Chapter 125 part 1



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Land Barn, the key city of the western part of the Kingdom.
It’s surrounded by a thick and tall rampart about ten meters high, befitting for a key city.
This wall was made of natural stone, and had a rough appearance like a rockfill dam.
There is also a rough square-shaped tower at each corner of the straight wall.
Even though it was morning, the top of the western wall was crowded with many people

「It finally began」

Land Barn was built on top of a small hill. That’s why, the plains on the west spread in front of you when you looked down.
Although the night was completely over, the position of the sun was still low. The shadow of the wall stretched long into the plain.
The old man who murmured at nobody in particular stared at the end of the shadow.
It was a quiet land that was always occupied by merchants moving between the Kingdom and the Empire.
However, there are over sixty Knights there right now.
Knights of the Kingdom and the Empire who’ve been glaring at each other all this time. The two sides finally clashed at the center of the plains early this morning.

「I wonder who would win」

Another old man spoke when he saw the Knights exchanging blows in the distance.
Though he said it solemnly, he was still in his pajamas. He even wore a triangular nightcap.
The voice of a rumbling roar and the sound of earth from that many Knights moving about so early in the morning. It signals the beginning of the battle, and high-ranking people were gathering at this place to watch the match.

「I wish that our side would win but… the Empire’s side has a greater number」

An old man with unsociable eyes replied. On his chest was the ID of a Merchant Guild member.
He was here because he judges he won’t have any more work for today.

「No matter who’ll win this, it won’t affect our daily lives here」

At those words, the guard beside her only frowned and kept silent.
His job is to make sure that people do not fall from the ramparts. And also to watch the battle while he was at it.
A man who seemed to be her husband gently shook his head from side to side.

「No, that’s not necessarily the case, you know? If the Empire wins, this place will become one of the Empire’s territories. Surely, the taste of cooking would change, too」

「You really like light flavored food, don’t you」
She replied as if she understood him.
The couple, who apparently were running an inn, exchanged opinions as they watched the battle.
Suddenly she quivered as if she had noticed something.

「What is it?」

「Don’t you think we can earn a lot if we make lunch boxes now?」

The old man opened his mouth as if realizing something and looked at his surroundings.
With this number of people and the battle starting early in the morning, everyone here should’ve skipped their breakfast.

「…..Damn it!」

「You can still make it if you start making it now, you know? Putting roasted thick-sliced bacon and lettuce, and sandwich it with bread should do it. Ah, also make some drinks while you’re at it」

The couple stared at each other and nodded.
Now is the time to work together to earn some money.

「Sorry, please make way!」

「Make a way, please!」

They headed towards the stairs, pushing away the crowds around them.
Looking at them, the guard sighed in exasperation.


On the battlefield when two-sides have collided in a frontal attack and mixed in melee battles with each other.
A dark blue Knight was running through the battlefield.
It was the A-class Knight of the Kingdom’s Second Prince called Royal Blue, with silver as its base color.
A light blue Knight followed suit after him with a slight delay.
Both of them were assigned to the Knight Order but not under the command of the Knight Commander.
The Second Prince was free to act as he will, and his bodyguard was only concerned with the safety of the Second Prince.

「Where is he!?」

The Second Prince shouts in the cockpit.
Count Rosehip of Rose Knight Order was famous and widely known even within the Kingdom.
Of course, the appearance of the A-class Knight he rides was also known.

「I’m going to kill the Commander and put an end to this battle」

With that purpose in his mind, the Second Prince cuts through deep into the enemy formation.
His quick advance that could also be called a blitzkrieg left behind his bodyguard Knight.
And the appearance of an A-class Knight with a crimson rose drawn upon it was quickly brought before the Royal Blue in exchange for the danger of how fast he rushed in

「I found you, Count Rosehip!」

As he kept approaching him at high speed, he put his voice into the external sound system. The volume was set to max.

『Hear me! I am the Kingdom’s――』

At that moment when he named himself.


He felt a dazzling light above him.
Instinctively feeling that it was sunlight reflected by a blade, Royal Blue pulled its brake.
The Royal Blue that stopped while raising dust. Right in front of it, a large arc of light was drawn.
When it looks that way, he could see an A-class Knight standing within the cloud of dust.
It has a slender and tall body with black ash coloring on it.
He held a huge scythe with both hands without bringing a shield. The light just now must be coming for his scythe.

