Chapter 262 – Wraith Party VS Asmodeus Party 4 / One of the Demon King’s Six Horns

262 – Wraith Party VS Asmodeus Party 4 / One of the Demon King’s Six Horns

Asmodeus didn’t attack us immediately.

As if time had resumed flowing, the commentator’s voice spoke up.

『U-U-Unbelievable!! It is still hard to believe what just happened in front of our very eyes! The four warriors from the Northern Demon King were…were all defeated no more than a minute after the battle began!』

The shock was spreading across the audience, albeit a little delayed.

『What started it all was none other than the Spirit Magic that unmistakably came out of his Holy Sword! The Holy Sword of the Black Sorcerer Lem! Upon investigating the Original Dungeon, he was possessed by a Spirit! It would seem that the previously unknown Spirit is related to Underworld Magic, which is a category of magic that is still shrouded in mystery!』

Because so many amazing things happened in a row, neither the live commentary nor the audience was able to keep up with the situation.

Asmodeus was waiting for them all to settle down.

『A famous Dark Magic used by Demon Kings, Ebony Flames! Now that you mention it, you’re right! There should be a Spirit in this world that governs Underworld Magic! However, much like the four warriors under Asmodeus’s command who were shaken, we have yet to witness such a Spirit, even though it should theoretically exist! To say that we aren’t surprised would be an utter lie!』

This battle is no different from a Dungeon Clear, it is for entertainment.

Rather than buttering up to the audience, respect them.

Think about how to make your desired fight something enjoyable for the viewers.

This is also very important to Adventurers.

That’s why we don’t attack yet either.

But more importantly, it gives a moment to catch our breath.

Melania suffered damage from several lightning attacks, and Fran got shocked once directly as well.

For me and Josh, it was good enough that we had time to regenerate our Magical Energy.

That goes the same for Asmodeus.

『Who could predict that the Six-Horned Demon King Asmodeus party, who was thought to be a shoo-in as the winner of the Black group tournament, would lose four of its members as soon as the battle started?! Who could predict that the Black Sorcerer, that was kicked out of the world’s 4th ranked party because he wasn’t needed, would take center stage and show us Ebony Flames?! Only in the All-Heaven Festival Contest! From the preliminaries till now! Incredible developments one after another!』

「And the person who has been causing the biggest waves is…」

The black chick above my head completed Asmodeus’s sentence.

『…you, partner.』

An exaggeration.

Although, it is true that the Wraith party and I have fought and beaten strong foe after strong foe since the preliminaries.

In the preliminaries, there was the Dragon King Valac of the Western Demon King Castle’s Big Four, the Beast-Controlling Thief Barbatos of the same party, the world’s 11th ranked Ash Hero Garo party, the party led by the Knights captain the Scales of Justice Astrea, and the world’s 4th ranked Flame Hero Fenix party. Among them all, we passed with the most points.

In the first stage, there was the Fire Manipulator Aym party from the Southern Demon King Castle’s Big Four which included her adjutant, the Flame Spearman Amii, the Vampire Queen Carmilla from the Impregnable Demon King Castle’s Big Four, and the Mauri party, a party composed of a group of Black Sorcerers who trained their Second Jobs. We broke through that group.

And just recently, we defeated the four fearless fighters from the Northern Demon King Castle.

If you were to say that the Wraith party is one of the triggers that caused a huge wave, then that may be true.

『Having defeated the All-Seeing Demon King Paimon party, who was everyone’s best bet to win the Black group tournament, the Asmodeus party proceeded to the second round, but at this rate, they might be thwarted by the Wraith party before them! Or, will she release what is said to be the most Magical Energy a Demon King has ever had?!』

「I think they’ve settled down enough. How about you guys? Ready?」

I can sense Asmodeus’s Magical Energy writhing.

「Born ready.」

Answered Wraith.

Josh used his White Magic to prioritize healing Melania and, while not completely recovered, she has recovered enough to be able to move.

Asmodeus’s true strength is unfathomable to me as well.

I mean, she only unleashed one horn when she fought the Fenix party.

By her logic, if we’re able to beat her with just one horn, we are qualified to challenge the Impregnable Demon King Castle.

But this time, she isn’t testing us to see if we’re qualified to challenge the Impregnable Demon King Castle.

She is testing to see if we are qualified to challenge the greatest Demon King, my master, Lucifer.

It’s better to think of her as a different person than the one I fought when I was with the Fenix party.

『Heads up!』

Dark’s voice echoed so loudly that I thought my head was gonna explode.

Reflexively, I raise my Holy Sword to guard my head and there was an impact.

The force from the impact made the belly of my blade hit me in the forehead and my body was blown backward, hitting the wall of the stage violently.

The air was knocked out of my reproduced Avatar lungs.

This body made of Magical Energy is a mysterious thing. There is no pain, but there is feeling.

The fact that it can’t move means that it has suffered that much damage.

I curse my panicking brain and quickly refocus to assess the situation.

There was Magical Energy blood dripping from my forehead, but that is the extent of my Magical Energy leakage.

My body feels numb, but nothing was broken.

If that’s the case, then I should be able to move soon.

While thinking those thoughts, I scan the field.

Then, I bit my lips hard.

