Volume 5 Chapter 10

「What the hell?」

Yelling could be heard from the reception room of the Suane Merchant Guild.

The news of the human trafficking assailants getting caught yesterday had reached the office of the Suane Merchant Guild chairman the next morning.

He was scheduled to report to the Superintendent and Viscount McGrath, but the guards at the station had already reported the matter to Viscount McGrath right this morning because of the urgency of the situation.

His stomach was in knots because he too was involved in the matter, but he had managed to remain calm as he listened to the report and gave answers.

He has just returned from being questioned at the station, where he claimed no knowledge of the crime. He was released in the evening.

That evening, a meeting took place in secrecy between three parties.

Viscount McGrath paid close attention to the details of the explanation. His anger grew to the point where he threw the glass of wine he was drinking at the chairman’s head.

「They got caught!? It should not have happened if everything was done in the usual way」

「It…… seems that some adventurers were poking their noses around. They caught them red-handed……」

「What are you going to do about it!? We need other children soon」

「Even if it was possible…… Every orphanage has been notified of this incident, and they even keep count of the children. Guards are stationed at each one」

The Superintendent, who had been silent all the while, spoke up.

「Also…… I heard that the adventurers that captured them, one of the is the A-rank we failed to silence」

「What…… A-rank? Why is such a highly ranked adventurer investigating orphanages!?」

「Could be…… It is because he has just opened one himself. I did the audit, so there is no doubt about it, it’s him」

Viscount McGrath thought for a moment on the Superintendent’s statement.

「Yes, now I remember the approval of a permit for a new orphanage…… Remind me again about it」

「Yes, the orphanage is—」

The Superintendent gave details about the orphanage, how it does not have many children, and how it is run by a single young woman.

Viscount McGrath’s mouth curled up into a smile when he heard this.

「What about the woman who runs it……?」

「She’s only just come of age, but that’s quite…… What are you planning!?」

「The adventurer is probably away a lot, taking requests. It would not be strange for children to get up and leave, wouldn’t it?」

Viscount McGrath’s main objective was to add to the number of children they had lost with those from the new orphanage.

The Superintendent nodded.

「Indeed. Adventurers live off of the rewards from the requests. And high-ranked adventurers are often on requests in faraway places. It does not seem like he is staying at the orphanage. A single night is all we need……」

Convinced by the Superintendent, Viscount McGrath poured himself another drink and downed it in one gulp.

「Then, you understand what must be done……? You have three days to get this sorted. And bring the woman to my house, I’ll need to take my time training her」

「I understand. I will gather the right people from my Merchant Guild. I’ll ensure that in three days everything is done」

「Yes, make it so. I’ll leave the rest to you」

「Yes, sir」

After their meeting, Viscount left the Merchant Guild, leaving the other two men, the Superintendent and the Chairman.

The tension from earlier had dissipated and the two men finally relaxed and shared a drink.

「So you think it’s going to work……?」

「We have to make sure it does. But Viscount McGrath is asking a lot of us. He’ll be wary of me now, I have to be more diligent about this……」

「I agree. I’ll get things going at the Municipal Office」

The two continued their secret talks way into the night.

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