The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 3 Chapter 8



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Alice the Merchant

I found the guild immediately, thanks to the directions I was given.
The streets were quieter than before, even though the stalls were still open.
I opened the door to the guild still puzzled by this, and inside there was no one except for the one receptionist.
「Is the guild here normally this empty……? 」
The busiest time for guilds are the early mornings when adventurer’s come in to get requests and evenings when they report in, but even if it’s the middle of the day, I didn’t think it’ll be this empty.
When I made the bored receptionist aware of my presence, she looked stunned, as if she had been asleep.
「Sorry, um, welcome to the Adventurer’s Guild, Torres branch. What can I do for you today……? 」
「Oh, I’m planning on going to the Imperial Capital, but I’d like to get some information about it, concerning the war 」
I took out my guild card from my pocket and placed it on the counter. The receptionist picked it up and read what was written on it and gave me an astonished look.
「B Rank!? Um, sorry, the information regarding the Imperial Capital is…… not much 」
Her expression turned solemn. Maybe not much news from the Capital comes through here.
「Well…… Even if it’s not much, I’d appreciate it. I’ll be heading there tomorrow— 」
「Right now, entry to the Imperial Capital is strictly……. Vetted, and oh, by the way! There is one request for an escort to the Imperial Capital. If you’re heading there, why don’t you take it? There is no one else to take it……. 」
Frankly, if I’m going to be infiltrating the Imperial Capital, I’d rather not have someone involved……
But if the entrance inspection is as strict as she says, if I am by myself as an adventurer, there is a high chance I will arouse suspicion.
It might work to my own benefit that I go there as an escort. It’s not like I will need to hide anything from the client, like Kokuyou anyway, since I’ll be in the Capital.
「If they are leaving tomorrow, I can take it. If not then I might have to leave it 」
「No, the client said it was urgent. If you accept, please come to the guild tomorrow morning 」
「Okay. I’ll do that 」
「Thank you very much. There was no one to accept the request, so it would be a great help to the guild 」
After receiving the request form, I left the guild and went to the marketplace.
The market place was completely deserted now, but there were still some stalls open, so I bought what I could.
As for food, there was no need to worry about it today.
「Let’s rest up for tomorrow…… 」
I returned to the inn in the evening, and after finishing my meal, I went to sleep right away.
In the early morning, I checked out of the inn, and arrived at the guild to find a carriage waiting for me.
Could that be……?
I took out the request form and approached the coachman seat.
「Are you the one who requested the escort? 」
The person who was seated on the coachman seat turned to me, their face covered by the hood, before taking it off.
「Oh, you’re the guy who accepted my request! My name is Alice, I’m from Salandir Kingdom and heading to the Imperial Capital, but was deserted by the escort I had hired……. 」
「I’m Touya, I used to be an adventurer in Fendi, Salandir Kingdom. Now I adventurer mostly in the Empire 」
Alice smiled broadly when she heard that we are from the same country.
「So you’re from Salandir too? I often pass through the city of Fendi. Well, I’m in your care till we get to the Imperial Capital 」
Alice stepped down from the coachman seat, held out her right hand, and I shook it lightly.
「You can count on me for protection. If you want, you can sit next to me and keep and eye on…… me, or talk to me 」
「Okay, I’ll keep an eye on you. Thank you 」
We got on the carriage and I signalled the horse to move.
The road to the Capital was patrolled by soldiers, as such there was no sight of monsters.
We passed a platoon of ten soldiers from Generate Kingdom on the road.
They only gave us a look and nothing more. And we arrived in the Imperial Capital without being stopped once.
「Argh…… I think this is going to take a while 」
「We have no choice……. We’ll have to wait in line 」
There were many carriages lined up at the gate of the Imperial Capital, waiting to be admitted, probably because the inspection process was taking too long.
If the entrance to the newly occupied Imperial Capital was laid-back, it goes without saying that spies would find their way in.
We lined up at the back of the line.
On our way here, I was able to learn a bit of information about the capital through conversations with Alice.
She even recommended a place to stay.
Gaulus had informed me that if I was successful in infiltrating the Capital, I would find the contact inside.
「Next! 」
It was finally our turn for the screening after three hours since we arrived at the entrance of the Imperial Capital.
As the carriage got closer to the gate, we were told to dismount and the back of the carriage was checked for cargo.
「So you’re both from Salandir Kingdom…… 」
I presented a copy of my request form and my guild card.
The soldier who checked my guild rank looked a little surprised, probably because I had a B rank at such a young age.
I put away the returned request form and guild card.
「All right, you may enter 」
After the soldiers had finished screening us and the carriage, Alice drove the carriage in.
「That was rough. I did not think it will take this long to get in 」
I nodded slightly at Alice, who smiled despite being a little tired.
「We should check into an inn first. It’s close to the guild and the food is delicious there, so look forward to it 」
「Oh, well, it’s not like I have a house here. I’ll just stay there 」
I still have a lot of money in Dimensional Storage, so it does not matter even if it’s a bit expensive.
If possible, I’d like to stay at an inn with a bath, but even I know I can’t be that extravagant.
After a short ride, Alice stopped the carriage in front of an inn.
「This is it. We’ll check in at once and I’ll sign the request form in my room 」
「Oh, that’s fine 」
When the two of us entered the inn, Alice waved to a woman in her thirties at the reception desk and called out to her.
「I’m back. Are there any rooms available? We need two rooms…… 」
「Hi, Alice. Long time no see! I’m glad you made it to the Capital safely……. 」
「Yeah…… Well, yeah. Oh, this is Touya, the adventurer who escorted me here, he’ll be staying here too 」
The receptionist looked a little wary at Alice’s words, but quickly relaxed.
「I’ve raised the price a bit because of how things have been here, okay? One silver coin per day 」
「Oh no, it’s gone up that much…….? 」
「Yes, the tax has doubled, and it’s being called the wartime tax, and many times already, soldiers have come to demand it…….. 」
Both their expressions darkened slightly, but Alice smiled cheerfully again.
「It can’t be helped! I’m looking forward to a delicious mean in return 」
「Leave that to me! I’ll make a dish you won’t forget 」
I couldn’t help but smile a bit listening to their conversation.
It’s a little bit more expensive than the other inns, but since this is the Imperial Capital, a little premium is inevitable.
「We’re on the second floor, right next to each other, Alice can you show me around 」
「Yes! Touya, follow me 」
I left two silver coins at the reception desk for two nights and followed Alice up the stairs.
We went upstairs where our rooms were, the two rooms facing each other.
Alice handed me a key.
「This is for your room 」
I nodded at her, and she smiled. I opened the door to find that the room was about ten tatami mats in size, with a slightly larger bed and a sofa, and it was cleaner and more satisfying than most inn rooms I’ve been in.
I thought it would be smaller.
「I always stay at this inn when I come to the Imperial City 」
Alice walked straight into my room without knocking.
She closed the door behind her and locked it.
「So Touya……. –I received instructions from Master Gaulus. We’ll start working this evening 」
I stared blankly at her, after she caught me off guard with what she said.



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