The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 35 Part 2

It looks like they are splitting up. If it is only two of them, I might be able to manage somehow. Still erasing my presence, I put away my shield and pull out my two mithril alloy iron balls from the storage. Keep as much distance as possible, inflict damages using throwing, and finish them off with my sword. Let’s go with that. There is no need for mercy when you face robbers-slash-murderers. There is also a difference in strength between me and those guys, so if I don’t go at them mercilessly with the intention of killing them from the first move, I bet I would end up getting myself killed. I adjust my breathing and resolve myself.

I can hear their footsteps, but I infuse magical energy into the iron balls in my hands without rushing it. My magical energy is being absorbed rapidly, but I don’t mind. I will finish off these two first. They should be letting their guard’s down, so I should have a good chance of winning.

「Oh, there he is! Just stay put obediently!」

The distance between me and the enemy at the lead is about five meters. I throw the iron ball as if I were playing baseball, using all the springs in my entire body. If I hide the iron ball in my right hand with my body so that my enemies cannot see it, those who don’t know a thing about baseball should not know what I am doing. Throwing! The iron ball, thrown with all my might, splendidly hits the man in the front with a dull thud. It pierces through his leather armor, digs into his body, and blows him backward. The man in the rear does not seem to understand what has just happened.

「Ughh, gahaa, arghh!」

「H, hey, what happened?!」

The man who was hit by the iron ball is on the verge of dying, coughing up blood as he remains lying on the ground. I immediately switch the second iron ball to my right hand and throw it at the face of the second man. The distance between me and him is about three meters.


Just before the iron ball hits him in the face, he lets out a stupid cry at the approaching iron ball and his face gets popped off. What tremendous power. I approach the two, who are on the verge of death, and finish them off. Eighty percent of my magical energy is consumed, and my shoulder hurts. Looks like I will not be able to use the iron balls for a while. I wipe off the stains on the iron balls, put them in storage, and look through their luggage. There are two low grade red potions, one low grade blue potion, two iron swords, two iron shields, and several large silver coins. The clothes and leather armor are in a disgusting state, so I leave them as they are. Hmm? What is this? I find a slightly large bottle with about eight-tenths of its space filled with white powder. When I try appraising it, I find it to be the scale powder of illusionary butterflies. It is a powder that makes the other party hallucinate. Hmm, I smell nothing but crime from this. I put it in storage for now.

Well then, what to do now? The other two should be here soon. Should I run away, or should I confront them? Even if I run away as I am, I bet I will end up being targeted from tomorrow onwards, too. Should that happen, they may call their comrades. It is risky, but I decided to confront them.

After walking along the passageway for a while while carrying the dead bodies, I come out to a small room. There are two spotted spiders, but I kill them with a single blow. I put the corpses in the corner of the room and take up a position next to the entrance. Let’s launch a surprise attack the moment the enemies come out of the passageway. I put a low grade blue potion in my mouth and crush it. Oh, my magical energy is completely restored at once. Well, I guess that shows just how low the maximum capacity of my magical energy is, though.

The enemies don’t seem to be coming yet. When I do a self-appraisal, I find that my level has risen to 12. I adjust my breathing and focus my attention on my presence perception skill. Here they come. I can hear the sound of two people running in my direction. It is not that I can tell because I have this skill, but because those guys are running without vigilance. Even in their wildest dream, they would have never thought that their two comrades would be killed by a rookie. What should I do if these two are not the robbers, but different adventurers? No, I mean, there is no way adventurers would run toward the depths of the labyrinth in such a careless manner, huh. The two adventurers are running in my direction while shouting 」Hey! Are you there?!」. I lower my posture and channel magical energy into my sword. Here they come. As soon as the first guy runs into the room, I swing my sword as hard as I can at his leg.


「Huh? H, hey!」

As I cut off the leg of the first guy who comes rushing into the room, he vigorously falls down as he is. The second guy is bewildered by his comrade, who fell down while screaming. As I swing my sword at the neck of the man who came into the room unsuspectingly, I managed to splendidly cut his head. I thought I would be able to send his head flying just like that, but I was unable to. What amazing defensive power. This is the defensive power that comes from level and job, huh. However, the sword reaches to the bone and seems to have cut the carotid artery, so blood is spurting out. Realizing that he has been cut, he is covering the cut part with his hands, but he would probably bleed to death soon.

I approach the man who has fallen over after I cut off his leg and launch a thrust at him in an attempt to finish him off.

「Hi, hii, wait, my, my bad. I never thought you would be this strong. Please forgive me.」

「Hmm? Are you the guy who spoke to me at the beginning? Where is your boldness from then?

I heard you say you were going to kill me in the passageway, you know? I’ll never forgive you. Besides, you’ve lost your leg. You’re done for as an adventurer, no? How are you going to get out of the labyrinth in the first place? Might as well let me make you at peace so that you don’t have to suffer any further.」

「Uwaaaaaah, damn it, damn it, in such a place, wait, a daughter. I have a newborn daughter….」

What an unbearable begging for his life. I try to cut the man’s head off, but since he resists so desperately, it ends up taking a long time. As this guy tried to kill me, someone he met for the first time, it is very likely that he has taken the lives of numerous people before. Which means right now it is his turn to be killed, and it may be mine next.

I rummage through their belongings. I find two iron swords, an iron shield, one low grade red potion, and two low grade green potions. As for money, in total there is one small gold coin and three large silver coins. It earns me much more money than from steadily defeating monsters. My level has also gone up to 14.

The reason I was able to beat these guys was because they let their guard down, thinking that the opponent was just a rookie. If I had fought them head-on four-on-one, it probably would have turned into a one-sided slaughter. As expected, I guess it would be a good idea to hide my skills and act as a rookie adventurer.

Well then, what to do now? I have earned some money, so it is not a bad idea to go back as it is, but it is still before 9:00 a.m. I also still have some magical energy left, and I have automatic recovery. So that it will not affect my hunt with Keane and the others tomorrow, for today, let’s focus on mapmaking until right before evening. Besides, I don’t want to see Niinya and Yuina right after killing people. That is because I feel like I would end up tainting them, after all.

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