Return of the Fallen Volume 2 Chapter 42


Author: Blue_Rat


The world was pitch black and silent like the void. Nothing could be seen or heard.

(I don’t have much time, must hurry.)

Kazuki flashed an ancient symbol and his power continuously built.

(Can’t see, can’t hear.)


(Shit, concentrate. So what if I can’t see, so what if I can’t hear.)


Kazuki jumped backward with quickness and right after felt the ground tremble slightly from the spot he was just at.

(This boy, how did he dodge my attack with no sight or sound?)

Kazuki sniffed at the air.

With the combination of the magic blood orb, his body absorbed as well as his ki infused body, his senses had heightened and then were compounded once more and heightened again. Even without sight or sound, his nose was more than capable of telling where his opponent was and how far. The only downside was that smells were much more intense making him want to vomit.

(It must be a fluke. Again.)

Atoh flew forward trying to ram Kazuki and crush him against a tree but just as his large body approached, Kazuki leaped away at the last moment.

(This can’t be, how am I missing him?)

Kazuki’s power dropped slightly from the brash movement and he had to redo several hand signs making his spell take longer.

(I need a bit of time.)

Kazuki grabbed a talisman from his pocket and launched it into the air.


A flash of light similar to Kimi’s solar flare filled the sky and pushed away some of the nearby darkness.

Kazuki looked around for everyone, Nunully and Danny, along with Mei and a passed out Kimi and Tsura were all still in a tree. Asuna was about 30 or so feet from Kazuki and when his light went off it had given Asuna just enough time to teleport a few feet away from an oncoming attack.

Kazuki raced toward Asuna and grabbed her before booking it into the forest. Asuna was surprised but seeing it was Kazuki grabbing her, she went along with it. Kazuki would have gone after Shin as well but surprisingly, when Kazuki looked over, Shin actually had his eyes closed while he was engaging the Mangshi.

(He must be OK if he’s taking such a risk.)

Kazuki with Asuna in tow dashed into the forest. Stopping behind a few trees, a small purple light glowed dimly on his ring and a long rope appeared in his hands. Tying one end around the base of a tree, Kazuki dashed around a few trees and over a branch before tying a bit of rope around Asuna’s waist.

Asuna stared at him in confusion. She wanted to ask what he was doing before he suddenly bit the tip of his finger. taking out another talisman he jotted something down quickly before giving it to Asuna to read.

Kazuki reached into his chest pocket and pulled out his last two talismans. Jotting something else down in blood, he took out something else from his storage ring and wrapped the bloody note around it.

As the light from the first talisman began to fade, Kazuki took his last talisman and tossed it into the air. Once more the sky lit up. Grabbing a fist-sized rock from the ground, Kazuki tossed it with a bit of strength towards Nunully and Danny.


They couldn’t hear the rock shattering but they felt the vibrations from the tree and a second before noticed something flying towards them from the corner of their eye.

Nunully had just warded off another attack from a Mangshi with a flying ice spear when she saw the rock flying at her from her peripheral vision. Both her and Danny followed its trajectory and spotted Asuna and Kazuki just inside the forest. A Mangshi was headed straight for them but neither one looked worried. Instead, Kazuki waved something in his hand toward them and indicated he was going to throw it to them.

Danny immediately put up both of his hands defensively, basically saying, [ “Don’t throw that at me.” }. Kazuki figured that would be the case and instead tossed it gently toward Nunully.

Since Kazuki threw it at her, she knew it had to be something important, especially since he opted to do it during these dangerous circumstances. With a quick grab, she caught the object and knew something was off with it. Looking at the note she read it quickly before passing it to Danny to read as well.

Danny read through it and he couldn’t help but worry.

(Will this work?)

As the light began to fade, Shin was as calm as calm could be. When the light had first disappeared, a strong sense of panic took hold of him but before he knew it something had changed. With his hearing taken away from him followed directly by his sight, he was terrified. It was only a few seconds in this darkness but with some of his senses gone and none of his friends around, he felt that each second was taking hours.

(Is this it? Is this how I die? Haha, what a joke. What an absolute fucking joke.)

Shin’s breath became heavy and he huffed anxiously. This is when he discovered something.

*Huff huff puff huff*

For some reason, he could feel his breath more than usual. Every time he exhaled he felt the hairs on his arm’s move and he could feel his breath even clearer on his skin. As cold sweat poured down his neck and back. With a slight breeze, it made it even more intense. The air energy around him, he could feel its movement on the surface of his skin.

Suddenly the wind in front of him kicked up violently and the air energy began to rush around him rapidly.

(This is…Dangerous!)

Shin’s instincts told him something was coming in front of him and so with a jump to the side he dove away.

*Whoosh Bam*

Shin felt the ground tremble near him and knew that he had just dodged an attack of some kind.

(That was an enemy.)

Shin barely put that thought together when another rush of air energy flooded around him.

(Another one.)

Shin rolled to his side before he jumped to his feet.


Again he felt the ground tremble slightly.

(Again, that was definitely another attack.)

*Whoosh whoosh whoosh*

Attack after attack after attack came flying toward Shin and each time he felt magical air energy rushing around his body.


Shin felt a burning sensation on the left side of his chest as he began to bleed.

(So it’s not perfect but…)

Shin moved around some more as the wind flew around him. Once more a cut formed above his eye.

(That one was close but it’s not as bad as the first one. I’m getting the hang of it.)

As Shin continued to dodge, every now and then he would receive a cut somewhere on his body. A few were as deep as the one on his chest but most were smaller and thin.

(This is like when Asuna tries to punch me or throws stuff at my head. It’s almost the same feeling. She has almost never hit me but everyone lands a blow eventually. I just need to be extra careful and feel this energy more.)

Shin was feeling the air energy around him but he noticed he was still trying to rely on his eyes. Even though he could see nothing, that didn’t change the fact that with his eyes open he was trying to guess where the Mangshi would attack from and was partially going against his instincts to feel the wind around him.

(I can do this, I just need to concentrate more on that feeling.)

Shin closed his eyes and for some reason imagined the wind energy flooding around him was Asuna’s angry attacks.

*Whoosh Bam Bam Whoosh*

Shin dodged blow after blow. He could feel the air telling him which way to move. His body began to relax and a faint smile crept onto his face as his entire being seemed to loosen up.

(This is…Incredible.)

The Mangshi was growing more and more furious and his actions became more aggressive and sloppy.

(Damn brat, how can he dodge everything now. What the hell is this?)

The Mangshi suddenly changed tactics and ascended 15 or so feet up into the air. Flapping its wings with everything it had it prepared to close the distance in an instant.

(As soon as I blow you off balance I’ll claw your fucking face off.)

Harder and harder the Mangshi flapped its wings, causing a torrent of wind to push Shin backward step by step.

(That’s it, just a little bit more.)

Shin could feel this change and he recognized what it meant.

(With this much wind and the direction it’s coming from, does this not mean my opponent is open wide in the sky?)

Shin following the direction the air energy was coming from fell backward.

(There it is, he’s off-balance, NOW!)

As Shin was falling backward he felt the wind change and threw a kick into the air. A single thought erupted within his mind.



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