For I only saw…Wraith…and Asmodeus.

From the traces of Magical Energy particles, I could see that the others were defeated.

Melania, Josh, and Fran were defeated in an instant.

Wraith was also near the wall, perhaps receiving the attack in the same way. However, he most likely deployed a water cushion immediately to soften the impact, because he’s already dashing towards Asmodeus.

Asmodeus was standing in a position that is on the opposite side of what I recall, on the edge of the stage.

In just a single moment.

In that time, she hit all five of us with a lethal attack and is now standing calmly on the other side of the stage.

At first, the audience would doubt their eyes as well.

Asking themselves what happened .

They get it eventually.

That the Demon King has the power to drive a Hero party, who has made it this far, to the brink of destruction in an instant.

In one move, contestant Asmodeus has stolen the Wraith party’s advantage with a strong, decisive counterattack.

With this one move done by a single person, the entire venue…

…cannot control their excitement.

What she did was move at high speed by emitting highly compressed Magical Energy.

What I can do when I unleash my horn, a Demon King can too.

「The Miner Melania. Not only does she have a large body, but her earnest efforts while being aware of her own weakness is remarkable. Be that as it may, her fighting technique is poor and she still lets her emotions dictate her battles. Emotions make a person strong or weak, but it is still inexperienced of her to be swayed by them. Adding in emotions can only work effectively if you have acquired a solid skillset.」

Emotion, feelings, will. They make people stronger. That’s what I believe.

But that strengthening effect isn’t limitless.

One’s own feelings cannot overturn the hard work that someone else has laboriously done.

This is why it is important to train your true self to win.

Melania is a promising Adventurer, but she certainly lacks experience.

But still, I feel frustrated as I grip the handle of my Holy Sword tighter.

「The White Sorcerer Josh. It truly is interesting how the weak and frail body of a Normal support Job is overcome by the sturdy body that is characteristic of Ogres. With the physique of his race, he seems trained in general combat techniques and puts them to good use. However, at present, he is not that different from a White Sorcerer who has trained a Second Job.」

As an Ogre, Josh’s Aptitude for combat is low. Low enough to awaken as a White Sorcerer.

As a White Sorcerer, he is sturdy, nimble, and reliable.

But I suppose she is saying that alone isn’t enough of a decisive reason to include an Ogre White Sorcerer.

It’s true that if Josh can find that special something, it will become his strong point.

However, I do not think of him as weak currently.

「The Destroyer Fran. She is truly incredibly quick-witted. A terrifying warrior who has the instincts of a beast with the reasoning of man. To achieve so much at such a young age makes me truly look forward to her future. However, she is much too focused on destroying. She must learn to fight without only destroying.」

Fran is a dependable vanguard well beyond her years.

Her destructive ability was clearly displayed in the Impregnable Demon King Castle raid.

In the All-Heaven Festival Contest battle with the Carmilla party, however, she was held back by the Vampires.

Even moments ago when she was trapped by Bael’s spider webs, if Melania hadn’t helped her, it would have been very difficult for her to escape from that situation.

To some extent, Fran has the power to destroy what’s before her and advance even when she’s at a disadvantage.

But there are powerful people out there with the brains and the ability to fight in such a way that her strengths are rendered useless.

When that time comes, she has to react and counter in a more flexible manner than ever before.

In order to make her destructive ability stand out, she requires more ways to fight besides that.

What Asmodeus said is true.

Even so, it is frustrating to see my allies defeated so. Unbearably frustrating.

「The Black Sorcerer Lem. One can only marvel at your command and fighting skills. Truly. Skill backed by a tremendous effort, and ingenuity to compensate for your lack in combat Aptitude. Above it all is your adaptability. The ability to take into account your battle location, allies, and enemies in order to draw a path towards victory. But…Lem. That alone will not get you to that man.」

Just how much does she know?

Words that are neither advice nor provocation.

「You can’t rely on the whimsy of a Spirit every time, yes?」

She seems to know that I wasn’t the one who reactively defended against her attack.

『Calling it a whimsy is mean. I lean more towards a Spirit who’s considerate of my partner.』

Dark says that, but she has never interfered with my fights like this until now.

In the end, she enjoys watching me. For that purpose, she has taken a stance where I can borrow her Spirit powers.

『It’s not fun watching your body lose when your heart hasn’t lost yet. The most interesting thing about you is your heart.』

So it says.

At any rate, it is a fact that it helped me. I thank her from the bottom of my heart.

『Thank me more.』

And back to ignoring her.

「So what about me?」

A cone of ice protrudes from below Asmodeus’s.

Rather than pierce her, it melted right in front of her.

A protective film made from highly compressed, highly purified Magical Energy.

The same one I used to cancel out Fenix’s Flames of the Gods.

「The Water Hero Wraith. You…hm, yes. I suppose I have nothing much to add about your current state.」

「Gee, thanks.」

「After all, your most fatal flaw had already been resolved in the Raid Battle, no?」

Wraith, who strove to be just like his father, had lost his way.

He had failed to see the main Water Spirit, who gave him her divine blessing, as an ally.


Without taking his eyes off of Asmodeus, my leader calls out to me.


「Can you move?」

「Of course.」

「Well then, how do we win this?」


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