The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 33 Part 1

Attempted Rape at the Lowest Stratum of the Labyrinth

 Wrapped in a blanket, I am in a shallow sleep. Since the day I was born into this world, I have only slept in the finest beds, so sleeping on such a cave floor is nothing short of a torture. I am a child of privilege.

After a while, I hear a rustling sound under my feet. I wonder if someone is going to the bathroom. As such a thought crosses my mind, someone puts their hand on my belt.

「Wha, what the?! Is it a monster?!」

I try to jump up to my feet, but someone covers my mouth.

!! What the hell is going on?! Is it an attack?

「Oi, be quiet. Just shut up and take off your pants.」

「Huh, is that you, Gorth? What the fuck are you doing?」

「I completely took care of you today, didn’t I? I’m just asking you to repay me. If you shut up and obey me, I’ll take care of you from tomorrow onwards too. I’ll even accompany you in leveling up.」

「You’ve got to be kidding me! In your dream. I have no such frigging preference!」

「You have no choice but to obey me. There is no way a mere porter could ever stand a chance against me, no? Besides, think about it. You won’t be able to get out of the labyrinth without us, no? You should know your own strength. Listen, if you obey me, not only will you not die, you’ll be able to raise your level and even earn money. It’s not a bad deal, no? That’s exactly why that rookie is following me quietly, after all.」

I see. So if I give up my ass, I will be able to safely raise my level and earn money, huh. Heck, stop screwing with me. I am here after throwing away an environment where I could obtain anything and everything that most people could only hope for. As if I could ever afford to give up my ass and live a so-so life at this point.

Thinking that I am just an ordinary porter, Gorth is letting his guard down. If he was serious, he should have been able to hold me down and rape me by force. Even if I were to fight him, I can never win against a high-level warrior, so I have no choice but to catch him by surprise.

Activating body enhancement, I push Gorth away, quickly get up and head for the exit that is blocked with earth magic. Gorth seems surprised by the fact that I pushed him away with more force than he expected.

「Gorth, you’ve taken care of me all day long today. So for better or worse, I offer you my words of gratitude. However, there are some things that I can never compromise. The same should be true for you, too, no? I guess this is it. I’m going to take the liberty to go back to the above ground on my own.」

「Huh? This is the lowest stratum of the labyrinth, you know? There’s no way you, a rookie porter, can ever go back alone, no? Looks like your head is in chaos right now. Take a breath and calm down.」

「I’m perfectly calm. I may die, but I may not. Just in case, let me tell you this… I have no intention of antagonizing you. Bye, then.」

I throw a kick at the mud wall and destroy it. As I thought, it is just for show, and the wall is as thin. Gorth is saying something behind me, but I ignore him and leave the room. Gorth has been hunting for rookie adventurers of his liking at the Adventurers’ Association, and if I stayed with him any longer, I would surely end up getting raped by him. The difference in power between me and Gorth is obvious. I told him I had no hostile intentions toward him and I would confront him no further than this. I plan to stay in Magt for a while, so I have no intention of picking a fight with the strongest adventurer in this town. Considering the difference in power, there is no way I could ever retaliate against him, so as expected, being strong is justice in this world.

Calmly thinking about it again after escaping from the night camp room, I wonder if I will really be able to make it back to the above ground. I don’t have a map, and my memory of the path leading there is hazy. On top of that, powerful enemies are wandering around. If I were to be surrounded by rank 13 monsters, I bet I would really end up getting myself killed. First of all, I activate presence concealment and look for the stairs. I more or less know the way to the stairs to the fifth stratum. However, I remember nothing beyond that, you know? I was so absorbed in dismantling, completely leaving the navigation to them, after all. Well, there’s no point in just standing here.

