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The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 16

Satie the Porter

「I, I am glad to make your acquaintance. M, my name is Satie, the porter. I, I look forward to working with you today. Hii!」

Today is the day for my second labyrinth exploration. At my request, I have had them arrange a porter who can dismantle monsters. That is because I want to see the way of a porter as well as how they dismantle monsters, and leaving behind the magic stones and materials from the monster we defeat would be a waste. For three to four hours of actual work, the reward will be two large silver coins and all the materials from the monsters we defeat. I think that is a pretty good condition.


Satie, Age 22, Level 11

Job: Porter

Although she bites her tongue and her face is twitching from nervousness, she is a woman with red hair and freckles, and a smile would probably suit her better. Well, I guess this is what happens to a commoner surrounded by knights. She probably thinks she will be killed if she makes some careless mistakes.

「I’m Kars. Please take good care of me. Do you usually work alone, Satie?」

「Y, yes, I do. I am a member of the Porter union, and I am hired by a different party each time I go into the labyrinth. I am usually hired by a party I know well. I have eight barrels worth of storage.」

「Eight barrels? What’s that?」

「Ah, y, yes. The amount of item I can store in my porter skill, Storage, is equal to eight barrels of wine.」

「Hoh. Is it possible to increase that capacity?」

「Y, yes. At first it is one barrel, then increases to two, then four, then eight, and so on as your proficiency level in storage rises. If it is the most skilled porters, it seems that they have the capacity of thirty-two barrels.」

I gather information from Satie until we get into the labyrinth. It seems that there are various advantages to belonging to the Porter union. Those with the job of Porter, a non-combatant job, are prone to death. If a member of the union dies in the labyrinth, it will be difficult for the party that hired them to hire another porter from then on. When going into the labyrinth, not only is it often for them to end up staying overnight, they also need to bring back the materials, so a porter is essential. It seems that adventurers desperately protect their porters. Above all, if the porter dies, all the items in the storage will be lost, which will be a double major loss.

After about 30 minutes of walking into the labyrinth, Kardek, the vanguard of the party, stops in his tracks. There are two spiders on the wall. So grotesque.

「Spotted spiders, I see. The spiders in this stratum have low attack and defense capability, so they are easy to defeat. However, they sometimes spit sticky threads, which will restrict your movement if you get covered with them, and their teeth, although weak, are poisonous.」

「Alright, I’m leaving the one in the back to you. I’ll take care the one in the front.」

In an instant, Kardek splits the spotted spider in the back in half and returns to his original position. It happened in the blink of an eye. Perhaps even the remaining spotted spider has not realized that its partner is dead. It certainly seems to have a low defense. In order to conserve my magical energy, let’s go at it without using body enhancement.


Spotted Spider, Rank 3

I vigorously charge into the spotted spider from about 5 meters away and launch a thrust at it. There is a slight resistance, but my sword easily pierces it. Immediately, I launch a second thrust. The moment the spotted spider stops moving, it sends its thread flying toward my face. As I manage to narrowly dodge it thanks to my usual practice and swing my sword down once or twice from my overhead, the spotted spider dies.

「That was close. Looks like I was too soon in assuming that it was dead. I let my guard down.」

「Yes, insect-type monsters are especially tenacious. Some animal-type monsters also can move for a while after even after having their hearts crushed, so you have to always be on your guard.」

「Alright, Satie, dismantle them.」

「Y, yes, sir.」

Equipped with a dismantling glove and a knife, Satie takes out the magic stones from the two spotted spiders in no time at all.

「Hoh, so these are magic stones, huh. They’re about the same size as the tip of the thumb. How much are these worth?」

「Yes, all tenth-grade magic stones are worth four large copper coins.」

「I see. Can you sell any of the material from spotted spiders?」

「No. If it is a higher-ranked species, you can sell the poison bag if you manage to properly take it out, but nothing from this one.」

Killing two of them earns you about eight hundred yen, huh. I cannot tell if that is a lot of a little.

Oops, I can hear the sound of people coming our way from far away. They seem to be in a hurry. We position ourselves close to the wall in the area where the passageway is a little wider.

「Huff, huff, huff, huff, hey, get a hold of yourself.」

Along with such a voice, a group of three male adventurers come running toward us. They are still young. Maybe 15 or 16 years old. One of them has a blue face and is limping as he borrows the shoulder of the first man. I wonder if he has been bitten by a fanged dog. The man behind them is carrying two fanged dogs on a pole. The fanged dogs’ fur is covered with scratches.

They are perplexed when they see the knights, but pass through us and go on as they are. There is quite a distance to the exit of the labyrinth. I wonder if they will be able to return safely. If I had not been accompanied by the knights, I probably would have ended up like that. I sure am blessed.

After confirming that they have left, we start walking again. After taking turns on a few intersections, I spot three red-eyed bats on the ceiling of the passageway.

「Alright, I’ll take care of it.」

I take a step forward. The distance is a little more than ten meters. But I have this. I sheath my sword for once, pick up a pebble, and throw it at the red-eyes bat that is separated by itself. Perhaps the skill Throwing 2 is in effect, the pebble makes a direct hit. It gets mad and comes toward me. I pull out my sword and swing it down from overhead, aiming not at the main body, but at the wing. As it loses its balance and crawls on the ground, I launch two thrusts to finish it off.

