Chapter 125 Part 1

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However, he couldn’t fulfil his wish.

The city of Tiros was destroyed by the Magician Association, with him alongside it.

And like that Gepard died with a strong grudge against the magicians. But one day he awakened.

He had been reborn as a monster.

He then continued developing automatons with the sole purpose of killing magicians.

All alone, in solitude, he completely devoted himself to that purpose… 「Ku… Ku… Ku」 laughter escaped from Gepard’s mouth.

From what he was seeing the magicians before him were quite skilled.

If they continued like that they would probably take down Apocrypha. However, that was convenient for him.

Earlier, he had unintentionally opened up the door and released Apocrypha in order to get rid of the invaders, but that was originally planned to be a mock battle to serve as a diversion.

To serve as a diversion for the weapon he had spent over a hundred years creating.


「They don’t know what awaits them…」 said Gepard with a laugh as he swayed towards the back of the laboratory.


Even though Gepard had turned into a monster, his fighting prowess was low.

The power that was supposed to come with the monsterfication had instead gone to his intellect. That was also the reason he was able to remember so much of his past life.

In the room at the end of the dark passage, Gepard was greeted by an enormous silhouette that surpassed Apocrypha.


「Ku… Ku… Your time has finally come. Oh, Battleship of Slaughter Volganon.」


This was the power that Gepard was planning to use in order to get revenge against the Magician Association that had killed him.

Gepard boarded Volganon and began to spin the wheel that was situated at its enormous hull.

This was the departure of the Battleship of Slaughter Volganon.



「Zeph-san!! Here’s an Elixir!!」



I bit down on the medicinal herb that had been strengthened by Shirushu’s Elixir and felt my magic power being restored.

Silverie on the other hand drank from the Magic Power restoration medicines that she had.

We would probably last like this for a bit, but the number of restoration medicines we had wasn’t infinite.

We’ll probably run out of gas before we’re able to take him down… This really is troublesome. Neither I, nor Silverie have any means to shave off that ridiculously high amount of Magic Power of his.


「Zeph-sama.」 raised her voice Soara, as I was lost in thought.

「What’s wrong?」

「Are you thinking of a means to defeat Apocrypha?」

「That’s right. Do you have something in mind?」

「I do.」 said Soara, which shocked everyone.

「W-What is it?!!」

「There’s a pit in the middle of the floor, where broken automatons are disposed of. If you can hold it there I’ll make sure it falls down.」

「I see…」


Looking closely at the centre of the floor it really seemed like a hinged door.

So if we open that it will turn into a pit. I see, this might be a good idea.


「… Got it, we’ll give it a shot. I’m counting on you Soara.」

「Understood.」 said Soara as she ran next to a pillar by the wall, and began to poke at something that looked like a panel.


It was probably the mechanism that would open the pit.

… Well then, guess I’ll trust Soara on this one.


「Silverie! It’s just as you heard. We’ll drag it right in the middle of the pit!」

「… Let’s do it.」


I slightly moved and cast a spell at an angle towards Apocrypha’s back.

Silverie did the same thing. We repeated that process several times and slowly moved Apocrypha while using Mirrored Attack.

After numerous back and forths we finally managed to bring Apocrypha close to the pit.


「Still, what should we do now I wonder?」


We had successfully managed to bring it on top of the pit’s centre, however we were supposed to keep it there as well.

This is gonna be tricky.


「Can’t we trap it using Blue Wall?」 asked Milly. Her proposal would work on a normal monster, however against Apocrypha it would prove to be a bit difficult.


Still, I guess it’s worth a try.


「…Hmm, might as well give it a shot.」

「? Got it.」


With a question mark over her head, Milly cast Blue Wall at Apocrypha.

The wall of ice appeared in the perfect coordinates, right beneath Apocrypha’s feet and trapped it below its waist.


「I did it♪」 celebrated Milly, however that lasted only for a brief moment. Suddenly cracks began appearing on top of the ice.


