The Sage Summoned to Another World Volume 4 Chapter 20 Part 1



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Volume 4 Chapter 20 Part 1

Three days passed, and the Adventurers’ Guild and the lord assured the city of complete safety.

「It is time we go back to the capital」

「Ah, yes…….」

If there is one thing I dread about going back to the Imperial Capital…… Is the constant matchmaking offers I get from nobles.

For the residents of this world, especially for nobles, it is common practice to wed multiple wives. But being originally Japanese, my sense of morals is hard to ignore.

I’d cheer, 「Yay! A harem! 」, whenever I saw it depicted in games and novels, but being in the thick of it yourself is a difficult position. The complexity of human relationships makes it uncomfortable.

In my case still, Char and Al are officially my betrothed……. If you rule out Natalie.

They are both well-intentioned girls, which gives me some level of comfort. But I do not wish to add more if I can help it.

I have to ensure it doesn’t happen. I sighed out loud thinking about it.

Maybe I can go hide in obscurity in Salandir Kingdom…….. I’m sure I have been removed from the wanted list by now.

While I was leisurely thinking in my room, a knock came from the door.

「Everyone is already waiting outside」

I stood up after receiving the report from the maid who entered.

The time has arrived to return to the capital. It wouldn’t just be me and the girls, but also the soldiers, on this trip.

Unless something drastic happens, we will not be allowed to act on our own.

When I came out of the mansion, I saw the three girls waiting in front of the carriage which was displaying the Imperial coat of arms.

It seems they still have to show their position as nobles. I rather ride in my own carriage…….

Eid, Liese, and Myra, including the servants of the mansion, were there to see us off.

And, the Adventurers’ Guild guildmaster was also amongst those to wish us a farewell.

I shook hands with the guildmaster.

「I am truly thankful that the Marquis came to our city. I can’t imagine how much damage would have been suffered without you here. I am truly grateful 」

「I’m just glad I had the chance to meet you. From now on, please keep close contact with Eid and take care of the guild」

When I told him in a roundabout way that he should get along with Eid, the guildmaster looked a little repulsed.

I didn’t think he hated…… Eid this much……

「Eid. From now on, you have to learn to take the guildmaster’s opinion into account. The Adventurers’ Guild is a necessary part of the city 」

It felt like I was admonishing a child saying this, but Eid nodded quite honestly.

「Of course, I’ll do as the Marquis says 」

「And listen to what Liese also says, alright? 」

「……… Yes……. 」

He is likely to reject Liese’s input, even though, as far as the town is concerned, I feel it is safe with Liese being in charge.

As an adventurer, she is considered elite, and the guild has the highest faith in her. Not to mention the residents adore her.

「I’d like to also thank you, Liese. Thanks to you, we were able to save this city 」

She was dressed as a noblewoman for our sendoff. She still has not told Eid about her double life as an adventurer.

「I’m the one who’s most grateful. Please come back and visit us. I will also visit you when I have a chance to go to the capital 」

I controlled myself and did not laugh at her different way of talking.

I coughed to cover my grin and shook hands with her and everyone in turn.

After that, as we were heading to the carriage, I whispered to Char.

「Can I go to Salandir Kingdom for a bit, by myself? 」

The second these words left my mouth, both my arms were caught by Char and Al.

「Absolutely, not 」

I got into the carriage with my arms held tightly to prevent my escape.

……. I still don’t understand how this is acceptable.

I suppose I can see their objection; there are some matters to be taken care of in the capital.

The contract to be sent to the Commerce Guild in Ciffancy Empire needs to be confirmed by His Majesty.

And I also need to check the letters that I have a feeling are piling up at the mansion.

……. I guess I’ll bide my time. I’ll just have to find the right time to escape from the Imperial Capital again.

「Oh, by the way, Touya-sama, there is a portrait of you at each gate to prevent you from leaving the capital alone. So don’t think it will be easy to escape as before 」

……. What……? Why wasn’t I told that before? Char planned this?

「You know, Touya, I’m looking forward to see what you cook up on this journey」

……. Natalie’s unconcerned interjection caused everyone in the carriage to burst out laughing.




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