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Author: Anit666

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【Sam’s POV】


“Wait, are those monsters?”

The crystal was situated along the wall, and in front of it was a group of monsters.

“Yes… yes, they are.” Solomon’s expression hardened.

“Now what?” I turned to Sam II.

“Don’t ask me.” And he shrugged. “But they seem to be saying something?”

Now that he mentioned it, those monsters were growling and roaring in unison, as if chanting something-

Wait, chanting? This can’t be good.

“I think they are saying ‘This cannot continue’.” Jack explained.

This cannot continue? What cannot continue?

“You know what? Let’s get out of here.” I proposed.

“But what about the thing we had come here for?” Cecile protested.

“I certainly don’t see them here.”

“What if they are encased in that crystal?”

“That could be a possibility, but we’ll have to kill those monsters first.”

“Then let’s do just that, shall we?” Lantz unsheathed his sword.

“My stats have been halved, remember? And the Heroes don’t seem to be in any condition to battle.”

I had long since stopped releasing mana from my hands, thus signalling that my so-called skill had ended.

“I think I can handle that number of monsters.” Lantz shrugged and got ready to dive between those monsters. “There are quite a lot of them here though.” He also lamented.

Well, that’s true, isn’t it? I can see 10 wyverns in the back, while using the approximation method, there are over 200 other types of monsters. But the weirdest thing is that they are guarding the crystal. No, rather than guarding, it seems that the wyverns are doing something else to it.

“This could be… bad.” Solomon muttered, and we all looked at him simultaneously.

“And what exactly would you mean by that, Solomon?” Cecile asked.

Just what is inside that crystal that Solomon is calling it bad?

“Inside that large crystal is the Former Dark Hero, sealed.” He answered.

“Ohhh- wait, what?” Lantz turned his face to Solomon with a jerk. “Are you talking about the ‘Witch of the Ruin’?”



“And what the fuck is she doing here? You said-”

“Well, later I thought that just killing her would be a waste, so I sealed her here to allow her to cool her mind a bit.”

What are they talking about? Please don’t leave me out of the loop like that.

“What the hell were you thinking?! Shit, this is bad.” Lantz cursed.

Uhh, guys?

I tiptoed to get near Sherry and asked in a whisper.

“What are they talking about?”

“You don’t know her?” Her eyes widened. “Serasta La Graes, the infamous ‘Witch of the Ruin’. As a traveller, you should know about her.”

That certainly sounds like a bigshot title. And the former Dark Hero? Hmm…

“I do.” I lied. “I just don’t know what they are talking about.” I pointed to the group of Solomon, Lantz and Cecile.

“Ah, I see.” She nodded slightly. “Well, actually, around 6 months ago, rumours had spread that Serasta had been killed by Solomon for her repeated transgressions.”

I’d like to know what those transgressions were, but I can’t risk it in case they are something a traveller should know about.

Oh well, I’ll ask someone else later. Pars, the Adventurer, should be able to provide me with the information I seek without asking too many questions in return. He might ask for a duel as payment though.

“And now it turns out that Solomon hadn’t killed her.” I nodded. “Well, shit.”

I dunno how strong she actually is, but I said ‘shit’ anyway. That seems to be the appropriate response given how much these guys are freaking.

“Yeah, really.” Sherry sighed. “We would die if Serasta came back and joined hands with Solomon and his sister.”

Well, I’d like to avoid that situation if possible.

“Then let’s get out of here.”

The Heroes are not in a condition where they can fight, while I’m also apparently suffering from the repercussions of that awakening skill. Lantz, Cecile, Phiria and Sam II are the only one who can fight right now. Since the latter two cannot show their true power, this group of four would hardly be enough to battle Solomon, Regina and especially Jack.

“Yeah, we can get those weapons later. Retreating would be the best option right now.” Sherry also agreed with my opinion.

“Well, Solomon.” I walked back towards them. “It seems you’ve gotten into some weird shit. Since we don’t want to get wrapped up in it, it would be best for us to take our leave now.”

This accidental(?) meeting was a good opportunity to exchange information, but it seems like I’ll have to give up on that for now. The lives of the Heroes take a higher precedence right now.

“Now, now, don’t be like that, Samael.” Solomon smiled wryly. “How about staying behind and helping me for old time’s sake?”

Is that a mere jest or is he seriously asking that? Time to find out.

“Yeah, right.” I turned back to the others. “Pack your bags boiis, we are leaving.”

“I’m afraid that won’t be possible.” Solomon intervened in a solemn voice.


“Is that a threat?”

Does he really need me for something?

“Well, as you know, the former Dark Hero, Serasta, hates humans to the point she went against me, the Demon King.” He started. “So, what do you think will happen when she is unsealed?”

Ah, so those are the ‘transgressions’ Sherry was talking about. Anyway, if that is indeed true, then assuming that she hasn’t cooled off, Serasta would once again try to slaughter humans, wouldn’t she?

Lemme confirm just one thing.

“So, you’re saying that she’ll come after us. And what will you do?”

“Nothing, actually.” He smiled. “Back then, I had hopes of reconciliation with the humans, but since that is not possible right now, I don’t have any reason to stop her. But that changes if you help me here.”

