The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 2 Chapter 16



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「For Al, I have the warrior gear, that won’t be a problem right? 」

I don’t wait to hear Al’s response and take out the equipment. It is a shiny silver amour and a one-handed sword along with a decorated shield.

「The armour has a lightweight effect, the shield has amplified attribute magic resistance, and the sword is as sharp as any sword you can get. All made from magical silver mithril」

Al’s eyes widen when I mention the「magical silver mithril 」.

And retorts, 「Magic silver mithril equipment…… I never thought I’d see it.…… 」.

Char’s equipment is from an event and Al’s equipment is what I used when I was a low level player in my 100s. They are now just a waste of space to me.

…… For their training this will be enough.

The two of them are enthralled by the equipment and are stroking it fondly.
「The last thing is……」

I place two rings on the table in front of them.

「Al take the green one and Char the red one is yours」

These are rings I used recently until I became a Sage.
Since becoming a Sage, the highest magic job, they were ineffective and I no longer need them.

The ring I gave to Char is the 100 times experience enhancement ring and Al’s is the 30 times.

Though they can’t be used both at the same time by a person, each of them is a guaranteed way to level boost, even Char with her very low level, will have a high level in no time.

「Eh …….Are you sure ……?」
「The other one is for me?」
「Yes. I need you guys to do your best」

More than when they saw the equipment, there was more emotion on their faces, their cheeks flushed the brightest red, their eyes water as they picked up the rings and slipped them on their fingers.
「I think that should do it. We’ll start levelling up tomorrow morning. The house is monster-proofed, so you should be able to sleep well. The bedrooms are upstairs, I’ll show you」

I rose up from my seat and led them up to the bedrooms. The rooms were simple, with only a bed and closet, but the girls looked satisfied with them.

This house is actually an item I acquired at an event also. It feels nostalgic, like I am back in Japan as I turn on the lights and let the water run. The whole principle of how these features worked here, were a mystery to me.

However, this is a completely unusual house to the two girls who were surprised further when they saw the bathroom, muttering, 「There’s even a bath……」.

For dinner, I used the familiar Japanese kitchen to prepare the meals.
We finished eating early and I lay down in my bedroom for tomorrow’s training.

I’ve missed…… this feeling.
My consciousness quickly faded thanks to the feeling of the nostalgic bed.

◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

「He gave me a ring ……」
Char looked down at the ring on the ring finger of her left hand.
「Yes, me too……」

After Touya had gone to bed, Char and Al were in their bedroom, facing each other and talking.

Both of them had rosy cheeks as they looked at the rings Touya had given them.
「Touya-sama has unimaginable power. This house is proof of that. I’m sure my only responsibility will be to be a maid」

「No! You’re helping to save the Empire, Al also he has given you a ring too…… 」
「Char you’re the Imperial Princess, it’ll be an easy decision to make…… I have an older brother, so I know Touya-sama might just be marrying a commoner because it’s won’t be hard to do……」
「…… But……」
「—It is what it is…… Touya-sama is mild mannered, a bit odd, but he looks—」

Recalling the said man, her cheeks burned a deeper shade of crimson.

Due to his lack of understanding, Touya has proposed to the two girls. It’s a custom in this world that a ring is only given to a partner as a form of a proposal.
For nobles, commoners, and – even royalty this was the norm.
Touya had just unknowingly gotten himself in another mess.

Needless to say, the conversation of the two girls went on for quite a while without a resolution.
◇ ◇ ◇ ◇
「Okay you two, it’s time to go」
They both responded to me, by rubbing their sleepy eyes as I spoke to them cheerfully.
They already had put on the equipment I gave them yesterday and were fully prepared, but they really looked tired.
I was a little worried but I diverted my focus on casting a Search spell.


I used my Search magic to confirm the location of monsters.

After confirming some monsters a short distance away, I proceeded in that direction followed by the two of them.

After a few minutes of silent advance through the forest, I gestured with my hand for them to stop.
「There are monsters over there. About ten of them. Are you guys ready? I won’t interfere with your battle. I’ll only do so if…… the situation turns bad」

The two nod their heads at me and each hold their weapon at the ready.

Slowly, they go ahead of me and take off running towards the monsters.
In front of them were a pack of goblins. I’m sure the goblins thought they had found a suitable prey because with grins that reached their ears they slowly gathered around the two.
Al stood in the lead, sword and shield in a ready position, to protect Char.
「Let’s go!」

They pranced onto the goblins, Al brought down one goblin with a single slash.
Char cast spirit magic and the wind like a blade chopped the goblin into pieces.
The ten goblins that stood ten minutes ago had fallen to the ground in less than five minutes.

「All good. Let’s go a little further 」

Al is at a reasonable level and can deal with stronger monsters, but Char needs to raise her level by a lot.

I nod at the pair, acknowledging their fight, and cut off the ears of their subjugation.
Then, under the name of training, the levelling up process continued.



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