Shiinamachi Senpai Volume 3 Episode 1 Part B 1



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【Episode 1 Part B: Sister and Legend, Part 1】

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• The story which is believed to have happened at a certain time and a certain place

• A rumor that spread and gained popularity

• Folk tale or oral literary art

• Speaking about a famous event that took place in the past of a famous individual who lived in the past.

• Things or events that are verbally passed down.

Jiro-kun had as sad look on his face.

Since he originally had no emotions in his heart he obviously wasn’t taught how to mask and hide them from others, so everything could be read from his face like from an open book. Even at that time, when he was looking at me his eyes were filled with loneliness and uncertainty. I remember that it made my heart beat a little faster.

That’s why right now I feel so happy, but also more than a little nervous. Because I invited him to go on a 「date」 with me, and he accepted my invitation!

「I wonder if he won’t think about me as a vulgar woman for being so direct with it though…」

Musing about such things as I was sitting in the bathtub I could feel my face gradually getting hotter, but not due to the hot water which was reaching all the way to my shoulders.

Nowadays it is a common practice for a girl to be the one to invite a boy she likes out on a date. Romance novels are full of such situations, where it is often the protagonist’s love interest who has to show the initiative and take matters into her own hands.

However, reading about it and actually doing it yourself are two entirely different matters.

「If only… If only I could experience a romance just like that. I know I asked him to go on a date with me for a purely pragmatic reason, but he looked so happy when he heard that, so… so maybe…」
… or maybe hoping for something more was too unladylike?

Suddenly I was overwhelmed by shame at mu own lewd thoughts. When did I become such an improper girl?!

「Uuuuu…. Bukubukubukubukubuku….」

I sunk unto the water all the way up to my mouth to try to clear my mind which was running all over the place, but it only made me feel dizzy.

I never thought I’d actually be worrying about such things to such an extent.

「How exactly does it feel to be in love?」

I like Jiro-kun, that much is certain. Whenever I think of him my chest gets really tight and I feel like my body is burning up. I want to spend more time with him and do a lot of fun things with him. But at the end of the day, there is one thing which will always stand as a divide between us.

And that is the differences between our races.

I am not a human being. I am a Nightkin. And although I turned him into one of my Knights, he is still human.

As for the past… well… I mean there are records of Lords marrying with their Knights, but I wonder if such a thing will be possible for someone like me?

… Would I be able to understand that if I had my original memories with me?

Up until now my amnesia didn’t bother me all that much, but lately it was starting to become an ever-growing problem.


Looking aimlessly at the bubbles forming in front of my eyes I sensed someone’s presence entering my suite at the top of the clock tower. A calm, cold presence. Ah, that must mean Shiki-san came to borrow my bath again. She does that from time to time after all.

「You still bathing, Kaguya?」

「Yes. Actually… there is something that’s troubling me.」

「I see. I’m coming in then.」

And without any prior warning Shiki-san slammed the bathroom door wide open. She was already naked and didn’t even bother to cover herself up with a towel.

That wasn’t the first time we took a bath together so I didn’t mind that of course, but it would be a totally different story if Jiro-kun came together with her.

「Are you against tomorrow’s date?」

「N-No, that’s not it at all!」

Snapped out of my daydreaming state by her sudden question I hurriedly raised myself in the bathtub to wave my hands in front of my face in protest. Shiki-san didn’t say a word of comment and continued on with her shower. Maybe it was because she usually lets down her now tied-up hair, but the outline of the nape of her neck looked truly alluring.

Even though I consider myself to have a fair skin, Shiki-san’s was as white as a freshly fallen snow and looked just as smooth. It was so strangely captivating to see it flushing with a tinge of pink as the hot water washed over her entire body.

「So how it truly is, Kaguya? With the date I mean?」

She glanced at me from the side with her deep-blue eye. Every time she looked at me with it, it felt as if she was staring right into the depths of my soul, seeing through every façade and falsehood.
Also, with her 『Demonic Gift Satori』 she was able not only to enhance her own sensory perception, but she could also use it as a kind of a lie detector by observing the bodily reactions of whoever she was talking to, so there is no use in trying to conceal anything from her, as she’d knew right away. I don’t think even my 『Angelic Gift Sariel』 could protect me from her all-seeing gaze.

「Jiro-kun… he looked so sad for some reason, so I just kind of blurted that date idea out in an attempt to cheer him up… I wonder if that was really a good idea. I mean, what if he’ll think of me as some kind of lewd girl now?」

Shiki-san was like a sister to me, so I felt that it was only fair to talk to her about my worries without any reservations. She’s so smart and knowledgeable about various things and she’s been together with me as my Knight from an early age, so I knew she’d always be there for me to help me with my problems, no matter what they were.

「Oh but you are a lewd girl, Kaguya. Even though you might not realize that yourself.」


Shiki-san spoke some terrifyingly outrageous words as if it was the most commonly known fact!

「I, I-I-I-I, I am, a lewd girl?!」

「Yes you are. I thought that fact has already been well-established.」

How did it come to this?!

Could it be that all Lords are sexually stimulating lewd beings? No way, it cannot be. If that was the case, then Fujisato-san, who is also a Lord just like me would have trouble with the opposite sex as well and in her case it was actually quite the opposite. When I called her image in my mind it became apparent that she has that certain idolish charm and bright disposition about her that would make boys around her praise her for being 「erotically cute」, if my memory serves me correctly. What I’m trying to say is: does the fact that she induces such strong desire in boys’ hearts does not make her a lewd girl?

「I see your head is heading straight for the gutter again, so before that happens, allow me to correct your most basic of misconceptions. Being lewd has nothing to do with being a Lord or not.」

「It, it doesn’t?」

As expected of an information gathering expert. Shiki-san really does know everything!

「Yes, it does not. First of all, think about how you conduct yourself and the way you look.」

Reflecting on my conduct, first thing which came to my mind was my way of speaking.

First and foremost: The meaning behind th words 「Safe Day」 and 「Dangerous Day」. They refer to the days when I as a Nightkin suffer from a risk of death, but for normal people those words carry an entirely different meaning. I only learned about that fact recently. I really had no idea that presently those words carry a deeply sexual meaning with them! And to think I actually used the words 「Safe Day」 when I invited him to come to my room on the day he became my Knight! I feel so ashamed of my past, uneducated self that I almost want her to disappear! But even despite my blunder, Jiro-kun was still kind enough to accept my selfish request and has stayed by my side ever since. He truly is one of a kind. He’s such a good, dependable person.
I only wish that Shiki-san could have told me about this sooner. That way I could have avoided such embarrassing misunderstandings.

…. I see now. Using words that carry a sexual meaning with them without knowing it might have been lewd of me indeed. But what does the way I look has to do with it? Is there something wrong with my body?

「Listen now Kaguya and listen well. Since we have a date tomorrow, allow me to drop a truth bomb on you.」

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