Hmm. If Solomon could seal that Witch in the past, then he shouldn’t have any trouble in killing her either. Yet he’s saying that he’ll stop her only if I help him. The implications of his statements change drastically when I look at them as the Overlord.

Basically, he’s saying that my presence is needed here.

“…I see.” I let out a heavy sigh after acting like I had pondered over it quite a bit. “Alright, then. I’ll help you, but the others will leave. Is that alright?”

Unless he needs them too for some reason.

“Of course.” Solomon nodded heartily.

That should be enough then.

“Hold your horses there!” Lantz jumped into our conversation by grabbing my shoulder, and then he whispered into my ear. “What the hell are you doing, Samael-”

“Ah, if you’re worried that this is a plot to assassinate Samael, then don’t worry.” Solomon interjected. “In return for Samael, you can have Regina for the same duration.”


“What the hell? Are you really going to sell me out like this?” Regina spat in disgust.

“There’s no need to put it like that. This is just a simple exchange program between the two sides.”

“An exchange for prisoners, you mean.” She rolled her eyes.

“Well, if it’s you, then you should be able to handle it.”

“Grrrrrr……” She growled and glared at me. “Arrgh, fine!”

“Perfect.” Solomon turned to Lantz. “This should be enough, right? Even though she is my little sister,” Regina shivered. “I think you and Liege together should be able to handle her.”

Ah, right. Where is Liege? I haven’t seen him for a while.

Lantz shut his mouth and pondered Solomon’s offer for a while, before asking me.

“Are you fine with it?”

“Well, it’s either this or Serasta.”

“Right.” He slowly nodded. “Doesn’t seem like we have any other choice.” He faced Regina. “Well then, Ms. Regina. We will be in your care.”

“Yeah, same here.” She sighed.

And so, I was allowed to remain here. I would have liked to avoid such a blatant manner of arranging a meeting with Solomon. It would be troublesome if Cecile started suspecting me to be in cahoots with Solomon.

I just hope that this is worth it.

“Samael II and Mary, you will remain with me.”

“Of course. I can’t leave this dungeon anyway.” His horse mask moved vertically.

Phiria, on the other hand, just wordlessly nodded.

Now, with Regina with those Heroes, they shouldn’t die. Solomon should have filled her with the information about why these guys are needed alive, so she would do everything in her power to protect them. Probably.

As planned, everyone got ready to leave this dungeon, which just meant that they gathered together in front of the leftmost cavern.

“Take care, Sir Samael.” Sherry waved me goodbye with a worried smile.

“Don’t die.” Cecile curtly said.

I nodded to both of them. And soon, they left the hall, leaving me with just my subordinates.

“Well, Jack. First things first; where are the others?”

“Chloe, Susan and Liera came together with me and are currently at Solomon’s place; I’ll send them to you at a later date.” He replied with his usual nonchalance. “Shiggurath still has some matters to deal with, while Cornellia is still training under Meteron, so they’re still in God’s Realm.”

“So the cat bit the rat, huh?”

“Spectacularly, in fact.”

That’s reassuring. I’m kinda relieved now that the first step went the way I wanted it to.

“Now, Solomon. Why did you stop me?”

“For the general information exchange, as well as Serasta.”


“What about her?”

“I want you to take her under your wing.”

“Huh? If I remember correctly, this woman hates humans, right? Why would she work under me?”

On the contrary, I think she’ll try to kill me.

“Because you are the Overlord.”

“So you want me to reveal my identity to her?”


“L-lord Jack!” A childish, feminine voice resounded. “Can I come out now?”

“Yeah, sure.”

I turned my head into the direction that voice came from, and from the middle cavern stepped out a little child with silver-blue hair and crimson eyes.

No, demon child to be more precise, as evident by the two small horns on her head.

Her small, cute face lit up in delight as she spotted Jack and she trotted towards him and clung to him. He hoisted her up and placed her on his shoulders with his head as the support. She gently clung to his head and smiled warmly.

“I never knew you had a daughter in this world.”

“Of course, she isn’t mine.” Jack rolled his eyes. “She clung to me when I rescued her from the humans and hasn’t left my side since. So I appointed her as my caretaker.”

“And you let that happen? You sure have a soft spot for kids, though I agree that you need a caretaker.” I snickered.

And by the soft spot, I mean he’s kinder to them as compared to other strangers. On his affection scale, while others go into the negative range, children remain at positive single digit values.

I’m at the zero, by the way.

“Lord, who is this obnoxious, filthy human, and why is he talking to you like this?” That girl tilted her head cutely as she spouted these nasty words

“Don’t talk like that, Lui. He is my friend.”

Oh, maybe I’m not at zero. N-not that it makes me happy or anything, b-baka!

“You are friends with a human? Eww.” Her body shivered in disgust.

“He’s much more than a human, so greet him properly, okay?” Jack chided her gently.

“With how warm and caring you are with her; you might as well adopt her as your own daughter and raise her.” Phiria laughed.

…Oof, imagining such a scene sent shivers down my spine.

“Uuuu.” Lui groaned. “U-understood.”

Whoa, what a little shit. My theory stands corrected; I should stay away from these tiny Satans called children.


“Ah, right.”

As I was about to resume my conversation with Solomon, Jack interfered.


“There might be a dragon outside this dungeon lusting for the blood of your friends.”


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