Chapter 248 Part 2

I was a bit disappointed about not getting to contribute to the fight against the Hell Hounds, but oh well, whatever.
There were some nice rewards for me after the fight in the form of some level-ups, so I wasn’t about to complain.
It didn’t leave behind any item drops, but that wasn’t an issue for me.

The stat that went up with the level-up was AGI.
I put another point into STR.

Florin Bat Lv7→Lv8(↑1)
DEX 17
AGI 22(↑1)
INT 12
STR 11(↑1)
VIT 11
SPI 10

Bite Flight Echolocation Evade Ambush Suck Blood

《Summon Monster『Florin』has cleared the Class Change conditions!》
《Please go to the Monster’s status screen to access the Class Change candidates.》

Yep. That was all well and good.
Adele and Irina were about to have their fight too, so I decided to work on figuring out the Class Change while watching their fight.

Basara Lv.3
Heavenly General Enemy Target Active
Combat Position: Ground Lava Attribute

Hell Hound Lv.6
Monster Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground Fire Attribute Dark Attribute

The enemies that Adele and Irina had to deal with looked a little like that.
There were three Hell Hounds.
I could probably just leave it to them. I had a feeling they would be okay.

Just in case, I decided to start by using Fusion Identification on Florin.

《The target is an eligible Summon Monster for fusion. One more Summon Monster is required.》

Yep. As expected.
Florin was a bat, after all.
It was a result I expected, because I knew that I could fuse the Bat with a Fairy to make an Imp.
But in any case, what were the Class Change Candidates?
The options were Poison Bat, and Black Bat.
In the case of Jean, the Bat I had summoned before, I went for the Black Bat.
I decided to try the other option for Florin.

Florin Bat Lv8 → Poison Bat Lv1(New!)
DEX 17
AGI 23(↑1)
INT 12
STR 12(↑1)
VIT 12(↑1)
SPI 10

Bite Flight Echolocation Evade Ambush Suck Blood Poison(New!)

【Poison Bat】Summon Monster Battle Position: Air
A venomous bat. Its main method of attack is its bite.
It is more aggressive than the Bat and has the ability to poison enemies, as well as suck their blood.
The poison only affects living beings, but removing the effect is more difficult, since it is not magical in nature.

《The target is not an eligible Summon Monster for fusion.》

I just wanted to confirm the stats, although even though I was already set on choosing the Poison Bat.
After finishing up the Class Change, I recalled Florin.
I summoned Remus.
While I could, I wanted to take as much time as possible evenly training all my Summon Monsters.

Oops. Almost forgot.
How was the battle going for Adele and Irina?
The Basara was already out of the picture, and the two dying Hellhounds were being chewed into by Summon Monsters.
It looked like a scene from a horror movie.

「We won!」

「How do you think it went?」

「You guys did pretty well. But if you’re going to rush ahead like that, make sure that you keep your guard up, alright? You won’t know how difficult some enemies might be.」

Eventually, we would have to fight that Dragon Puppy.
It was far too early to say that our victory was guaranteed.
The event would only be cleared if we could go around fighting all of Twelve Heavenly Generals.
And on top of that, there was no logging out allowed.
Keeping that in mind, it was quite a difficult challenge.

The time was 6:10 am.
We managed to clear the Kubira, Bikara, Shotora, Shintara, and Makora fights quite easily, and we were going at a good pace.
Yep. It was all running very smoothly.
The real problem would be the Haira though.

「The next monster here is called a Dragon Puppy. It has a fire breath attack. The key to this battle is figuring out a way to endure that attack.」

「Endure it?」

「Well, I’ll go first, so just watch carefully.」

As usual, I went first to give an example.
What was I trying to show?
I wanted to show them how to make it past the fire breath attack.
To do that, I had to make sure I was only attacking using spells that everyone else also had.
I was planning on attacking.
Just defending against the fire breath attacks wouldn’t get me anywhere.

General Haira Lv.5
Heavenly General Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground Tree Attribute Dust Resistance

Dragon Puppy Lv.4
Monster Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground Fire Attribute Lava Attribute Breath

Well, they looked like they always did.
I wanted to take on the Dragon Puppy on my own.
I could leave the Haira to my Summon Monsters.
Yep, that was a good idea.

But taking down the Dragon Puppy by myself would definitely take a lot of effort too.
I wanted to show off the many strategies that I picked up over time
What did I try first?
I tried using wall spells.
I used Stone Wall and Water Shield.
I used those two wall spells to divide the Dragon Puppy from the General Haira.
I waited for the fire breath attack to be over behind the walls, and waited for the opportunity to counterattack.
I shot an attack spell at the Dragon Puppy, and then immediately hid behind another wall again.
To an outsider, it might have looked like a very passive strategy, but it definitely wasn’t that.
I was using wall spells to slowly control the Dragon Puppy’s movements.
I was slowly pushing it to the edge of the hall.

I was only waiting for the moment when I could pin the Dragon Puppy against a wall.
Once that moment came, I quickly jumped over the wall I was hiding behind, and swung the Snow Beast Mace I was holding in my right hand at the Dragon Puppy with all of my might.
The Dragon Puppy reacted by trying to shoot another fire breath attack at me, but I jabbed my tonfa at its throat, sending the fire breath attack at the ceiling.
Wow, that was a dangerous moment…
It wasn’t a direct hit, but I still felt my arm burn a bit.

But… I had the advantage in terms of space.
I could freely swing my Snow Beast Mace at the Dragon Puppy, and the damage was starting to pile up.
There were limits to how many times the Dragon Puppy could use its fire breath attack too.
It took a while, but I managed to take down the Dragon Puppy.
There were a few dangerous moments in the fight…
But I was happy to get to show off a strategy I found in taking down a tough monster like the Dragon Puppy.

《【Punch】Level Up!》
《【Block】Level Up!》
《Summon Monster『Remus』Level Up!》
《Please add 1 point to a desired stat.》

Well, I suppose that was to be expected?
Although I didn’t get to lay a finger on the General Haira at all.
I wasn’t really complaining about that. I knew that the General Haira would have a bow as a weapon, and fighting those kinds of enemies wasn’t that fun.
I still kind of felt bad for it though, I essentially ignored the General Haira and just left it to my Summon Monsters.
But still, I wouldn’t forgive the General Haira for the damage that it inflicted on my Summon Monsters.

Well, that was all in the past now.
The stat that went up with Remus’s level-up was VIT.
I put another point into DEX.

Remus Wolf Lv4→Lv5(↑1)
DEX 12(↑1)
AGI 28
INT 11
STR 10
VIT 14(↑1)
SPI 12

Bite Evade Threaten Listen Sense Danger(New!)

I immediately recalled Remus and summoned Romulus.
They were both wolves, so it was quite tough to distinguish between them.

「Oh well, let’s go!」

「We’ll take it down the same way Keith did it, okay? Adele!」

Irina shouted out the strategy in an encouraging voice.
I could feel their tension just through their voices.

Haira Lv.3
Heavenly General Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground Tree attribute

Dragon Puppy Lv.1
Monster Enemy Target Active
Battle Position: Ground Fire Attribute Lava Attribute Breath

Well, I guess they would be Alright.
The Dragon Puppy was at the weakest level, Level 1.
It was a good place for them to get used to fighting the monster.

The battle was not an easy victory.
I saw that the Orthros and the Nue were doing their best on the front lines.
But still, everyone took some kind of damage during the fight.
It was a mystery that there were no deaths or abnormal status conditions.


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