Chapter 240: Butting heads in fact has nothing to do with butts, so I’m not interested.




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Day 61 – Daytime, Wilderness

Finally, I came to that point in this world, it felt like a very long journey.

Finally found, at the end of the long, long road.

I had almost given up, but here we are.

After the longest time I almost lost faith in everything.

Countless times my hopes were crushed, so much so that I almost forgot what having a dream meant.

Every night I’d see that sight as I gaze upon the stars.

It was a long night, but even the darkest of nights had an end?

Finally, here, we met.

FEMALE KNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIGHT! Not a stinky middle-aged man! In this purgatory of middle-aged men hell world I finally encountered one! I made it through this middle-aged men trial! A real female knight-san. She is wearing armor, but it doesn’t conceal the beauty of this red-haired stern-looking western-style beauty. There was a female knight in this world! I was considering burning this world already, since it seemed to have nothing but middle-aged men, you know? But enduring the torture all this time was worth it! I mean, it’s a beautiful female knight! All of the bandits were dudes, and in the end, I didn’t get to see a sexy female bandit, I kept advertising back in the town, but no sexy female assassins or sexy female spies showed up either. But at last, a BEAUTIFUL FEMALE KNIIIIIGHT!

The middle-aged man there is saying something, but it’s not the time for that! Read the mood! It’s not the time, and it’s not the place, I can’t afford to bother with some middle-aged man right now, good grief, what an incompetent middle-aged man, unable to grasp the situation at all.

Wha-what~!? There is another beautiful female knight! This one is a brunette with blackish dark brown hair and is exceptionally beautiful too, her features look like they were carved from marble by a divine sculptor, expressionless, but that’s the good part! And both of them are approaching, wha—! Both took me under the hands from two sides? Is this the popularity period? Has my era finally begun? Sixteen long years I was waiting for it. Moreover, they are escorting me, holding both of my hands from each side, are those super assertive and aggressive beautiful female knights? Am I going to be eaten up? Enjoyed? Sort of?

The carriage that I was escorted to had only a small wooden bed inside! A space dedicated just to one bed! That is the kind of place they brought me to! But isn’t the bed too small? It would be too small for two people, let alone three, or rather, it’s too small even for me alone? Hm? And they left? Ah, they are going to change clothes! That’s right, armor isn’t suited for this, obviously. I could’ve prepared sexy dresses for them right away if they only asked. Such modest female knights. Well, there is also the famous saying 『absence makes the lewd grow fonder』, and I also heard of 『All Lewd come to those who wait』, are they going to come all lewd?!

They are taking a while? No, it’s not the time to panic yet, ladies need time to dress themselves. This composure is going to become a beacon for Affection Rating-san’s revival. If Affection Rating-san doesn’t come to this signal, it means that it was isekai’d.

But even though we just left, the carriage seems to be heading back to the frontier. Are we returning already? But I haven’t visited the villages to stock up yet? But I have to wait for sexy female knights here. Finally, the proper highschool boy experience of another world has begun for me. Well, this is already another world, but the experience will surely be out of this world!

But it seems that this carriage wood be too small to welcome two sexy female knights? Wood? Since the bed is too small, I’ll try to expand it, or rather, since the space is so limited, might as well make the entire place into one big bed? And the walls are rough wood too? This obviously won’t do? The mood is also important, this attention to detail can be called the key to the revival of Affection Rating with the opposite sex! For starters, let’s make the walls white~, feels a bit oppressive though, I’m now against rubbing flesh and flesh in a confined space, or rather, I like it in its own way, but for now let’s try getting more space, enlarging the carriage along the way. Intensively rocking the bed while the carriage is shaking from the travel isn’t bad either, but let’s add some proper suspension to it and then white sheets here and also— ah, let’s add flowers too! Right, such warm touches will go a long way for Re:Affection Rating. And then, and also…

「Oh my, what have we here~, wait, can the horse actually pull this? I might have overdone it a tiny bit? Sort of?」

Well, the horsie will have to do its best. I changed the axle to the low friction bearing-type, so there should be less resistance. The weight itself didn’t change that much. Appearance-wise it might’ve turned slightly gorgeous, but this much decoration is necessary if I’m to welcome two beautiful female knights here. Inside is a giant bed and a chandelier, while the walls are consolidated in art deco fashion? And the door, that cage-like thing that made plain visible what is going on inside, was changed out of consideration for privacy, or rather, girls would probably not appreciate being seen, so I remade it into a fine gorgeous door. The only thing left is to actually welcome them?

