Chapter 59 Part 3 – An Unforeseen Ending

「…… Imperial guards!! The Trident formation, charge!! Target, Phantasma the Phantom Castle!!」

「I have a request to you guys as your enemy!! Don’t act disgracefully!!」

In spite of my heart’s cries, the imperial guards formed the Trident formation and were riding their horses toward Phantasma. Phantasma’s invitation must have appealed to their chivalrous heartstrings. All of them brilliantly disregarded Addis and rushed toward the giant.

Hey, guys!! Don’t get excited on your own.
Don’t leave me here with this pervert!!

「…… You shouldn’t do that. Being attracted to another man!? The princess can only look at me!? I want to burn that look of horror into my eyes forever!!」

It’s Addis the Faceless!!

He was moving toward me like a frog.
The stupidly-long tailed dress suit made him look like the personification of an animal character from a crazy fairy tale.

「…… We don’t have time. I will quickly explain what Addis’s true body looks like. Listen carefully.」

Seraphy spoke to us with a tense look.

「He is hiding his four arms with the ‘Dark Illusion’. In other words, he has six arms in total. His upper body is strong and unmatched. That’s why he was able to catch even the simultaneously launched arrows of the『Meandering Bellows』.」

We were momentarily taken aback by the unexpected true body of Addis.
A six-armed monster, is it possible for that to exist in this story? 
I thought Seraphy was teasing us, but he was serious.

「However, that is also his weakness. His arms get in the way and there are a lot of blind spots at his feet. And compared to his six-armed upper body, his lower body that has only two legs is weak. He can only run fast for a moment. If you take advantage of that weakness – 」

「…… I see, that’s why Addis couldn’t catch up with Bradd who was holding me earlier.」

Even though it seemed impossible to have a body like that, but now it all makes sense to me.
It looked like he was also hindered by my mother’s arrows, but in the end that guy didn’t reach Bradd even though Bradd has a handicap.
I also understood why Seraphy had relentlessly made my mother attack Addis’s feet with the arrows.

「Nuahahahaha!! Is that all!? It’s both correct and incorrect!! …… I said earlier that it was time for me to get serious about this game of tag. Ping – pong – pang – pong, just kidding. Watch carefully!! This is what happens when I’m serious!!」

Addis approached rapidly while holding down his top hat with one hand!! 
Moreover, he did so while drawing a random zigzag like a lightning bolt.

「…… Tch!? That’s too fast!!」

Mother did not stand idly by and just watch.

While Addis and Phantasma were talking, she had prepared a large number of arrows and now used them to attack their feet in a blinding barrage. But with the way they can move, by the time she releases the arrow, they have already moved to a completely different position than where she aimed.

No, if that’s all, mother might have hit them with her divine intuition. Moreover, the arrows are extremely swift, while others have alternating speed, and so there is no longer any way to predict its trajectory. Wasn’t he supposed to be not that good at running!?

The arrows that are aiming toward Addis’s feet are completely meaningless if they can’t chase after him.

「…… You’re using『Setsuna』continuously!! Just how monstrous are you? Even for me, 4 times in a row is the limit ……!!」

Bradd was surprised, but Seraphy was even more terrified.
He bit his thumb.

「『Setsuna』instantaneously accelerates the user. And if he can use it continuously ……!! …… This is terrible. This would mean that his weakness of mobility is ……!!」

「…… That’s right, it will be overturned from the very basis. You weak boy wearing a captain’s uniform. I guess you were holding out hope that a six-armed biped would be slow, huh? You thought that I must have a bad balance, didn’t you? Nuahaha!! In order to compensate for that weakness, I have thoroughly mastered 「Setsuna」.」

The approaching Addis sneered.

「…… This ……!!」

「Nuahaha!! It’s useless.」

Addis repeatedly jumped sideways and slipped past Mr. Queer Witch’s combo of vines and thorns.

Isn’t that strange!?

According to what Seraphy said, the majority of Addis’s weight is concentrated on his upper body, as he has six arms. While his lower body is normal with two legs. Even if he can continuously use 「Setsuna」, why can he move freely with such an unstable center of gravity?

…… I should have paid more attention to the feeling of discomfort I felt at the time.
If I had done so, the worst would have been avoided.
However, in front of the rapidly approaching Addis, the time to speculate slowly was blown away.

「This is my actual fighting style. Achieving high-speed maneuvering by using『Setsuna』 consecutively!! And then I attack the opponent with these six arms. It is simple and yet there’s probably no way for the opponent to fight back. Oh, hey, it looks like the other side has also finished their battle.」

Addis said so and pointed there with his chin.
Then we saw an unbelievable sight.

The imperial guards who had set their Trident formation toward the giant, Phantasma the Phantom Castle, stiffened as if they had been electrocuted, and were blown away. Both the horses and the knights were thrown to the ground without being able to utter a single sound. It all happened simultaneously to the 12 knights on horseback that have surrounded Phantasma. It was as if a blast had just gone off. The Trident formation, which was designed to utilize the weight of the knights and the horses broke off halfway through and flew through the air.

「…… The Trident, an exquisite formation of three knights on horseback in a single group. I enjoyed that four-way siege. I have never seen such a splendid coordination of cavalry charge.」

Phantasma, who solemnly commended them, did not move an inch from where he was standing and was unharmed.
He stood there with an air of composure, just like a stone statue.
Impossible. That spear also had the additional force from the top speed of the horses.
The imperial guards decisively charged simultaneously from all four directions even though there was a risk that they could end up colliding with each other. It was a bold move of sheer madness. With that much force, it would have been no surprise if the human body had been crushed by it.

「Be proud of yourselves. It was because of your great technique that the power of the bounce was so great. It is truly the unity of rider and horse. I am thankful to the ancestral spirits for letting me have the pleasure of meeting so many chivalrous men.」

I had no idea what had happened, but Bradd’s keen eyes caught the whole situation.

「…… I can’t believe it. That giant Phantasma shook his muscles and blunted the core attack of the Trident formation, then he turned it into a vibrational wave and slammed it toward the imperial guards ……!! That guy …… is an expert at reflecting all physical attacks from his opponents ……!!」

I shuddered.

He can do something like aikido, which makes use of the opponent’s strength, the moment he makes contact!?
And he can do that without using his hands or feet!? Moreover, the attack also bounces back as a vibration wave!?
How the hell are we supposed to beat someone like that!!

If Addis is a battering ram that can move at high speed, Phantasma is a castle wall that can never be breached ……!!
They are the worst combination of both offensive and defensive that can support each other ……!!

「Nuahaha!! Have you guys finally realized how much of a pinch you’re in!! Well then, let’s start the show of freshly chopped heads!! This is the end of the annoying resistance of the weak!! Full・speed・ahead!!」

Addis leaned forward to the utmost and spread his arms. His fists were clenched tightly.
If he were to plunge in at that speed and swing his six arms around, it would be no different than the wheels of a giant carriage spinning at high speed.
If I get hit by that, my little girl body would fall apart like a doll.

「…… Not yet!! Don’t underestimate the struggle of the weak!!」

But before Addis could use his fist, Seraphy reached into his pocket and threw something at him.
That thing flew while leaving a trail of smoke, made a ‘Pssshhh’ sound, and spread white smoke.
It’s a smoke screen!! 
Are you a ninja?
Before I knew it, my vision was completely covered in white.

「…… Eh? Where did he go?」

Addis has lost sight of us, but we don’t know where he is either.
Or rather, I can’t even grasp my own position!? This just makes it pointless!!

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