Chapter 279

Chapter 279: What does the hands blindfold that perfected the art of reverse blindfolding hide?

Day 67 – Nighttime, Souvenir Store Orphanage Branch

I thought it was suspicious since a while ago, but this is exactly what I expected. My Rajingan can notice even the slightest measurement errors, it can even calculate changes of mass. That’s how I could recognize that something was off… They got even larger!

「Braid Girl, I’m somehow certain that a certain part of your body has swollen since the last time I made clothes for you? Is this some sort of localized obesity phenomenon caused by excessive nutrition intake?」

「Don’t call it swollen!」

This time it’s a short-heighted group of Handicraft Girl aka Braid Girl, Clothing Club Girl, and Cooking Club Girl. Well, they aren’t as short as Shrimp, but with so many tall girls they end up on the smaller side overall. And yet, she was quite big, and now she got even bigger.

「The size didn’t change. But the bra I was using somehow… Shrank?」

At sixteen she is still in her growing phase, but it would seem the growth is limited to the chest area? She didn’t get any taller or thicker.

It’s not like she is that big in terms of breast size, but combined with her small stature of 150cm, give or take an inch, and lean physique, well endowed only in the chest area, it ends up strangely conspicuous.

And the bra that she was wearing when transported to this world has begun to bite into the skin. This should’ve been enough of a reason to give her a priority, but being too embarrassed, she kept silent and ended up having her turn postponed, and during that time, she ended up growing even further. This seems to require a design drastically different to the Vice Pres B-san’s one… That was the question of the weapons of mass distraction’s weight, but this one is more of a volume distribution issue. The proportions are too extreme for her height and weight. It required finding balance in this lack of balance and properly adjusting it? I’ll never be able to crack the mystery of why a highschool boy has to ponder on the ways to balance the highschool girl’s unbalanced orbs, but this indeed looks like it should get in the way of her movement.

That’s why the departure was delayed until tomorrow, to have time to wrap this up today. Since with combat taken into account, in the worst case, even her life might depend on it.

Yup, apparently, in this world, one’s life depends on a bra, and the responsibility for it is put on the shoulders of a highschool boy! I don’t remember bras being this great of an issue in any isekai stories that I’ve read though? I don’t remember ever hearing of an isekai story where a girl entrusts her life to the bra making skills of the protagonist, or rather, I have a certain hunch that there was no such a story even without the isekai part? I wonder why? Maybe I should ask the geeks, experts in light novels of that sort, about this?

「Aah, it feels kind of refreshing, aaahn~!」

「Please, omit the commentaries? The person in charge of blindfolding who is covering my eyes from behind, is doing what would be considered the direct opposite of blindfolding, it’s the Perfectly Anti-Blindfolding Pres-san, you know? 」

As expected from someone carrying the title of the Sword God. She already moved her fingers away at the very first 『Ah』! She is reading ahead perfectly, and gets a full understanding of the incoming development through mere signs… Yeah, let’s use that ability in combat instead? I’m quite positive that it is not an ability sought in a blindfold? Actually, forget reading the development, a person in charge of blindfolding would’ve done a perfectly fine job by not reacting and doing nothing at all!

And the measurement is extra wide. Unlike the usual half-sphere, this here is close to a full sphere. In other words, taking her measurements will take more effort than for Clothing Club Girl or Cooking Club Girl. Naturally, it means more『Magic Hands』involved. Trying to move them around a bit while measuring, proved that just as I suspected, the center of gravity is leaning forward too much, this must be the cause of her slouched posture.

「Clothing Club Girl and Cooking Club Girl should do fine with the normal type, so I’ll begin adjustments with this shape, alright? But in the case of Braid Girl it seems there is no other choice but to push up the chest and press in closer to the body to avoid slouching and the drag associated with it? But yeah, that will highlight the chest even more, but we can’t leave things as they are at the moment since it’s bad for your health, so you’ll have to pursue the path of Sexy Braid Girl/Hot Nerdy Girl?」

Pushing them up, pressing them closer to the body, would emphasize the cleavage, and bringing them closer to her face would inevitably make her chest size even more conspicuous. And it’s probably because she didn’t want that that she ended up wearing an Ill-fitting bra in such an odd way. I wonder at which point my life in another world has turned me into a bra sommelier, capable of discerning an ill-fitting bra in one glance? Indeed, this is a trait completely not required for a highschool boy to have, rather, it might be even detrimental to have such ability? In terms of Affection Rating? Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s quite a bit of an issue that I have it. I mean, a highschool boy with『Sommelier of Women’s Underwear』? I’ll never open my status ever again if I get that? Yeah, I wouldn’t be able to show it to anyone!

「Uuuh… Can it be somehow made unnoticeable?」

「No way. If we try to lower and suppress them it will ruin your posture even more, and it will also worsen your balance during physical activities. Or rather, you were trying to hide it all this time, didn’t you? That’s the cause of your slouched posture, you know? If you aren’t going to fight I might be able to do something to make it stand out less, but if you are going to fight then there is no other way but to push them up? What will you do?

Having poor balance is dangerous even for the rearguard, and even more so for Braid Girl, an all-rounder who fights in the middle guard utilizing spears and longswords and often joining melee. So for her, poor balance can become fatal.

「…I will fight. Please make it!」

「Got it, I’ll do what I can to make it follow the natural body line as close as possible?」

「Please do.」

I said it so casually, but it’s actually also one of those things. A highschool boy capable of bringing a natural body with a bra… It might be too late for me, in more ways than one.

