The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 4



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Let’s revisit what happened a little while ago.

The four of us were ushered into the reception room by the maid.

We sat down together on the couch side by side, and the maid placed cups of tea in front us.

I picked up my cup, took a sip, and sighed with relief.

…… I had no idea Al was also from such an established family. Char is an Imperial Princess, Natalie is a former head Court Mage, and Al is the daughter of the head of the Kingsguard.

——What am I doing here again? I feel so out of place here.

As I was thinking about this, the door opened and Al’s grandfather and brother walked in.

I tried to excuse myself, but with a gesture of a hand, Al’s grandfather stopped me, and he and Al’s brother sat facing us.

「Before we begin, I would like to thank you all for getting the enemy to retreat. From the bottom of my heart thank you. I am Gaulus von Milda, ruler of this city. The one next to me is my grandson, Raul, who is also Altria’s brother 」

「I am Raul von Milda 」

「I am Touya. I’m an adventurer 」

I bow lightly to the both of them a little nervous as Natalie munches on a plate of sweets.

「Gaulus, how I’ve missed you. I’m surprised to see you still alive 」

「That’s what I was about to say to you, Sage. You have not changed a bit…… 」

It seems that Natalie is older than the mature Gaulus in front of us.

「I am more relieved that Her Imperial Highness is safe and sound. The imperial Capital has already been subdued and no detailed information has come in. If you don’t mind, can you tell us what has happened so far? 」

Char nodded and began to tell the story starting from the reason for her escape from the Imperial Capital.

When Gaulus heard that Garret, the commander of the Kingsguard knights had been killed, he frowned sorrowfully as expected.

After she had escaped the Imperial Capital with Al, they wandered through the forest, met me at an orc colony, and took refuge in Fendi, in Salandir Kingdom.

That’s where they found Natalie, and stayed in my house for protection.

Later we all had to escape Fendi while we were being pursued by the soldiers of Generate Kingdom and the city of Fendi. After fighting them off, we made our way to the Lunette Empire through the forest.

When we came down the hill, we saw the soldiers of Generate Kingdom already heading to the city and we attacked their thinly armed command camp to get them to withdraw.

「—I see. I can only express my gratitude to Touya-dono. You have taken care of Her Imperial Princess and even my granddaughter. I am indebted to you 」

Raul also bowed as Gaulus bowed lightly to me.

「No please, I could not bring myself to leave them when they were in need of help 」

「But still, you willingly left your peaceful life to help them. If you will like to stay in my territory, I will give you a house of your own. Take some time to relax 」

「Thank you very much. But if possible— 」

Honestly, I don’t think any regular house would be as comfortable as my mansion.

「Can you please rent me a vacant land instead……? I’d appreciate it more. I’d be grateful for some space to build stables 」

「I don’t mind giving you land, but is that all you want……? You will have plenty of space as you wish then. I’ll have you escorted there later. Though, you surely must be a high-ranking adventurer to own an Obsidian Battlehorse 」

「No, I’m just an ordinary B-rank adventurer 」

「Grandfather! Touya-san is very strong. Although he is a magic user, he can also use a sword. He even defeated ten Generate Kingdom soldiers all on his own in an instant. I don’t think if we were to fight him together we would be his match 」

Gaulus’s eyes widened a little at Al’s words.

「Is that so……? Altria’s is still young but her level and skills allow her to be in the Kingsguard, hearing her say this about anyone is impressive」

「And…… his magic is probably even more powerful than mine. He can cast advanced magic without reciting, and his power is massive…… It’s incredible…… 」

「What!? More powerful than the Sage? 」

Gaulus looks even more surprised than before. It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s not unreasonable to be surprised at what he’s being told. But it’s also uncomfortable to be praised…… too much.

「No, there’s only so much one person can do…… 」

I say humbly, but no one is listening to me.

Gaulus is amazed, and Raul is beaming.

「— He is also my fiance 」

Everyone froze at Char’s words.

As if the gentle expression on his face had been a lie, Gaulus’s stern gaze turned to me.

「……Touya-dono. Do you know what this means……? Do you understand what it means to betroth an Imperial Princess? 」

「No, it’s not like that. That’s what they are saying……. 」

「Hmm? They……? 」

「Oh, yes, Grandfather, I’m going to marry Touya-san too 」

「What……? What the…… Even you, Altria……? 」

Gradually, his stern gaze turned deadly.

No, please don’t do it.

This old man’s eyes might actually kill me.

Then, the last bomb went off.

「I’ve also decided to marry Touya. Since we’ve all already shared a bed together 」

Natalie hammered the last nail in my coffin.

A red-faced Gaulus slammed the table and he shouted.

「…… You’ve slept together…… The three of you…… together…… Touya!!! Out now!!!!!!」



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