Dungeon Rest Stop Volume 1 Chapter 6 Part 3 **Bonus Chapter**



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As we were walking back, the female wizard muttered something in a tiny voice.

「About earlier…thank you. Even though you saved my life I said a bunch of weird stuff and… 」

「What, that? It’s fine, don’t worry about it. Like my grandma used to say, we’re all in the same boat. 」

「You’re a really nice person, you know that? To think I even said you’d enjoy it more just being one on one… 」

I felt like ever since earlier, there was something I wasn’t quite picking up about what this female wizard was saying.

「To be done in…or do in…you know. 」

「I don’t really get it, but anyways, for now, I’ll just take you to the safe area where you can rest. 」

「Okay. But you know… With an objective like that, if it was you… I’d be fine with it. 」

The female wizard smiled to herself and leaned her entire body on me.

「A-Are you okay?」

「Sorry. Thanks to you, it seems like the poison has been removed, but I’m nearly at my limit now. I’ll leave my body to you, so you can take me anyplace you want to. 」

Like always, I still had no idea what she was implying with her statements. The thing that really made me happy was because I ate the Chikama¹ or because my strength level had gone up, she wasn’t heavy at all! Rather I had so much strength that I was actually kind of nervous.

I was carrying her in a way that our faces were side by side, she was really beautiful. On her chest, she wore a shiny broach that seemed to illuminate the cavern. It was different from my headlamp, there were less directional lights and more of a dim illumination that radiated and made her chest visible. On her chest, she was wearing black leather clothes with a giant bust that was filled with men’s hopes and dreams.

「Come on… I’ll let you look as much as you want afterward, so please let’s go to the safe area quickly. 」

「Ah! S-s-s-s-s-s-sorry! We’re almost there. See, there’s a strange door over there, right? 」

When I pointed to the stone wall that outlined the entrance to my apartment, the female wizard let off a puzzled face.


「What’s wrong? 」

「You said there’s a strange door, but I only see a stone wall over there. 」

「What did you say?」

「Wait! I knew it, you actually are a bandit! You’re going to do what I mentioned earlier! Let me go! 」

The female wizard started struggling with what little strength she had left, but it didn’t really affect me in any way. I forcibly arrived at the area in front of my door.

「Look again. You see right? It’s right in the wall here. 」

「No matter what you tell me to look at, all I see is a stone wall there! 」

I opened the door and the inside of my apartment became visible.

「Still? Just a stone wall? 」

「Look I already told you, even if you say that… 」

I carried her and forcibly entered the room.

「W-What are you doing?! Wawawawawa! I’m being sucked into the wall!!…. Huh? 」

The female wizard opened her eyes wide and looked around the room. I see. So that’s how this works then. The time when Ria first came here, she was unconscious, so I couldn’t have known this. But it seems like the people of the other world can only see a stone wall until they actually manage to make it inside my room. But now, because I entered together with this female wizard, she was able to come inside.

I wondered if, with this knowledge, I would be able to take Ria outside the window and out into Japan, or if she would be able to take me beyond the iron gate in the dungeon. So, we would each need a person from the other world to be in contact with us.

「W-What is this? Where is this? 」

I’ll have to explain everything later.

「Master, welcome home! Who is that you have with you? 」

「This thing, don’t tell me it’s a white slime?! 」

The female wizard was surprised after getting a look at Shizuku. Were white slimes rare monsters or something?

「Why, yes! Hello! I am a white slime! 」

「H-hello. 」

Shizuku greeted the female wizard cordially. I also should tell Shizuku about this girl and what happened.

「This was a female wizard that was almost killed by some poison out there. But it looks like she’s nearly cured now. 」

「My! How awful! 」

Shizuku was worried too. But for now, it was best to get this female wizard some rest. I wanted to make her use my bed, but Ria was already asleep there.

「Well, let’s head to this room then. 」

「T-Thank you… 」

I turned off the headlamp so that there was only the faint dim of the girl’s broach. I carried her all the way to the Japanese style room and laid her down. I laid down my best bath towel instead of a futon for her to lay on, and a cushion instead of a pillow to rest her head. I squatted down and put my hand on her forehead. She didn’t appear to have a fever. Shizuku, who was also worried, helped me assist her.

