Ruler Vol 3 Interlude: My First Love


Author: Anit666

Editor: Weasalopes



I was in my personal garden behind the palace, sitting at a table alone and enjoying my tea party in solitude. This exquisite tea, prepared from the tea leaves which grow only in the End Emptiness once a century procured by one of the suitors competing for me, calmed my tranquil heart even further.

I continued to gaze upon the sky, which was filled with the various stars, nebulas and planets, everything visible from here. Such a beautiful scenery, and yet it failed to provide any sort of entertainment to me.

How boring.

The teacup was soon emptied, and as I contemplated whether to shift from my comfortable position and refill it, I felt a change in my surroundings. The space in front of me rippled, and soon a stark red teleportation portal opened there.

Now, who could it be? People who have the authority to open a portal directly at my house number very few. And given the timing………… is it father? Had he finally found the time to meet his daughter?

However, my expectations were soon betrayed.

Two men walked out from the portal, looked around and finally saw me. Both of them had black hair and eyes, and the one standing behind was clearly a human. And the one in front……….. I couldn’t for the life recognise who he was, yet he felt strangely familiar.

Feeling a bit excited over this unexpected development, I continued to study my guests.

The human’s expression froze the moment he saw me. Then he sighed and lightly kicked the man standing in front.

“Sie stultus! Já sagten, sollicita jsem ich es, to zu cur nebyla sein? Dei my fuck sunt, ríse In?!”
<You idiot! I told you to be careful, didn’t I? Why the fuck are we in God’s Realm?!>

The language of Ruina? A mere human can speak it?


The eyes of the man who was kicked twitched in irritation, but he didn’t say anything, probably because he understood that he was at fault here.

The human’s eyes met mine. His cold apathetic eyes seemed similar to mine, but I could make out a smouldering hellfire burning within them.

We stared at each other for some time, and then both of them turned around and started walking away.

Two men who suddenly walked in and disturbed my too peaceful tea time were now walking away without even showing any interest in me.

For me who was used to basking in attention, this was clearly a new experience.


I gently called out to the two men to stop them. The eyes of the human had caught my interest, and feeling that this could turn out to be interesting, I wanted to know some more about him.

The two men stopped walking for a moment, looked at each other, nodded, and broke out in a dash.

Oh geez…..

I snapped my fingers and the teleportation portal vanished. Having no other escape, the two men finally turned towards me.

“Was interrogavit Rychle? habe in nebyl ich insidiis jsi mit collocaverant, v mir? ut klidu, Sie quid muzes netten et Tee nos so in haben calicem Chat?”
<What’s the hurry? I asked you to wait, didn’t I? How about you have a nice cup of tea and relax, so we can have a little chat?>

The human glared at me, clearly suspicious of my offer. I just smiled and pointed at the two seats in front of me and the tea cups with steam rising from them.

“Die tea bude bekommen frigus v Sie intercessisset prípade, wie luctuosus, ze.”
<The tea will get cold if you keep dilly-dallying like this.>

I informed them, trying not to scare them away. Been a long time since someone has caught my eye like this, who knows just how he’ll entertain me?

The human glared some more, but sighed and started walking towards me. The man stayed there, refusing to budge from his position.

The human now stood before me and courteously bowed.

“Gut vesperem, milady.”
<Good evening, milady.>

He took my hand and kissed the back of it. This was an action that I am used to. Being the Princess, I have always been showered with attention, love, jealousy, hate and many more complex emotions. I have always been in the limelight, and each and everyone of them clearly felt something for me. But the way this human performed this action was different: he clearly thought nothing of it. To him doing this was akin to picking up a pebble from the road. He saw me as nothing more than a nuisance.

I was being seen as a nuisance.

Yet, this made me even more excited.

“Gut, vesperum a die verax vy sind.”
<Good evening. And who might you be?>

I asked when he let go of my hand.

Little did I know, this small tea party born out of a mere coincidence was going to change my life forever, and ever.



  1. I wonder who these people are?

    My bit is the man is jack and human is Sam and the princess is Sam pass lover / Chloe’s past self

  2. Hoho. My bet is that she’s Phiria and we’ve just confirmed another unlikely but potential love interest. I swear, Sam can really have his pick of any tier of woman.

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