Let’s get going, shall we? I start walking, relying on my intuition. I press ahead as fast as I can, keeping an eye on my surroundings. Shoot, there are enemies. Three goblins. I cannot use appraisal at this distance. Should I turn back? But if my memory serves me right, the stairs are just ahead. Depending on the level of the goblins, I may be able to win easily, or I may end up getting myself killed. What to do now?

I have two iron balls made of mithril alloy. If I infuse them with magical energy and throw them, I should be able to kill them with a single blow. However, these babies consume an awfully large amount of magical energy. I have no idea how long it will take me to return to the above ground, so I must avoid consuming magical energy as much as possible. I take out five steel kunai from my storage. These were the ones I had used in my throwing training with Mion. And then, I throw them at the goblins without infusing them with magical energy. My target is the necks. Perhaps because my proficiency level in throwing is high, I hit all the goblins. Two kunai each at the two goblins in the front. They stabbed them at the side and the back areas of their necks, but they failed to kill them. The goblins let out a cry as they notice me. The two wounded goblins are in pain, but the uninjured goblin comes charging at me. It is empty-handed. I throw my last remaining kunai at its chest. That is because it is difficult to aim at the neck of a moving enemy. And then, I engage it while keeping my distance with my sword and shield in my hands. As expected, given that I have a longer reach, I am completely at an advantage. In particular, it is a humanoid monster, so I feel like my swordsmanship skill is very effective. Even though it takes some time, I managed to take down the goblin without suffering any injuries. After that, I finish off the remaining two. Their ranks turned out to be 5 and 6. Alright, I can more or less put up a fight. If a high-ranked monster appeared, let’s run away before anything else. I take out the magic stones and start walking to the stairs.

On the way, I encountered illusionary butterflies and spotted spiders, but I was able to defeat them without any problem. I found that the pattern of throwing a projectile at a distance to inflict damage and then using a sword to finish them off when their movement grew dull was extremely effective.

I didn’t notice this when I was with Gorth and the others, but now that I am alone in the labyrinth, I can clearly tell the sounds of movement and the presence of enemies. When I was with Gorth and the others, I couldn’t sense the presence in my surrounding area due to the sounds of them talking and walking. I wonder if I am more suited to work alone. At any rate, if I can find the enemies first, I can kill them easily. On the other hand, if I were to be preemptively attacked by a large-mouthed lizard, I might end up losing one of my legs. It is no exaggeration to say that rather than combat ability, the ability to search for enemies makes the difference between life and death. After engaging in several battles afterwards, I finally find the stairway. The highest rank of the enemy I encountered was 9. My level has risen to 8.

It is two days later, past 3:00 p.m., when I make it to the above ground. Along the way, I encountered adventurers several times, so I made my way back while asking for directions to kind-looking adventurers. It seems I was not tricked. It seems that there are decent guys among the adventurers, too. By the time I make it to the above ground, I have defeated a large number of monsters, so my level has risen to 10, and my proficiency level in storage, which I used time and again, has risen to 5.

First of all, I head to the Adventurers’ Association and tell Irina about what has happened in the labyrinth.

「I, I see. So Gorth-san… Sigh, thus far, we have no definite proof of this, but judging by the attitude of the rookie adventurers, we have guessed that something is up, but….」

「So, what will the Adventurers’ Association do about it?」

「Most likely, nothing.」

「I was almost raped in the lowest stratum of the labyrinth, you know? And yet, you will do nothing about it?」

「I understand your feelings, Sei-san. But it ended as a failed attempt, no? Besides, rape, robbery and murder are not uncommon in the labyrinth. That is the labyrinth. Even if we want to punish him, do you have any proof? Will Gorth-san’s comrades testify on your side, Sei-san?」


True enough, this is not Japan, a country where the rule of law prevails. In the first place, there is no police, either. Knights are existences that are close to that, but there is no way they would care even if a single adventurer was raped in the labyrinth. I am the one whose way of thinking is weird. Those who get raped are the ones at fault, the weak ones who get killed are the ones at fault, that is the labyrinth.


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