「How are you feeling? 」

「I’m okay. I’m really surprised though… with this whole type of room I’ve never seen before, and the white slime… 」

That would be obvious, I guess. For some kind of place like this to exist inside a dungeon, that thought would be hard for anyone to wrap their head around. Vice-versa, no one from Japan would be able to understand that there’s a dungeon inside my apartment.

「Are you really a Great Sage? 」

「N-No. That’s just… 」

Earlier I told a lie so that I could help her out easier, but for now, there’s no necessity for it. After all, it was only something that Ria accidentally misunderstood. Plus responding to someone who calls me a great sage makes me feel weird.

「Well whatever you are, I guess it doesn’t really matter. Fufufu… 」

「Oh really? Well, that makes it easier on me I guess. 」

Thank goodness. She seemed blunter with her mannerisms. It made me feel more at ease, but then she suddenly removed her hat and cloak.

「Ufufu, it looks like you suddenly got interested in something, didn’t you? 」

She was scantily clad in clothes that almost looked like a black one-piece swimsuit, I didn’t know where I should look anymore. Losing a bit of my composure, it seemed like my face became very embarrassed.

「I thought so, but you’re a bit inexperienced, aren’t you? You’re going to sleep with me wearing that outfit? 」

Well now that she mentions it, she had a good idea. I should probably nap here with her. After all, she isn’t fully recovered yet, she might need my help. I should stay here and make sure she sleeps to recover properly. I relaxed again and looked at her. It’s only for her health. Wait a second, now that I got a closer look at this female wizard, her ears were kind of pointed.

「Huh? Huh?? Miss female wizard, you wouldn’t happen to be an elf, would you? 」

「Yes, I am? Well, a high elf. You didn’t notice? All human males like elves, right? Well then, hurry and get over here. 」

I was shocked at her sudden invitation, and before I knew it, she had wrapped her hands around my neck and pulled me into her chest.

「Wait wait! What are you doing?! 」

「This could just be my misunderstanding but, you saved my life after all, so I want to show my thanks to you. 」

Show her thanks? Show me her what? I didn’t really understand why she was doing all this, but this elf wizard was beautiful and had serious sex appeal. Despite Ria sleeping in the room next to this one, this might lead to another situation that will be heavily misunderstood. The elf wizard was below me with her hands wrapped around my back, and before I knew what was happening, she was now on top of me. Though her upper body was covered with tight black leather clothes, her huge breasts were pushed into my face.

「Eeeeee?! What are you trying to do exactly?! 」

「You don’t like it? 」

「I don’t dislike it! I just don’t know why you’re doing all this! And Shizuku is watching us!! 」

I forgot to mention, but Shizuku was sitting right next to us and happily jiggling around.

「Perhaps, you two will do the things that are written in my doujinshi? Shizuku will continue to watch, so please pay no heed! 」

「Huhhhhhh!?! 」

Shizuku was happily jiggling while me and the elf wizard were struggling with each other. Suddenly, the door to the Japanese style room opened.

「Master Thor, where did you head off to-AHHH! I’m sorry! You suddenly went out and I got worried that, I got worried that–!! 」

Ria had started crying. Speaking of which, Shizuku who usually sleeps with Ria and I, had suddenly melted into the walls or floor and was no longer here. After a moment, Ria and the elf wizard made similar “Huh” faces with wide eyes and stared at each other.

「Ah, ah, uhm, I’ll introduce you! You see, actually both of you were collapsed in the dungeon and… 」

I panicked with my explanation, but the second that I started saying that, the elf wizard started looking at Ria with sharp intent. Why was she doing that?

「Is it that meddlesome knight Aria? Why are you here?! 」

Huh? Wait, did the elf wizard know who Ria was??

「The lone wizard Deet?! What are you doing with my Master Thor!? 」

Ria had also raised her voice in question to the elf wizard. Or I guess, to Deet, which is her name, I guess? Then it hit me. I had barely escaped this dangerous situation, doing something like that with someone who’s name I didn’t even know! Inquisitive, I decided to ask them some questions.

「Oh? Are you two acquaintances? 」


  1. “Chikama” is a Japanese treat made of fish paste in a cylindrical shape with cheddar cheese in the middle.



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