「Death’s scythe… The Grim Reaper, huh」

A Knight directly under the Emperor’s command, someone that’s even more famous than Count Rosehip.
Cold sweat gushes from his forehead.

「A worthy enemy!」

He jumped forward aiming for the bosom while raising a battle cry to kick out his fear.
The huge death scythe aimed at Royal Blue was swung from the top. And the Second Prince raised his shield to catch it.


However, it was futile as the blade of the scythe could reach his back from the top of his shield.
Seeing him setting up his shield, the Grim Reaper changed the path of his death scythe to the back.
If only he didn’t tilt his neck to the side, the blade would’ve been stabbed through the top of its head.
In the next moment, the Grim Reaper forcibly pulled his scythe that was hooked to the shield.


So as not to have the shield taken away from him, the Second Prince made Royal Blue hold onto it firmly.
However, when Royal Blue put its weight on its back, the Grim Reaper suddenly stopped pulling the death scythe and began to rush forward.
Its position putting its weight on its back was like pulling a rope in a tug of war. Due to this, Royal Blue was struck by a heavy blow to the chest and fell backward.


With its back stuck to the ground, what he saw was the figure of the Grim Reaper raising its death scythes high in the air.
The Second Prince was unable to move.
The one that moved to protect him was his escort Knight that rushed to him from behind.
The death scythe that has been swung downward with a single horizontal stroke, changed its trajectory.
The shieldless escort Knight stood in front of the Shinigami, raising his two-handed sword over his head.


In front of the two A-class Knights, the Grim Reaper’s eyes were glowing intently.
He then moved his thin chin, giving orders to the Knights behind him.
B-class Knights with a lot of small roses drawn on a black base color. They are Knights of the Rose Knight Order.
Three of the Knights nodded back and moved towards Royal Blue

「You highness!」

The Royal Blue finally back on its feet.
His escort Knight tried to go to his side.
However, before he could take a step, the hilt of death scythe hit the ground greatly, sending shockwaves to the surrounding.
Realizing his intention, the pilot of the escort Knight squeezed out his voice.

「You won’t let me go anywhere unless I defeat you first, huh」

He took a deep breath to calm down.
『The Empire’s Grim Reaper』is a well-known existence.
Although he’s confident in his own skill, due to his duty involving the royals, he has little real-combat experience.
However it’s different for the Grim Reaper.


After resolving himself, he prepared his sword stance.
He’s using a sword style that uses a two-handed sword without a shield. Which uses his sword to both offense and defense.

「Here I come!」

The moment he yelled and tried to make a big leap forward, the death scythe crept above the ground to mow his legs.

「Why you–!」

He reflexively kicked the ground and jumped backward.
But there, the Grim Reaper already took a big leap, extending his grip and brushed it sideways.
The death scythe attacked from the blind spot right next to the escort Knight.
The escort Knight raises its sword right next to its face and manages to parry the death scythe.
The two blades were rubbing against each other and scattering sparks around violently.


While the escort Knight was crossing swords with the Grim Reaper, Royal Blue was being surrounded by three Knights from the Rose Knight Order.
In the middle of the battlefield, two A-class Knights were facing each other.
One is Count Rosehip and the other is a golden-colored Knight. It was the Golden Knight from the Knight Order of the Kingdom.

(So he’s the Commander from the Kingdom)

Count Rosehip observed from the cockpit.
Up until now, when it comes to the Kingdom’s Knight Order, it was always the Vice-Commander who showed up on the battlefield.
It wasn’t this Golden Knight.
This is definitely the first time he saw this unit.

(It’s different from the usual guy,huh)

There was a mysterious power coming out from the Golden Knight.
Count Rosehip could feel the greatness that only those who have mastered a certain amount of skills would have.

(Let’s see what he got, shall we?)

He turned the Knight’s body towards his opponent and raised his shield to cover its body.
The sword held by his right hand was maintained on head height so it can be swung down at any time.
The Golden Knight, on the other hand, threw away his shield and held its bastard sword with both hands.
That posture of him brandishing his sword at his opponent with his back straightened up and a pretty good balance looks like something came up from a textbook

(Splendid, splendid)

A suitable opponent to sharpen each other’s skill.
The corner of his lips naturally bends into a smile.
Then, with a vibration coming from stepping onto the ground, the Knight of Count Rosehip advances forward.
The sound coming from the sword being swung around shook the air.
Following the Grim Reaper and the escort Knight, the battle of A-class Knights also began in this place.



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