And then it shattered.

It all happened in an instant.

We weren’t able to hold it back for even a second after all.


「No way?!!Even though Blue Wall landed perfectly…」

「I thought it’d turn out like this.」


The ice wall created by Blue Wall was certainly tough.

There’s also a strategy called the Blue Wall Trap that uses the ice walls to trap enemies.

However, the strategy doesn’t work on monsters created from a highly dense mana such as the top ranked bosses.


「So what should we do?」

「There’s one thing that I’d like to try… Milly, play with it for a bit.」

「Zeph!! Good grief…」


I handed over the mirror role to Milly.

Even though she was complaining, she still cast Blue Gale at Apocrypha.

The water tornado landed on Apocrypha with spectacular timing and dragged its attention towards us.

Seems like by just watching me and Silverie, Milly managed to pick up the Mirrored Attack as well. Well her talent as a magician was outstanding from the start. It is only natural for her to be able to pick up something like this.


「Well then, I should get to work as well.」


After leaving the mirror role to Milly I aimed at Apocrypha and cast Time Square.

Time stopped and I cast Green Sphere and Blue Sphere.

――Double Spell Synthesis Emerald Sphere.

The ball made out of magic power shone like a jewel as it flew out from my hands and shook the earth.

Emerald Sphere, which is a synthetic magic from the Green and Blue type, was a type of magic that produces a ball with a large mass of magic power, just like the Green magic’s Green Sphere.

Its use was almost the same as well. Its main purpose was to hit the enemy and hinder their movements.

The difference with Green Sphere was that it was slower and harder to land.

It was a spell that could only hit big and dull monsters, or ones that already have a predetermined pathing.

Moreover, its effect won’t activate even if it grazes the opponent. That is why its uses are limited. ――But even so, if anything else, the Emerald Sphere was tough.

If encountered with a boss the Green Sphere would disappear in seconds, while the Emerald Sphere was different.

There were 777 magical barriers that surrounded it. The reason for its hardness was precisely the jewel-like glow of those barriers.




Apocrypha directly took on the magic ball.

It tried to destroy the magic ball by punching it numerous times, but even so the green ball continued to shine brightly.

Furthermore, the Emerald Sphere was heavy.

Being pushed by the Emerald Sphere, Apocrypha’s legs began sinking into the ground.

――And then Apocrypha’s movements were completely sealed.

He was right over the middle of the floor, right on top of the pit.



「Zeph-sama, that’s perfect.」 praised Soara and at the exact same time a mechanical sound could be heard coming from the floor.


Dust rose around Apocrypha’s feet and the ground rattled. ――However, there was no sign of the pit opening.


「I-It’s not moving…?!」

「Tsch… What’s going on Soara?!」

「It appears that the door is broken…!」


Soara pressed the button numerous times but the pit on the floor only shook.

It must have not been used at all. The door has probably rusted. Tsch. You mean to tell me it won’t work after we did all of that?


「That’s it. It might work if we give it a shock…!」


I turned towards the door and began running. At that same moment an explosive sound rang.

One of the magical barriers that made up the Emerald Sphere broke. After that a number of other barriers began to snap as well.

It looked like Apocrypha was about to escape at any moment.


「W-W-W-What should we do?!!」

「…It’s fine.」 said Soara as she clenched her fist and threw it at Apocrypha.


What is she planning on doing? It happened just as I thought that.


「Missile Arm.」


With an explosive sound Soara’s right arm flew out like a bullet.

Her right arm flew at an arc, landing at Apocrypha’s feet and exploding.

Apocrypha was wrapped in the explosion as it began to sink into the ground.

The pit beneath it had activated with the attack just now.




Following the continuous rusting of the wind, the sound of rattling metal was heard.

At the same time, as if having fulfilled its purpose, the door of the pit closed.

Good grief, so you work when we don’t need it huh. Well either way, at least Apocrypha won’t be able to climb back up now. It’s our win.

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