The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 54 Part 1

Cronin the Hard Worker

 Chirp, chirp, chirp.

「Ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn, ahn, aaahn, Sei-kun, we mustn’t… Please end this now.」

「You said yesterday that you would do anything, didn’t you, Aiza? We’re just getting started here. Come on, shake your hips more.」

I have been forcing Aiza to shake her hips in a cowgirl position since early in the morning. Promises are meant to be kept, after all.

As I watch Aiza’s white skin and soft, slightly sagging breasts sway, the urge to ejaculate wells up inside me.

「Aahn, that’s not it, it’s about time for Remia to wake up, so please, let it be over.」

It is such a time already, huh. As we do this and that, about 30 minutes have passed, after all.

「Got it. In return, tonight, too, we’ll go at it hard, okay?」

「I get it, so please, I’m really at my limit already, aahn, ahn, hnn, aaaaaah~」

「Alright, let’s cum together, here I come.」

I ejaculate into Aiza’s vagina with fountain-like vigor. Aiza arches her body back from the pleasure and then falls down to me a short time after.

「Haa, haa, not good. I don’t think I can move for a while.」

I gently hug her close and stroke her head. Our sex organs are still connected. After a while, Aiza puts her dress in order and unsteadily goes downstairs to start preparing breakfast.

I wipe off the bodily fluids sticking to my body and think about my plans for the day. There is still some time before medicinal herbs begin to grow in the forest, so I should probably explore the labyrinth until then, as expected. Let’s drop by the association and the union, just in case.

When I get dressed and go downstairs, Remia, who is done with her preparations for school, is also preparing breakfast with Aiza.

「Good morning, both of you.」

「Good morning, Sei-san.」

「Oh my, Sei-kun, good morning. We’re just done preparing breakfast, so do take a seat and wait a bit.」

「Sniff, sniff, huh~, as I thought, you have this smell on you, too, Sei-san.」

「Hmm? What kind of smell?」

「Umm, a fishy smell that I can’t really describe. Mom also has the same smell, you see.」

It is totally the smell of my thick cloudy fluid. I guess she doesn’t notice it because I and Remia are wearing it on our bodies.

「Ho, hohoho, dear me, this child of mine. I don’t really smell anything, though… Right, Sei-kun?」

「Y, yes. Maybe it’s the smell of the frogs from yesterday.」

「Hmm, I wonder if that’s so. But as I keep sniffing this fishy smell, how should I put it, I feel like I might get addicted to it.」

「Y, you mustn’t. You mustn’t sniff it anymore. It’s too indecent for a young woman.」

「Indecent? Why? Mom.」

「E, enough of that already. C’mon, quickly eat your meal. You’ll be late for school, you know?」

Hmm, for her to get addicted to the smell of my semen at that age, she must be quite the advanced learner. I am looking forward to her future… or not, I am worried about her future.

We finish breakfast and leave the house. First of all, let’s drop by the porter union, shall we?

At the porter union, as usual, porters and adventurers are forming a line at the reception desk. There are no particularly new posters, so I am about to head for the labyrinth, but at that moment, I get called out by the woman I had talked to yesterday.

「Hold on a sec. You’re Sei-san, right? We have received a nomination request for you.」

「A nomination request? I believe I haven’t made any achievements whatsoever, though?」

「Don’t mind all that. At any rate, please listen to what I have to say at least.」

「Who’s the client?」

「The Mahra warrior order.」

「I refuse. Goodbye.」

「W, wait a minute. You’ll be rewarded handsomely, so this is not a bad deal, okay? For real. Besides, this client is someone that is hard to refuse, you see. You’re planning to stay in this town for a while, aren’t you?」

「That means it’s impossible to refuse, huh.」

「I’m sorry, but that’s how it is. Given that we’re in charge of distribution of goods, the porter union commands a considerable amount of power, but as expected we have to humble ourselves in front of the Mahra warrior order. After all, the commander is the Count’s daughter, and she is the actual client. Which means if you refuse it, it would be like throwing mud on her face. But, you see, it’s not like there will be danger to your life, and the reward is also good, so please accept the request.」

I see. I guess it is not a bad idea to make the union owe me one here. The warrior order, too… If I can make connections with them, there is a possibility that I can ask them to help me when I am in trouble. Even if I were to make some careless mistakes, I doubt I would get my head chopped anyway. After all, my storage capacity is top class not only in Neurath territory, but in the entire kingdom.

「Very well. Let’s hear what you have to say.」

「Alright, come with me. Wait a minute while I issue a letter of introduction. If you take this letter of introduction to the office of the Mahra warrior order in the noble district, they’ll make arrangements for you to meet the person in charge. No need to worry. The deputy commander in charge, Cronin-san, is a nice man whom I adore, a man of gentlemanly bearing, like a gentle civil official, after all.」

I don’t know how much I can trust her words, but for the time being, let’s pay a visit to their office, shall we?

When I head to the noble district and hand the letter of introduction to the guard at the gate, I am soon led inside. The office of the warrior order boasts a fairly splendid building. It allows me to take a glimpse at how rich the town is and how good the lifestyle of its citizens is, which are probably owing to the labyrinth. After being taken to a place that looks like a guest room, I wait for 30 minutes. Then, the door is opened and a man enters the room. True enough, just as the woman said, he is radiating an air like that of a gentle civil official, but he boasts a fairly robust build, as opposed to a slender one. He is the deputy commander, so there must be times when he goes into battles, too.

「Oh, you must be Sei-kun, the porter, right? I’m Cronin… Huh, you’re the one from that time?!」

「Hmm? Have we met somewhere?」

Ah, as I take a good look at him, I realize that he is the man who admonished the female commander who was galloping on horseback when I first arrived in Mahra. I see, he is the chaperone of the rough-tempered commander, huh. But wait a sec. I don’t think I have made any contacts with this man, though?

「Ah, you probably have no recollections of it, though. You were the one who treated Aiza-san’s daughter when she was run over by a horse, weren’t you? I, you see, umm, due to various reasons, I happened to be on the scene, and when you lost consciousness, the one who carried you to Aiza-san’s house was me.」

「Huh, is that so? Thank you very much for your help at that time.」

I see. This man who introduced himself as Cronin… He is a pretty outstanding man for a human in this world. Even if his superior had gone wild and run into someone, ultimately, the other party was just a commoner. If you were someone from a noble family, you could have just left them be, but he had taken the trouble to return to the scene of the accident after escorting his superior back. It seems that he truly is a trustworthy person.


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