The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 32 Part 1

Silver Class Adventurer Gorth

 Chirp, chirp, chirp.

Creak creak creak creak…. The bed shakes violently since early in the morning.

「Alright, here I come.」

「Unyanya, nya, nya, hanyanya~.」

I shoot a large amount of semen into Niinya’s vagina without reservation. I had released a large amount of semen last night, but this morning, too, it comes in a tremendous amount, if I do say so myself. As expected, the effect of the automatic recovery seems to be working here, albeit only faintly. From now on, I will squeeze out as much semen as possible every morning and evening to increase my proficiency level in automatic recovery. That is because for me, as someone with a non-combatant job, automatic recovery is my lifeline.

「Phew, that was great, Niinya. Are you okay?」

「Anya~, I can’t move-nya~. I’m going to stay like this for a while-nya~.」

「I’m going to drop by the Adventurers’ Association, so feel free to sleep a little longer, Niinya. I’ll leave the money here, okay?」

「That’s so kind of you-nya~. I’ll take you up on your offer-nya~.」

Today, I am dropping by the Adventurers’ Association early in the morning to receive my temporary Adventurer’s Certificate. If all goes well, I will follow some adventurers and learn how to dismantle monsters.

The front of the Adventurers’ Association is overflowing with a sea of people.

「Looking for two vanguards! We’re going to the labyrinth third stratum for three days and two nights!」

「We’re looking for one porter! Our plan is to go to the forest for a day trip!」

「We’re going to challenge the lord of the labyrinth fourth stratum! We can never have too many members, so those who want to come, come!」

I enter the Adventurers’ Association and get in line in front of the reception desk. The place is full of young people receiving their temporary adventurer certificate, just like me. There is a strong-looking adventurer looking at them as if he were assessing them. He is huge. He is a warrior type, about 190 centimeters tall, leaning against the wall with his arms folded, giving off a somewhat out of place vibe. At any rate, I line up in the line for Irina and receive my adventurer’s card.

「Good morning. You must be Sei-san, right? Here is your temporary adventurer’s certificate and a wooden tag that exempts you from the city entry tax.」

「Thank you. But still, I’m surprised you remember my name? Did you memorize everyone’s name?」

「Not everyone, but I try to memorize as many as I can. Sei-san, are you looking for an adventurer party?」

「Yes, I’m looking for a party that can teach me dismantling while I do some miscellaneous jobs, but I still have no idea how….」

「Hey, you want to learn how to dismantle monsters? I don’t mind teaching you how to do it. What’s your job?」

The strong adventurer from earlier cuts into our conversation. Putting my guard up, I answer his question.

「I’m a porter. I’ll do your chores if you can teach me how to dismantle monsters.」

「I see, a porter, huh? That’s great, hehehe.」

What a vulgar laugh. What’s so great about me being a porter? When it comes to ordinary rookie porters, they have only one barrel-worth of storage capacity, so they are of little use. I still cannot grasp his purpose.

「Irina, do you know him?」

「Huh? Yes, umm, he is Gorth-san, a silver class adventurer.」

「A silver class, you say?! He’s one of the only two silver class adventurers in this town?」

「Hehehe, that’s exactly right. You’re one lucky guy, be sure to be grateful. There are a whole lot of people who want to adventure with me, after all. Winter is cold, so I’ll dive into the labyrinth until spring. Help me with dismantling then. I’ll teach you how to do it.」

From the perplexed look on Irina’s face, I can tell that this guy probably has some behavior problems. Well, why not? It is not like I am joining his party anyway; I will only be there to do some miscellaneous jobs. If I find it to not my liking, I can simply quit right that instance.

「I see. Well then, I’ll be in your care, Gorth-san. I’m Sei.」

「Sei, is it? Alright. Let’s go to the labyrinth immediately. It’ll be for four days and three nights. Besides me, there are six more members. Well, we won’t be doing things that might get a porter killed, so no need to worry.」

「I understand.」

「I say miscellaneous jobs, but I’ll give you two small silver coins per day for it. And our side will provide all your meals and other necessities in the labyrinth.」

Hmmm, I get the feeling that the conditions are too good to be true. I am also concerned by the fact that the talk is progressing too quickly.

After leaving the association, we meet up with Gorth’s six party mates. Let’s stealthily appraise them later. As it is, we walk in the direction of the north. After a five-minute walk, we find the labyrinth there. It being covered by high, thick walls is the same as the Amberlius labyrinth.