The exterior was also remade into a fairy-tale-like small house making for a lovely carriage, cute but overflowing with romance. With this the preparations can be considered perfect.

That should do it, now, let’s go back inside. I feel like I’m gathering attention, but they must be simply impressed by this beautiful carriage. Now there is an infinite possibility of third and forth sexy female knights coming to play as well? Kind of?

Rolling on the bed LIKE A ROLLING STONE while fully utilizing my highschool-boy IMAGINATION for the mental rehearsal of the group grapple combat scenarios involving female knights I suddenly felt a stare.


There is Flat Gaze on me! Wait, it’s just Maid Girl. Why does she always have to stare from the shadows? Let’s stare openly, okay? For now I’ll try to offer tea. I added a small table to the room. My hospitality has no blind spots!

「Why a shadow flat gaze? Here you go, tea? I also have sweets, those are called manju. Their sweetness is the BEST MATCH for the tea, the latest product which I think should bring a huge profit? Sort of?」

「I came because the Princess told me to check on you… But you seem to be enjoying a very comfortable and extravagant journey?」

The enjoyment is is still ahead, and to hear 『The last night was fun』 in the morning, I have to do my best tonight, running into tomorrow with as much momentum as Melos? I’m very much looking forward to the fun that I’m about to enjoy! Kind of!

I sip tea while chatting with the Maid Girl. It goes without saying that after managing to pull her out of the shadow with tea and sweets it is now also Lewd Maid Uniform Appreciation Time.

I don’t get what happened, but Royal Girl seems to be butting heads with the Royal Prince, if it was just about the Princess’ rear I wouldn’t have minded butting in, but if arguments are involved then there is no necessity or need for that. But I don’t get why they are arguing? It seems that Royal Girl is disagreeing with an order that the Royal Prince has given, and wants to help out a captive, but that captive is apparently comfortably spending time of leisure and dignity? It seems they can’t figure out how that certain someone is managing to have such an elegant and extravagant captivity life? I don’t quite get it, but sounds tough?

Well, if it’s about a grand breakout I don’t mind helping out, but it seems there is no need for that, since the captive has apparently already escaped, but then returned inside to rest? Well, there are various oddballs in the world, there might be some that would attempt an escape simply to get caught, just because they want to prolong their captivity. Humans are very complicated.

There seemed to be nothing I could do to help. When asked what they are going to do from here, Maid Girl replied that she would confirm it with the Princess, and disappeared into the shadows. Is she forbidden from walking normally? Being a maid seems pretty tough. Which reminds me, I don’t remember seeing any other maids in this world, are they all hiding in the shadows? Let’s search for them the next time.

(Jiggle Jiggle)

And we are back to the abandoned neighboring town, the female knights are yet to return? I’m rolling on the bed together with Slime-san. Slime-san seemed to enjoy rolling around so much that I decided to try too, and it turned out to be unexpectedly fun?

From time to time I leave the carriage, and climb on top of it, checking the surroundings with 『Farsight』 but there seems to be nothing of note. Sexy female knights are yet to return. I wonder if they are having a hard time deciding on the outfits? I wouldn’t mind if they weren’t wearing anything, but they seem to not be of the naked tribe. I mean, they were wearing armor after all.

At this rate we will soon enter the Fake Dungeon, but since I’m here the traps won’t activate and I also gave a temporary staff ID card to Royal Girl, so we should be able to pass without any issues. The problem is there are Armored Pres-san and the Pres with others waiting inside. If they catch me playing with sexy female knights they’d be super pissed!




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