Once again, I pick up a pebble and throw it. This time, two of them attack me at the same time. I know that their attack power is low, so there is no need to be afraid even if there are two of them. After cutting off the wing of one of the red-eyes bats with my first swing, I distance myself from them with a back step. I strike the other one with my shield, knocking it to the ground. I then repeatedly launch thrusts several times. The thrust does not really hit the rampaging bat well, so I decide to slash it. After a while, both bats are exterminated. Although they are the weakest enemy in this labyrinth, it was a pretty tough battle. I wipe the sweat off my face.

Satie takes out the magic stones in no time at all. It seems that the bats have no sellable materials either.

After catching my breath, we start walking again. When I do a self-appraisal, I see that my level has gone up. There is no sensation like I suddenly became stronger, but as I thought, it was the right decision to go into the labyrinth.

Walking for about 30 minutes, we do not encounter any enemies at all. It seems that the monsters are unevenly distributed. We keep on walking. Not long after, we find spotted spiders crawling on the walls, two on each side.

「Alright, I’ll take care of all of them. I’ll use body enhancement, so I think I can do it.」

The walls on either side are about four meters wide. I don’t know whether or not the spiders notice my presence, but I approach them while erasing my presence and weaving the magical energy inside my body. First, I go for the two spiders on the right. I activate body enhancement and close my distance with them in one go with instant step. I use the speed of the instant step to launch a flash of sideways cleaving at the spotted spider in the front, and then cut down the spider in the back with a full-power blow from overhead. Without checking whether they are alive or dead, I immediately turn around and slash at the spotted spiders on the other side.

Instant step. I feel the magical energy in my body decrease rapidly. I am still maintaining the body enhancement. As I slash at the spotted spider on the right side, a thread comes flying at me from the left side. I block it with my shield, but my shield is getting pulled by the spider using the sticky thread. I throw away my unusable shield, hold my sword with both hands, and finish off the spotted spider on the right side.

「Huff, huff, huff.」

Both my stamina and magical energy are running low. Mustering up all my remaining strength, I launch a thrust at the last spotted spider and then take it down by slashing it twice in a row.

At that moment, Kardek passes behind me at a tremendous speed. When I take a look at him, I see a darkness cat lying there, its head and torso separated. I was so focused on the spiders that I didn’t notice it at all. I check all the spotted spiders. Thank goodness, it seems that they are all dead for good.

「Phew. I didn’t notice the darkness cat at all. I guess I still have a long way to go, huh. Satie, dismantle them for me.」

「No, that was a brilliant performance, Kars-sama. Had I been faced with the spiders myself, I might not have noticed the darkness cat either.」

「Hmm, well, let’s put it that way. Satie, can you sell the material from darkness cat?」

「Yes. The darkness cat’s fur is completely unscathed, so maybe it will be worth about two small silver coins. The meat is also a treat in the slums. So it will probably go for two small silver coins. The fangs are also worth about three large copper coins.」

The darkness cat is a slender cat about one meter tall. It seems that you cannot get much meat from it. Satie takes out the magic stones of the spotted spiders, and then turns the darkness cat upside down to drain its blood.

「Leaving the meat and fur aside, you can even sell the fangs?」

「Yes, it seems that magic blacksmiths process them and turn them into replaceable spearheads. They seem to be softer than iron, but it seems that if you imbue them with magical energy, their penetrating power will increase.」

「I see. Alright, let’s go to the nearest watering hole so that Satie can easily dismantle it. Then we’ll take another path and go home for the day.」

After walking about ten minutes, we arrive at a place that looks like a small creek. Satie dismantles the darkness cat, which has been drained of blood, and strips off its fur. It is clean and fast. Truly the work of craftsmanship. For the meat, it seems that she is going to soak it in water for a while.

I sit on the ground and try to recover my stamina and magical energy. My magical energy does not really recover by much, but I managed to take a breather and calm down.

It seems that the monsters are the same up to the fourth stratum, with their ranks gradually rising. It was really tough. If I were alone, I probably would not be able to notice the monsters or end up getting myself killed as I got attacked by another monster while I was in the middle of a fight. I wonder if I would be able to win if I encountered three fanged dogs.

After resting for a while, we start walking toward the exit. On the way back, I defeated one spotted spider and five red-eyed bats before we arrived at the exit. My level did not go up any further.

「Satie, how was it today?」

「Yes, Kars-sama. Two large silver coins, 16 tenth grade magic stones, and then the fur and meat of the darkness cat, which makes a total of about three large silver coins. I earned more than twice as much as I usually do. Thank you very much.」

Yup, as I thought, Satie is a girl who is more suited to have a smile on her face.

「Alright, we’ll go into the labyrinth once or twice a week from now on. Only to the shallow stratums, and each time it will be a one-day trip. As long as you’re fine with it, we’ll nominate you as our porter from now on, Satie.」

「Really? Thank you very much. I will do my best.」

Not only does Satie work fast, she is also polite. I doubt she will get in the way of your labyrinth exploration. Besides, wandering around the labyrinth accompanied only by old men is no fun at all. Just by having one young girl like Satie would make a great difference, after all.

Today, I consumed quite a lot of magical energy, so I am really tired. My level has gone up, but has the amount of my magical energy increased, I wonder?


Kars Amberlius, Age 12, Level 9

Job: None

Skills: Fast Learning, Appraisal 2, Magical Energy Manipulation 3, Magical Energy Perception 1, Body Manipulation 3, Body Enhancement 2, Instant Step 2, Instant Movement 2, Throwing 2, Swordsmanship 4, Spearmanship 4, Fire Magic 1, Wind Magic 1, Earth Magic 1, Water Magic 1, Light Magic 1, Shadow Magic 1, Healing Magic 1


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