that easily. The enemy also has a trump card. Upon appraisal, one of the skills showed as『?』. It’s probably either This or That.

「We are finishing it when it falls down!」

「Preparations complete!」

「「「Ready at any moment! 」」」

Looks like they are planning to finish it in one go, so it’s about time we get moving as well.


Losing its wings the phoenix falls to the ground along with the prison of ice, which everyone follows by plunging at the phoenix from above, they are planning to finish it off with big attacks. Must be nice, being able to pull off such cheater moves.

「Sevenfold Slash!」「Bomb Thrust!」「Ice Spear!」「Gravity EX!」「Disentegration!」「Rupture!」「Hee~yaa~」「…Hail EX.」「Lightning Cut」…

With repeated heavy attacks from the cheaters the phoenix’s HP rapidly vanished, and it turned into a pile of ash.

「「「「We did it! We beat the dungeon master!」」」」

「「「We won! We did it!」」」

The job is done, it seems. They went all out to kill it. They must’ve kept pummeling it until they ran out of mana. Some of the girls are so tired that they lay down on the floor. But a few people seem to have noticed?

「Good job? We are going to have a bird stew so gather up? Take a seat at whichever table you like~. We are going to need that area, okay? Move along, move along? Kind of?」

Making everyone sit at the tables that I created at the side of the floor, I pull out a pot. Cooked bird meat with vegetables. It’s just the right time to eat it. If only we had kombu, glass noodles, and tofu. Bird meat, cabbage, and mushrooms are all we have.

「「「Let’s dig in!」」」

Being hungry due to running out of mana they are wolfing it down. They must be physically exhausted too. They don’t seem to be injured, and the stew also has healing mushrooms in it, so they should recover in no time.

「Well, today all of you failed, so the next time you are going to fight on the 50th floor under the surveillance of the instructors again, okay? Dungeon masters are a real pain, you know? Seriously.」

「「「Eeeh~? Whyy~? (*Booooo!」」」

(Jiggle-Jiggle, Jiggle-Jiggle)

Slime-san is busy having its own meal over there. Thank goodness the phoenix remained. After all, Slime-san was looking at it with such an appetite, waiting for the fight to end this whole time? This was bound to happen one way or another. I mean, for the phoenix, the firebird, to return to ashes is basically a flag for an event? Well, it got eaten before it got a chance to revive? Slime-san seems to be in a good mood, so it must be delicious.

「What? Why is Slime-san eating it?」

「It came back to life!」

「Eh? It was dead.」

「But it’s a phoenix…」


That’s why they don’t get a passing grade today. There was no problem with the combat itself, rather, they are extremely strong if things can be handled in an orthodox way. They fight with certainty. That’s why they failed on the Sphinx’s floor as well. Their offense is fueled by their suspicions too much. Specializing in anti-human combat their approach to monster combat became too honest, too upfront. The more they try to handle things in a certain and surefire way, being suspicious of human wickedness, the bigger the weakness to the monsters to exploit becomes. Monsters don’t lie or deceive, unlike humans, they can be trusted. That’s why being too suspicious they end up overlooking it. That was not an attempt to deceive them.

「The phoenix had one『?』skill in its status. I mean, it’s a phoenix, but it had only『Regeneration』and no『Immortality』? Which means that it must be either 『Immortality』or『Resurrection』? It was painfully obvious, and yet you jumped on the bird stew! So you fail! You should’ve kept your guard and endured it with rice balls! Sort of?」

「「「So we failed because of a bird stew?!」」」

(Jiggle~ Jiggle~)

Looks like Slime-san liked it. And it must’ve eaten the skills as well. Will it save us some of the food expenses? It seems it won’t. Slime-san is already eating the stew. It learned how to use chopsticks by now, you know? Armored Pres-san looks so vexed by that? It’s eating the stew, slightly floating in the air? The effect of the Floating Stone? Can you imagine that? Eating while floating through the room? How is it in terms of manners? I don’t remember books on manners saying anything about levitating during mealtime? And it seems to like the food.

Well, let’s go home.





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