The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 2 Chapter 3



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Charlotte and Altria have spent several days advancing through the forest day and night in hopes of reaching Salandir Kingdom sooner.
In that time they have been found and attacked by their pursuers, but Altria as a member of the Kingsguard, only lacks in combat against a few soldiers of the Empire.
She led the way through the forest while at the same time protecting Charlotte from occasional monsters such as goblins.
With her body which has been trained daily she can take on low level monsters like goblins with ease. However, the series of battles has taken its toll on her.
And little by little fresh wounds on her body are increasing.

「Al …… Are you okay……? 」

She wiped her face which was stained with splattered blood with her hand and smiled at Charlotte who looked worried.

「I’m fine, Char. Don’t worry I will protect you and get you to Natalie-sama 」

Charlotte tore her dress further and wrapped the cloth around Al’s injured arm.

「I can only do so much…… 」
「Thank you, Char…… Okay, let’s go 」

They got up and soldiered on deeper into the forest.
Unfortunately, the forest is home to a lot of monsters, the likes of wolf-type monsters, goblins, and orcs, and more.
The monsters did not leave them be, the girls faced lone monsters but also encountered packs. The biggest pack they faced was of three monsters which was a struggle to subjugate but they succeeded.

The forest was also made harder to advance faster because they disregarded the set path and were walking through bushes and by the time ten days arrived all their strength was gone.

The two girls, who had just finished their last few battles of the day were resting amongst the giant trees, with their bodies covered all over in wounds.
For Altria, being a trained knight this was bearable, as for Charlotte, who had grown up behind the regal doors of the castle, she was at her breaking point.
You cannot blame her though.

「Let’s keep going, we’re almost there. Salandir Kingdom shouldn’t be far now 」

At Altria’s words, Charlotte stood up, her breath a little calmer.
They journeyed further into the trees without an end in sight.
A few hours into their progress they took turns taking naps along the way, sharing what little food and water they had and continued on into the forest.

They arrived in an open part of the trees.
Where the sunshine reached them and their eyes could see, giving them hope once more.

「Char! We’re almost out. I can see a break in the forest over there. It could be the exit 」

Charlotte raised her tired face at Altria’s enthusiastic words and looked in the direction she was pointing in.
Sure enough, the forest seemed to be opening up in her eyes as well.

「We’re almost there…… 」

Their legs felt lighter because of the glimmer of hope before them.
They summoned the last remaining strength in their bodies and ran towards the break in the trees, passed through it and were free.

Their liberation was —

A collection of shoddy houses. They were shabby to the point that they would crumble down if a gust of wind was to pass by.

Their liberation was – an orc colony.

A few meters away from the two girls there were a dozen orcs.

Some were devouring their prey, others were sprawled on the ground sleeping, and others were orc children running around.
“Things” like humans are nothing to orcs but food.
The orcs were feasting on the torn off arms and legs of people— prey.

There was some group of orcs raping a woman who once was an adventurer.
Her spirit was broken and she did not seem to be conscious anymore. It was hard to tell whether she was alive or dead.

The two girls were petrified by the scene.
Their sanity broke at the sight.

「Kyaaaaaaaaaah!!!! 」

Charlotte was the one to scream at the hellscape in front of them.
Quickly, Altria covered Charlotte’s mouth with her hand, but it was too late.
The orcs’ big gazes fell on them.
It was the gazes of new found prey.

Orcs, like goblins, are capable of interbreeding with a wide variety of races, and female humans are the best targets.
Males are food and females are used as nurseries for the growth of the race.
This is a well-known fact in this world.

A hunched-over Charlotte backed away, wetting the ground.
Altria could take on orcs in their ones, but she knew she could not take on a dozen orcs by herself.
They could only despair about what was to become of them if they got caught.
Altria tried to get Charlotte to stand up and held her arms to escape, but the hunchbacked Charlotte was unable to stand.
Giving up, Altria, with wounds all over her body, held her sword towards the orcs and stood to protect Charlotte.

「Stay back, stay back…… 」

She held her sword, but the tip of her sword was trembling.
Not only was it the tip of the sword, but Altria’s entire body was trembling with fear.
Their bitter future was coming for them. She knew this, but she did not want to admit it, she refused to give in to that kind of end.
In the meantime, the orcs that had spotted them bellowed out in a call for the other orcs. The other orcs heeded the call and more orcs gathered and strode towards them.

As the despair in front of them got bigger and closer, something unexpected happened.

「I thought there might be a colony here, but there were even people too. Thank goodness. It looks like you’re both still safe…… 」

The girls’ heads jerked in the direction of the startling human voice.
There, stood one boy in a robe without a care in the world and with no weapon in his hands.



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