As expected, Braid Girl ended up requiring a special reinforced back belt. Putting the back side aside, the front ended up super lewd! No, I’m not looking or anything! But since I’m making them while confirming the shape as I go, I can tell even without seeing anything? I mean, the breasts are drawn inward and pushed up with support from below? So, of course, it looks super lewd! I’m sure this will contribute greatly to the improvement of manufacturing techniques for non-combat underwear, or rather, the one that is meant for nighttime battles.This new and novel technique was actually a technical innovation of the highest tier!

「Can you try moving around a bit? All three of you? If there is no discomfort or anything try making gradually rougher movements? If something is wrong immediately tell me, these are still in the adjustment phase, so changes can still be made, but please tell me as soon as you can? Like? Okay? No, it’s not like I like to see this? I mean, I’m not even looking, okay?」

「Uuh, it’s easy to move, and feels light, but this became something amazing…」

「「Yeah, that’s lewd!」」

Yeah, it is? How should I put it? Like two rockets that’re about to be launched? Like she is hiding missiles there? Like two morning stars? Anyway, it looks very impressive. Rather, I feel like I might jump at those rockets by myself, so they are very dangerous. She possesses armaments so marvelous that if there are missiles to be launched from those silos then I’d gladly observe? I really want to?

No, don’t move your fingers away, seriously? Please, tell me I didn’t say all of that aloud?! Wa— why do you have to read my mind and open your fingers at such ideal timing? Or rather, could you stop trying to force open my eyelids while you are at it? This definitely has nothing to do with accidents or mistakes anymore, and you are physically forcing my eyes open! Was there ever a blindfold that not only had no desire to hide anything whatsoever but which also was forcibly trying to make one look?! In the first place, why does the brand new blindfold that I was using yesterday during Librarian’s turn now have holes? It’s not glasses! Giving good visibility to Blindfold-san is a complete denial of its raison d’etre!

And with bras done comes the time for the bottoms, but this part comes with many demands. After all, these three are the founding members of the legendary 『Hip-Up Shorts Alliance!』and also its greatest promoters! Well, all of the girls have joined, so I’m making the shorts for everyone anyway?.

「Unlike sports clubs’ girls, cultural clubs’ girls are at higher risk of buttocks sagging! 」

「「That’s right, that’s right!」」

「And we too want to have firm and toned buttocks!」

「「Totally agreed!」」

Leg lifts and knee raises are the basics of exercises for butt lifting, with the idea of pulling it up through training gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and latissimus dorsi muscles. It’s said that training gluteus medius is especially beneficial, as the lift up effect provided by it naturally creates a nice looking butt. Gluteus medius can be effectively trained with kickbacks, or glute leg lifts, in other words…

「Do some exercise! Why are you relying on a highschool boy to keep your butts in shape? Or rather, you are having tons of exercise in this world, even your levels have risen, there is no way your butts will sag that easily! On the contrary, becoming super buff sounds like a greater risk at the moment? You are having so much BOOT and CAMPING every day that I’m sure you are starting to get six packs by now!」

「「「No! No way! We’ll be too worried without push-up shorts!!」」」

They actually were just spoiled girls who want others to do their work! Well, in the class called beauties class the cultural clubs’ girls are in minority, so they might’ve had some sort of a complex about their appearance. Armored Pres-san is nodding behind me, but I’m pretty sure that in our original world she would be the most removed being from anything to do with a complex about one’s body? Well, she was just a skeleton previously though?

「「「We strongly demand a reinforced hip-up girdle!」」」

Indeed, in terms of putting pressure on muscles and bones to correct or shape up the figure the girdle might be the most efficient. The issue is why the hell are they throwing that zeal, passion, knowledge, and ideas at a highschool boy instead of working themselves! They keep fighting day in and day out since coming to this world, repeating grueling training on a daily basis, yet they refuse to put effort themselves! Their disdain for exercise is almost admirable. Truly nerds among nerds! But even so?

「But girdle… Will look like granny’s stuff no matter how I design it?」

「「「Make it so it doesn’t! Make it like black leggings!」」」

I see, with black leggings I can somehow make it work with multi-layering so they won’t look as old-fashioned. Rather, they might even appear sporty. At last, black leggings-san is going to come to this world too, huh… And now even this world will descend into a violent and heated bloody dispute on whether leggings are considered an underwear or not! Yeah, a pretty butt is a sinful thing.

Now, let’s make sinful black leggings for Armored Pres-san too, and make some sinful love to each other! Yeah, it doesn’t matter if leggings are underwear or not, black leggings are meant to be adored! I’m still going to strip them though!

Alright, let’s get to work.

Well, I knew it would turn out like this. While thongs from yesterday didn’t have much in terms of fabric coverage, the pinpoint location of where it was needed was the issue. This time it’s the exact opposite, with quite a vast surface to work with. Girdles, or rather, legging, cover an extensive area, which includes thighs, inner thighs, delicious thighs, anyway, they envelop a lot of stuff? Having such a wide area directly measured by Magic Hands and stimulated by Holding-san while making adjustments, the result is plainly obvious.

「「「Hiiiiih! Nm, Ah, Nmuuh! Aaahm!」」」

Both chests and butts were lifted up as requested, but looks like their souls also ascended to heavens as well? They lost consciousness with crazy smiles and some sort of accomplished look on their faces, but they didn’t actually do anything? They aren’t reacting and have broken expressions, but… What do I do if they actually broke? Should I stick some Recovery Mushrooms into their mouths after all?

Now, with this everyone had their turn… But there is no guarantee that it will end with just one cycle? I mean, I’m already getting additional requests? And why did the image become even worse after I stuffed mushrooms into their mouths? It’s a healthy organic product? Such a mystery?

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