Chapter 281 Part 2

Chapter 281: Even though I was called a scary child, and even prepared the stage and the scenario, for some reason, I was banned from participation. Part 2

「I’ll head out immediately. Watch out for the nobles and military police’s movements.」

Did citizens open the gates? It seems a bit premature for that. There still should’ve been time before the rationing stops.

「It’s the store outside the walls! It appears they started a big sale at very low prices which included large quantities of food, clothing, and various livingware. In response, citizens have opened the gates.」

「Kuh… Until the very end, huh. In the end, the Capital was fully seized by the souvenir store alone. Looks like there won’t be anything for us, the shield of the people, to do. We are going to welcome Shariceres-sama and Omui-sama! Everyone is to line up and be on standby. Don’t make them wait.」


All of the actors have gathered, the only thing left is to end the farce. It seems that this ugly play can finally come to a closure under everyone’s laughter on the stage prepared by the souvenir store. Despite being the best unexpected finale, with the ending in sight, it makes me even slightly disappointed about being unable to see the perfect happy ending written by that boy.

After all, the best scenario had a story that made me laugh from the very bottom of my heart.

Looked down from the slums and having garbage thrown at them, the nobles collapse foaming at their mouths after exploding in fits of rage. Going bankrupt after having their riches plundered, those nobles turn vagrants. Losing the remainder of their riches to purchase provision for rationing, they all become penniless, and join ranks of the poor, who they were oppressing all this time. Finale.

The one entering the castle is the Princess and a general, Shariceres, leading the Kingdom’s elite Royal Guard. Moreover, a living legend Margrave Omui, and the strongest army of the Frontier, have also entered the Capital. The Capital is engulfed in thunderous cheers. Everyone is loudly chanting the names of the two.

Talk about being outmatched. The two, true nobles beloved by the people, and the monkey (Second Prince) with idiots (nobles), there is nothing to even think about. Simply comparing them feels futile.

The Capital rejoiced – the heroes have liberated the Capital.

Everyone put down their weapons, no one could possibly point a blade at the Royal Guard and the Frontier’s army, regardless if they are a friend or a foe. They can do nothing but surrender without any bloodshed.

「Welcome back, Your Highness Princess Shariceres, I shall lead the way to the Royal Palace. We are also grateful for your contribution this time, Omui-sama.」

There is no way merely apologizing to Omui-sama would be enough. Because we allowed the rebellion the Frontier has… the people of the Frontier, who deserved help more than anyone…

「Long time no see, Terrysel. But for now, smile, the people are watching. No need for sorrowful looks, smile. I’m not worried about the Frontier, nor have I given up on it. This is the stage prepared for us by that boy, so smile. The boy said that he will manage it somehow, so we should simply smile. Stop with the sour face and laugh.」

The entirety of the Kingdom’s military force is currently concentrated in the Capital and at the borders, plus the now hostile armies of the nobles. There are no troops at the Frontier.

While smiling through force, we make our way to the Royal Palace. There is no one left who would even try to oppose us, let alone provide any resistance.

「To the King.」

But there is nothing that can be done about the Frontier. No matter what sort of ingenious strategy that boy were to devise, there are no troops to carry it out. And yet they say that he went to the Frontier by himself. Alone, empty handed, without anyone to accompany him.

Even so, we have to smile. If that is the role bestowed to us by that boy, I’ll smile, even if I grind my teeth to dust and gnaw through my lips in the process.

What followed was a mere theatrical piece.

While the Second Prince and nobles were crawling on the ground on their knees with heads hanging low, Her Highness Shariceres and Lord Omui made their way to the King’s side. And reaching his chambers, respectfully offered him a secret remedy harvested at the Frontier. As the King recovered in the blink of an eye and regained consciousness, the Royal Prince, who actually was around all this time without anyone noticing, renounced his regency and returned the seal of state.

The return of the King that everyone was waiting so eagerly for.

When it was announced to the citizens that the Second Prince and the nobles were arrested under the King’s order, the Capital erupted with even greater jubilance.

Then, a bountiful feast with plenty of alcohol was held on the orders of the King and Omui-sama, swallowing the entire city in revelry, creating the Kingdom’s revival festival.

The King and the Princess are waving hands from the terrace of the Royal Palace, accompanied by Omui-sama. Even my humble self was invited, which has me currently standing beside them and also waving my hand with a smile.

All actors are present on the stage, and citizens of the capital rejoice over the climax of the play. The nuisances were already removed from the stage, leaving only the King and the true nobles standing. The ones who tried to remain nobles (sword of the kingdom) despite being pushed into the commonfolk. Those who came to the souvenir store carrying their entire modest savings to purchase weapons. Those ruined nobles are all said to have been given swords, armor, and splendid dresses with the words 『It’s a freebie』. The ruined nobles that were banished for their attempts to save the slums were recognized by that boy as genuine nobles, giving them the right to be present at this scene.

Just like a play about a heroic epic, ovations for the King, the princess, and Omui-sama standing on the stage wouldn’t stop, engulfing the Capital in feverish enthusiasm. The stage to celebrate the heroes, yet that black-haired boy is not on it.

Thunderous shouts of joy shake the Capital, with crowds singing and dancing in celebration. It’s finally over.

「Terrysel, sorry for the trouble, you have our gratitude for protecting the people in our stead.」

「My King! Such words are……」

But the people the most deserving of those words are not here. That boy and his associates, who should be praised by the people the most, are not here. That person went to the Frontier. The true liberator of the Capital went to protect the Frontier by himself.

「My King, I’ll be going back to the Frontier too. This is the place governed by the King, I have my things to do in my own domain.」

「I’m sorry, Mellotosam. In the end, us, Diorer, are always causing trouble to Omui, having to be constantly helped and rescued. I thought that I’d end it during my reign, but this is what we ended up with. Forgive me, Mellotosam.」

The King lowered his head. He is apologizing so deeply, that if it weren’t in front of the people, he probably would’ve gone on his knees. As a vassal and a friend I too lower my head, overwhelmed by emotions. Thoroughly reflecting upon the meaning and significance of the fact that lord of the Frontier left it during the crisis to save the King.

「Don’t bow, Diar! You are the King. Raise your head and smile for your subjects. I won’t allow anyone to sully this stage, even the King. We had a happy resolution, where everyone was able to smile, prepared for us, and even were given the stage. So smile.」

Wearing a frighteningly serious smile, Omui-sama waved back to the citizens. The one who wants to return more than anyone, the one who wants to rush back this very instant, Omui-sama donned a smile, and replied to the cheers of the citizens of the Capital.

So ham actors like me can only smile at most.

Playing the role given to me on this stage, I earnestly force a smile. But everyone’s minds aren’t here, but at the distant Frontier instead.

Filled with thoughts of the boy that is facing dozens of thousands of enemies by himself.

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