The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 2 Chapter 17



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Three Wicked Ones

「Finally home……」
More than two weeks have gone by and the girls have dutifully levelled up in the forest.
I watched over them for most of the time, except for the time a rare high level monster appeared and the three of us had to take it down.

Once they had reached satisfactory levels we decided to return home.
But before going to the mansion, we stopped by Natalie’s shop to tell her we had returned.
When Natalie saw the duo she nervously swallowed her spit.

「The two of you seem to have had a pretty…… good couple of weeks……」
They both looked exhausted, but to Natalie’s surprise, they displayed confidence of radiating strength.
「Yes…… It was all worth it……」
「We did our best……」
Natalie nodded at their responses.
「Well good, I’ll be staying at the mansion again today, so make sure to prepare some of your delicious food」
「Oh, okay. I’ll make you something」
We left Natalie at the shop and headed to the mansion.
「Ferris, we’re back」
Ferris quickly emerged in the hall to greet us.
「…… Welcome back, Touya. You’re late」
「Sorry, sorry, we got carried away with the training but rest assured we won’t be going out any time soon okay?」
She seems satisfied with my answer and smiles before disappearing.
The girls go to their rooms and I get in the kitchen and think about the menu for our dinner.
「We have a lot of meat now, so I’ll grill some steaks……」
Once I decide on the menu, I start on the food preparation.
By the time Natalie arrived, the food was ready.
◇ ◇ ◇ ◇

「So, here’s to the fact that we’re all safe and sound」
I raised my glass of ale.
「Mhm! I haven’t had a drink in a long time」
Except for me drinking ale, everyone else is drinking fruit juice.
I suggested we share a drink, but they declined, saying 「We’ll pass out if we drink today」.
Well, drinking alone is not a problem, but it tastes better when I have company.
「I understand the toll it must have on you to level up that much in such a short period of time……」
Natalie’s face twitched a bit at the mention of Char and Al’s levels.
「It’s all thanks to Touya-sama. Thanks to what you gave us— 」
Char looks at the ring on her ring finger, enthralled, and her cheeks turn pink.
…… The experience enhancement ring?
That must be what she’s talking about, I don’t like to talk about it right now though. I’ve told them about the effects of the rings, but I don’t like it to spread.
「We even took out a high level monster with only the two of us, beating it to a pulp! 」
Al excitingly details about the training.
…… You, in the middle of it, cried, 「I can’t do it anymore」……
Ì chuckle at her excited explanations and drink my ale without a word.
Their tales went on and on until the food was finished.
Afterward we took baths, drank tea in the dining room, and the three of them stayed to talk while I went to my bedroom and crawled into bed to sleep.
◇ ◇ ◇ ◇
「…… And have you made any progress?」
They both shook their heads at Natalie’s question.
「Touya-sama has slept with us for the past two weeks and never made any sort of advance」
「Once I was…… I was only in my bath towel when I bumped into Touya-sama, but he just blushed and said 「Sorry」 and walked away」
Natalie sighed at their reports.
「I’m not sure if you girls are ready for this yet, but I’ll have to teach you the charm of feminine wiles」
They wanted to say something to that but they didn’t go down that slippery slope.
They chuckled as she spoke and listened to what she had to say.
「But what do you think of Touya’s abilities?」
They shrugged their shoulders almost as if they had lost their enthusiasm on such a topic.
「After we raised our levels a lot…… We held a mock battle against Touya-sama, but even though it was two of us, we were…… still no match for him」
During their time in the forest, Touya had told them that in order to reclaim their country, they would need experience fighting against other people. However, they were completely unable to stand up to Touya, who claims to be a Recovery Priest.
「Even with your new levels, you still couldn’t stand up to him…….? If he has that much power I’ll need to make him a Sage aphrodisiac」
「A Sage aphrodisiac!?」
Their eyes widened close to popping out of their sockets.
Natalie continued to explain.
「Sage aphrodisiac, also known as the true love potion」 she said, 「if you give it to Touya, he’ll be all yours」
(If I give it to him, there is a chance I could be united with Touya-sama……)
(So I can have a chance with Touya-sama……)
The three wicked ladies smiled and nodded, each holding a secret of their true desire.
「Three days is all it takes to prepare. It only works on men, so there is no problem for us if we take it. If we find a chance to give it to him, we will do it! 」
The trio nodded their heads more firmly than ever before.
A few days passed, and the day came to take action.



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