The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 31 Part 2

「By the way, I’d like to learn dismantling, but do you have any suggestions?」

「Oh, that’s a good idea. You have to be good at dismantling if you want to be an excellent porter, after all. Just being able to carry a load does not make you a first-rate porter. Well, it is because they do only miscellaneous jobs that porters end up being looked down upon, though. Let me see, dismantling, right? I guess the quickest way is to follow adventurers and learn it by practice. If you have money, however, there is also the option of issuing a request to the adventurers.」

「I understand. I’ll take my time and think about it. If you have any connections, I appreciate any help with it.」

Let’s think about what I am going to do from here on after I receive my temporary adventurer’s card tomorrow morning.

After that, I return to the Adventurers’ Association and look up the distribution of monsters in this area and the labyrinth. If you pay a small silver coin, you will get access to the reference room, so I spend my time there until the evening, reading materials and taking notes.

In the evening, I have dinner at the tavern again. Looks like Soara is not here. Well, she said she only comes here about one day a week, so I guess it is only natural, huh. While I am enjoying my meal for a while, I see a black-haired, cat-eared, beastman girl. There is a wide range of types of beastmen, from those who look like humans with ears and tails to those who look closer to beasts. This girl is the type that is very close to a beast.

「Big brother, are you curious about me-nya?」

It seems she caught me staring fixedly at her. I wonder if it is normal for beastmen to add nya to the end of their words.

「Ah, you found me out, huh. I just came from the countryside, so I have no beastmen acquaintances, you see. Did I offend you, by some chance?」

「Nyah, I don’t mind-nya. If you’re interested in me, please call out to me-nya. And I’ll make sure you’re well served-nya.」

「I see. How much is it?」

「Nya? Big brother, are you serious-nya? Hmm, five small silver pieces for one round-nya.」

「If I want to go until morning, how much will it be?」

「Unyanya? Are you real serious-nya? If you want to go until morning, how about one large silver coin and five small silver coins?」

「I’m fine with that. Once you’re done eating, come to my room.」

「Unya? For you to have a taste for beastmen even though you’re still young, what a peculiar person you are-nya. I will serve you well.」

「Age has nothing to do with preference, no?」

「That may not necessarily be the case-nya. Well-to-do noblemen and wealthy merchants like to embrace various women-nya. When they get old, they are no longer satisfied with ordinary women-nya. Then, they’ll end up going for male prostitutes, little girls, or beastmen-nya. My appearance is said to be closer to a beast, so I’m more suited for experienced players-nya.」

「Hmm, is that so? I believe there’s no such a thing as common human or beastmen when it comes to good women, though.」

「Unyanya?! What an outrageous lady-killer you are-nya! I have to be careful-nya! But I’m glad-nya. I’ll come to your room immediately-nya.」

I decided to spend the night with this cat beastman who introduces herself as Niinya. It is my first time talking to a beastman, and I am a little nervous. From our conversation, I get the impression that she is a kind and honest person.

Knock, knock, knock.

「Sei-nyan, I’m coming in-nya.」

Niinya enters my room. She is still dressed in her practical waitress outfit, so she does not arouse my sexual desire much.

「I will serve you well-nya.」

「I’ll be in your care, Niinya. By the way, is it normal for beastmen to add nya at the end of their words?」

「No, it isn’t normal-nya. But if I don’t put Nya at the end of my words, some people get angry and say why I don’t put Nya at the end-nya. And after speaking in such a manner this whole time, it becomes my normal way of speaking-nya.」

「I, I see. There are such unusual pe… No, I think I can relate to them.」

「That’s so-nya. Now then, let’s get it started-nya.」

Niinya strips naked and lies down on the bed with me. Her body hair is fundamentally black, but the outside of her body is black and the inside is white. Her hair is short. Her upper arms and thighs are covered with hair, but beyond that she is no different from a common human. Her belly area is covered with white downy hair, while her chest area is completely hairless. She has C cups breasts with beautiful pink nipples.

I caress Niinya’s body with my hand. Hmm~, in particular, I cannot get enough of how nice to the touch her downy hair is. It feels like petting a cute little animal.

「Ah, Niinya, none can beat you on how good to the touch you are.」

「Glad to hear that-nya. Touch me as much you want-nya. But before banging me, I hope you can lick my nipples first-nya. If you do so, I’ll immediately become wet and ready to go-nya.」

After stroking the downy hair around her tummy, I attack her nipples and gently stimulate the buds as I place my hand on her chasm.

「Unya?! Nyanya?! Aahn, good-nya, that feels good-nya, as I thought, you’re a lady-killer-nya! Aaaahn, ahn.」

As I stimulate her nipples, nectar starts to overflow from her chasm. As expected, it must be her erogenous zone. Rather than something that has been developed, I wonder if it is something she is born with.

「Alright, I’m ready to put it in, Niinya.」

Slowly inserting my meat rod in the missionary position, I penetrate her little by little, aiming for her deepest part.

「Anya~, all of it has come in-nya~. It’s so big-nya, what a lady-killer you are-nya.」

The size of her vagina is just right and its wetness is perfect. Repeating the pistoning slowly, I gradually increase the intensity.

Creak, creak, creak, creak, creak, creak…. The bed is shaking violently.

「Unya, anya, nyanya, hanya, anya, so good-nya, Sei-nyan, it feels so good-nya, unya, aahn, coming-nya, it’s coming-nya, the pleasurable one is coming-nya, aaaaaaaaaaaahn, unyanya~」

In order not to have a second round, in consideration of Niinya’s body, I activate body manipulation and shoot as much semen as possible into Niinya’s vagina.

「Hanyanya, I can feel it-nya, what an outrageous amount of baby seed-nya, unbelievable-nya, it’s still coming-nya, if I haven’t taken birth control pills, I definitely would have gotten pregnant-nya.」

「You’re the best. Niinya. It feels so good that cumming so much.」

「I’m happy to hear that-nya. It feels good for me too-nya. For your money’s worth, I’ll give you a lot more services-nya. But please wait a minute-nya. It was so intense that strength ended up being drained from my body-nya.」

「Niinya, I’m good for today, so I wonder if I can ask for your service in the morning? My sexual desire is strong since early in the morning, you see. If you find it hard to do it in the morning, I don’t mind even if you doing it with your hands or mouth.」

「Nya? Got it-nya. I can’t do it with my mouth because I have a cat tongue, but I’ll be sure to serve you well-nya.」

「Glad to hear that, you must be tired today, right? Just take a rest for now, chu.」

I kiss Niinya on the forehead and go to sleep. The reason I ejaculate in the morning is to train my automatic recovery skill. It seems that automatic recovery has the effect of restoring not only physical strength and magical energy, but also the amount of sperm. By always leaving my body in the state of sperm shortage, I can raise my proficiency level in automatic recovery. This is my immediate goal.

「Hanyanya~. What a gentle kiss-nya. On top of that, while you go at it intensely, you care for your partner afterwards, typical lady-killing baby-making-nya. If I’m not careful, I might even get my heart stolen-nya. But it felt good-nya. Good night-nya.」

Niinya kisses me on the forehead in return. My heart feels somewhat warm and I fall into a deep and sound sleep.



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