The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 6



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I have spent the past two days in Lian studying up on the Imperial Capital.

My primary goal in the Capital is to collect as much information about the goings of the war as possible, and if there is a chance, to break into the royal castle to rescue the royal family.

Char was the one to teach me about the secret passages in the royal castle.

“This is for escaping the castle in case of emergencies, and only the royal family and their entourage know about it, so I think it might be useful for you to know”

On a piece of parchment spread out on the floor, there was a simple drawing of the layout of the royal castle and its location clearly marked.

The detailed plans were not from the royal castle, but were drawn from the memories of Char, Al, and even Gaulus.

I gathered the items for my journey together and stored them in Dimensional Storage, and prepared to leave Lian.

“Are you sure you can handle this alone ……?

Gaulus asked, concerned, for he does not know my status.

He could not help feeling worried about me going alone.

But it’s not me I am worried about, it’s the three.

“I feel I do not have to ask, but are you three of you going to be okay……?”

The three of them have indeed raised their levels by a lot. Heck, it’s even possible they can defeat the Hero. But I can’t help feeling worried leaving them.

“It’s all right. We are stronger now! My parents in the Imperial Capital…… are who I am worried about…… Touya-sama, I’m sorry we have to rely on you for this……”

“We’ll make sure that Lian here is well protected while Touya is away”

Both Char and Al looked firm and confident. Natalie on the other hand was— crunching on sweets that had been offered to her by the maid.


A sigh escaped me.

This girl……

As I look at her, our eyes meet.

“Don’t worry, Touya, I am here…… You go take care of the Imperial Capital”

After she had found out that Char and Al had overtaken her level, she worked like a beast to raise her level on our way to Lian. Even after surpassing them on the first day, she did not let up.

Well, Natalie seems confident too……

“I’ll be heading off to the Capital now”

Everyone nods their heads at me.

When I got out of the house, the soldiers had already got Kokuyou out of the stables and he was waiting for me.

When he saw me, he approached me and bit me on the head as usual.

I wiped the drool off my face, as Gaulus looked on admiringly.

“I’ve never seen an Obsidian Battlehorse show such fondness for a person before”

I straddled Kokuyou as he said this.

“Take care. I’m off”

“Be safe in the Imperial Capital”

“Be careful”

“We leave it to you”

We exchanged farewells and Kokuyou slowly started to stride.

After we passed through the gate of Lian, he picked up speed.

It would be easier if we could head straight to the Imperial Capital, but I do that, I might meet the soldiers who had retreated because of us.

So we took a short detour that was through the forest.

This will not arouse suspicion because I am simply an adventurer from Salandir Kingdom that needs to get to the Imperial Capital.

As Gaulus had predicted, we reached the Saladir Kingdom border without meeting any soldiers from Generate Kingdom.

From here on, I will have to walk.

I will stand out from the crowd if I had Kokuyou in the Imperial Capital, word will quickly spread.

There was a possibility that the soldiers of the Generate Kingdom, occupying the Imperial Capital might even try to take him from me.

Even though I was in a hurry, I gave him some food and water, took a short break, and then asked him to enter the Dimensional Storage.

“All right, I just have to take this path…… They said they’ll be a village on the way”

I walked in a fast pace in the northern direction, following the map of the Lunette Empire I had been given in Lian.

It was still early in the harvest season, so there were no signs of destruction.


After a half a day of walking, I came across wheat fields.

It was still early in the harvest season.

Past the wheat fields there was a village.

The sun was beginning to set and the sky was tinged red.

“Wonder if there is a place to stay……”

I got through the village gate, which had no guards.

The village is not bustling, but there are people. Dozens of houses are clustered together, and I made my way to the biggest one.

As I look around, I notice that there are no young men in sight, only children and old people, and the eyes of everyone is on me.

Feeling their gazes on me, I walked even faster to the biggest house.

I knock lightly on the door and call out to the occupants.

“Excuse me”

My knock was answered by a “Yes’ ‘ from inside. It was a woman’s voice.

The door was opened and a young woman, probably in her late teens, no older than me, appeared.

“I’m sorry. I’m on my way to the Imperial Capital. Is it possible for me to stay here in the village for the night……?

The young woman was a little troubled by my words, but her expression immediately brightened.

“There are no inns or houses available, but would you like to stay here? Grandpa, no, I’ll ask the village chief”

“I’d be happy to stay anywhere”

“Well, the village chief is here, too”

The woman led me into the house and guided me to the innermost room where I found an elderly man writing at his desk.

“Grandpa, this man wants to spend the night in this village…….”

At the woman’s words, the old man stopped writing and looked up.

He looked at me carefully and then opened his mouth to speak.

“You can stay, but we can’t offer you much hospitality because of the war…… The young men left the village as soldiers and have not returned …… and are unlikely to return…… since……”

The Lunette Empire lost the war to the Generate Kingdom.

This village is located close to Salandir Kingdom, so it may not have been directly affected, but the young men volunteered to become soldiers and left the village to defend their country.

It’s clear without it being said that they are not coming back.

So this is war……

It makes me feel a little dark.

“I would like to do something for you for letting me stay…… How about a meal, I will provide the food…… Monster meat”

The chief smiled a little at my offer.

“I’m glad to hear that. We can’t go hunting since the young ones are gone and all we have are vegetables and wheat…… I would be grateful if you could provide us with some meat”

“In that case, I will give the whole thing and you can share with the villagers. It’s the least I can do”

The girl’s eyes lit up and she smiled when I mentioned giving them the whole thing.

“Grandpa, I’m going to go gather the people of the village!”

Oh, yes, yes. Tell them that our guest will be providing the meat. I’ll get the cutting tools”

The girl and the village chief left the house at once.

“So where is the monster meat……?”

He must have thought I had come in a carriage because I was offering monster meat. He tilted his head when he saw me empty-handed.

“Oh, wait a minute”

I took out a whole boar-shaped monster I caught in the forest from Dimensional Storage.


It was about three meters long, which was more than enough for everyone in this village.

“I’d like to thank you …… for such a great catch…… uh …….”

“Oh, I haven’t told you my name yet. I’m Touya. I’m a B-rank adventurer from Salandir Kingdom”

I introduce myself to him.



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