Tsunpri: Aishite Ohimesama Epilogue




Translator: Kurehashi Aiko

Editor: Weasalopes



It was the day on which the gentle sun was shining and there was the fresh scent of Spring coming through the open window.

[You really look lovely, Reaina-sama.]

[Thank you. Rou, what do you think?]

Diana speaks to the Princess who is staying in front of the mirror, while combing her golden, curly hair. Reaina smiles at the boy while wearing a gorgeous pearl dress.

[You look truly beautiful, Reaina.]

[Fufu, it makes me happy that you think that way.]

On that day, Reaina urged the King to call off all the talks regarding her marriage with the prince from another country. She also announced that she would not marry anyone else but the boy knight who risked his own life to save her from danger. In the beginning the King was adamant on being against it, but as the time passed his daughter’s enthusiasm finally bested him and he happily gave them their blessing.

(I really do hope that this isn’t just a dream…)

Soon, the royal parade was about to begin. Rou thought that to himself while he was standing in the waiting room, waiting for Reaina to finish changing her clothes.

[Ahh~~, it’s so nice~~… I hope that one day I can become as wonderful of a bride like you, Onee-sama.]

[…Congratulations, Rou. Reaina-sama.]

Mirianne and Karen both came to congratulate them shortly before the beginning of parade.

[Umm, Reaina…]

[What is it?]

He wanted to ask her about something that’s been on his mind for quite a while now, and so he thought that it would have to be now or never. When he heard that he could be a husband to his beloved Princess, he was so happy that he almost jumped in ecstasy. She was the most beautiful girl in the entire country, and now she was about to become his lifelong partner. His and no one else’s.

[Are you really okay with someone like me…?]

Even though they ascertained their love for one another over and over again, when he saw that parade and nationwide celebration, he has become uneasy and become painfully aware of the differences in their statuses once again.

[Haa, I thought that there might be something wrong with you, for you’ve been rather out of it for a while now. Were you worrying about this all this time?]

[I mean, when compared to a prince from some other country, I am…]

The boy was beginning to panic and lose confidence. Princess sighed, looked at him and then intertwined her arm with his.

[You should have more confidence in yourself.]

And then she brushed her long blonde hair behind her ear, stretched her neck and kissed him on the cheek.

[You are the only Prince I will ever need…]

She then smiles warmly while looking at him with eyes filled with nothing but affection.

[Now, it is time for us to go…]

The Princess started to walk, locking arms with a happy-looking boy.

[Ah, it’s hard for me to walk like that, Reaina…]

[Sorry, but no. From now on, I will never let go of you…]

And then she hugged his arm even tighter than before.

[Because I love you so much.]

The two of them, unable to confine their overflowing emotions any longer, exchanged kisses. While they were at it, they saw that the Head Maid, the young Princess and Maid looked really jealous for some reason.




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