「It sure is convenient to have a labyrinth inside the city, isn’t it?」

「I guess you could say that the city was built because there was a labyrinth here. It was originally a small town, separate from Magt, but as it became more populated and grew larger, it was absorbed into Magt, you see.」

This Gorth guy, when I ask him about something, he sure teaches me thoroughly about it, doesn’t he? Unexpectedly, maybe he is someone with the qualities of a leader, you know?

We go inside the walls. The place is crowded with people who are about to go into the labyrinth.

「You bastards, you’re in the way! The gall you have to block Gorth-sama’s way!」

One of Gorth’s party mates shouts loudly. Then, like Moses, the adventurers begin to give way. The reaction is so excessive that some of them even end up panicking and falling down. It seems that Gorth is pretty feared here. I wonder if he is like the gold-class adventurer party immortal wolf in Amberlius?

We enter the labyrinth. Even in the labyrinth, adventurers make way for us when they see Gorth. This labyrinth, like Amberlius, seems to be a cave type. According to the information I obtained from the reference room, there are six stratums in total in this labyrinth. The only monsters that appear here are spotted spiders, rock dogs, goblins, large-mouthed lizards, and illusionary butterflies. Other than these, on the fourth stratum, there is a rank 20 hard-skinned giant spider, which is the stratum lord, and on the sixth stratum, a rank 30 iron-skinned giant spider, which is the lord of the labyrinth.

「Are the only monster you dismantle for material purposes the large-mouthed lizards and the rock dogs?」

「Hoh, looks like you’ve done some research. That’s right. But the skins of the spotted spiders can also be sold as material. They’re not worth much money, though. The leather armor of the adventurers here is mostly made of spotted spiders and hard-skinned giant spiders. In short, if you tan the skin of the spotted spider and stack several layers of it, it’ll earn you a certain level of protective power.」

「The hard-skinned giant spider is a rank 20 stratum lord, no? Is it that easy to defeat it?」

「Leaving aside high level adventurers like us, it’s impossible for other adventurers. In front of the association, there were some people who were recruiting members to challenge the stratum lord, no? Their idea was to use the rookie adventurers as bait and take it down in the meantime. Every time they do this, they sacrifice a lot of rookie adventurers, you see. The fewer the survivors are, the greater their share of the reward and experience will be, after all.」

I see. I did think it was strange. The large number of temporary adventurer certificates I saw when I went to register as an adventurer. In just one day, the number rises considerably, so in a year, it should go up to hundreds, or if things go south, even thousands times that. Despite this, the number of adventurers is certainly large, but it should not be strange even if the number is more than ten times this. Some may have moved to other territories, but a large number of adventurers must have ended up dying while they are still registered as temporary adventurers.

「I believe the labyrinth lord is a rank 30 iron-skinned giant spider, right? Do you beat it regularly?」

「Despite its strength, that guy’s not worth much money, so if at all possible, we prefer to refrain from fighting it. A seventh-grade magic stone is only worth two large silver coins, and to bring back its iron skin, you’d need to hire several porters. At most, the Knights of Magt regularly defeat it for training, I guess.」

「By the way, what stratum are we headed for today?」

「We always go to the sixth stratum, the lowest. The ranks of the monsters there range from 3 to 13. Rank 8 and above monsters drop ninth-grade magic stones, which are worth two small silver coins per piece. Other than that, we also go for the skins and fangs of the large-mouthed lizards and rock dogs. If possible, we’ll also bring back the meat. Our goal is two large gold coins.」

Considering that seven people could earn two million yen in four days, I guess that is not bad. All the more so even if they earn it in the labyrinth they are very familiar with, which poses low risk of death. In this world, there is no such thing as average. The rich are fully loaded with money, and the poor live for the day. In such a world, as it allows you to earn two large gold coins, it could be said to be a pretty profitable job.

「Oops, we’ve immediately got ourselves some companies. Three goblins, huh? Sei, watch the perimeter and be sure to let me know if you see any sign of enemies. All right, you guys hold them off. Leave one for the rookie.」

At Gorth’s signal, two of his comrades instantly kill the humanoid monsters, which are about a meter tall. And then, the last one is engaged by a noticeably young boy warrior. As the goblin comes at him with a stone in one hand, the boy warrior blocks it with his wooden shield and fights it with an iron one-handed sword. The other party mates are either advising the boy warrior or watching the perimeter. After the boy slashes at it about five times, the goblin falls. And then, he launches two stabs at its neck to finish it off. It seems to be quite a close battle, but he seems to be uninjured.

「Is he also a rookie adventurer?」

「Yeah, we’ve decided to take care of a maximum of two rookies at a time, after all. Today will be his second exploration.」

Maybe this guy is actually a pretty good guy? His other party mates are also teaching me properly, so it feels like they are playing the roles of mentors.


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