Shiinamachi-senpai’s Safe Day Episode 1 Part B (4)



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【Episode 1】Death and Immortality: Part B (4)

Anyhow, the calmer part of my brain thinks otherwise.
Despite being so shy, senpai goes to all this trouble ーthis must be her act of apology, thinking that she needs to compensate me for getting me killed.

… Senpai also experienced getting killed earlier, and I don’t want to violate her and add more to her mental trauma.

It was a scary experience. I really want her to spend the rest of today in the most peaceful way possible. That is my wish.

「Um … Okay, I’ve calmed down now. Sorry for getting a little too excited just now, senpai.」

「Ah, Um … Thank you … No need to apologize. I feel embarrassed, can you turn your back towards me?」

「Ok, thank you for offering to do this.」

Since senpai has offered to scrub my back, it’s only natural that I turn my back to her.

Reluctantly, I slowly turn my back. It’s such a shame that I can’t continue to admire senpai’s perfect body.

「Oh …!」
Senpai cries out in surprise.
「There is a scar, on your right shoulder …」

「Oh, I am sorry if that surprises you.」

I suddenly remembered the scar on my right shoulder, a cross-shaped scar marked by a blade.

Senpai must be surprised to see my scar.
「This was an old wound. I had many stitches back then.」

「The wound must be very deep at the time …」
Senpai softly caresses my old scar, and I shudder in response.

「Oh, sorry. Is it painful …?」

「Oh, no. It just surprised me, but it doesn’t hurt.」

I felt ticklish before, but for some reason, I suddenly feel a bit embarrassed.

「Ah … Sorry, I was too forward.」

「No, not at all.」

Senpai seems reassured. I can hear her relieved sigh.

To avoid being overly excited, I decided to avert my gaze left and right, however as a result … I happen to see the mirror.
This mirror must’ve anti-fog treatment as I could see Shiinamachi-senpai’s reflection clearly.

… I quickly look down to erase my guilt.

「Oh, tee-hee.」
Senpai chuckles, slightly feeling more reassured.

She has apparently noticed my utmost effort not to stare at her.

I really want to look.
I really really really want to look.
But if this is what it takes for senpai to feel at ease, I need to endure my desire.

「Thank you, Jiro-kun.」
This time, Shiinamachi-senpai lightly touch my back.
I feel her cold hand, and a little bit ticklish.

「I think the blade … Pierced through here.」
The area where senpai touched, feels slightly hot.

「I am truly sorry, Jiro-kun. Because I asked you to come tonight.」

「Senpai, please, say no more. Besides this all feels surreal right now.」

The intense pain and severe chill at the time only lasted for a moment.
At the time, I used the last of my strength to utter my last words … Then I lost consciousness. Since I experienced a quick『death』, I don’t feel any resentment in my heart.

「But … I didn’t explain anything properly and end up getting you involved.
I was too impatient. And now, I am sure you are confused and have many questions for me right?」

Surely, senpai cannot deny that her explanation so far is nowhere near sufficient. But thanks to what she just said, I am feeling really excited now.

Well, regardless, my situation right now is equally exciting.
「If possible, could you please explain things to me in detail now?」

「Very well. I have come here to explain everything to you.」
Senpai’s voice is calm and composed.

Even though we are currently inside a bathroom, this conversation feels appropriate.

Somehow in the almost-nudity state, it feels like we could be really open to each other, talks about everything honestly. Of course, senpai is still only clad in a bath towel at this very moment.

「Let’s see … First of all, where should we begin?」
In saying that, senpai gently caresses my back.

「How about we start from the reason of why you invited me today?」

That’s right, I did not understand why she called me.

「… Yes, good idea. Perhaps you will find this is simply absurd and hard to believe, you may even think I am lying … but before you say anything, please listen to my whole explanation.」

Currently, the situation is already absurd and pretty incredible.
And after all that happened to me, how could I possibly not believe her?


But, is this what senpai also feeling?
Senpai was also murdered earlier.
She invited me here, where I was also killed.
So I believe she must be quite shocked herself …

For some reason, I think I begin to understand why senpai was so calm earlier. And so I have decided to accept senpai’s word for now, no matter how unbelievable it may be.

「To be honest, tonight … I was planning to tell you my secret, Jiro-kun.」

「Do you mean the matter relating to the monster you speak of earlier?」

「That’s right.」
I can feel senpai’s hand slightly adding pressure on my back.
「I belong to a race called the 『Nightkin』. Members of this race will only die when predetermined events happen. Some people refer to us as 『Lord』.」

The word 『Lord』, certainly means 『Ruler』or 『King』.

「The Nightkin lives in isolation, staying out of human sight, living in the world of the night, staying hidden amongst human in their daily lives. Time is irrelevant to us, we continue to survive until now in this manner. Although the number of Nightkin has immensely decreased and we are now facing extinction.」

A life form similar to a human.
In all the time I have spent with senpai, I never would’ve thought she is different from an ordinary human being.

She is shy and feeling embarrassed in the bathroom, she is a caring person who is clearly feeling troubled trying to explain the current situation to me.
The impression she gives off is clearly just like any ordinary girl, but …

「Therefore, when today ー my heart was stabbed with a blade and stopped for a little while, I survived due to Nightkin’s self-regeneration ability, which is far more superior than human beings.」

「Ummm … Even when you get stabbed in the heart, the regeneration ability still works?」

This is simply amazing.
Simply put, then the race of Nightkin is immortal, right?

「It looks like the regeneration power work fine. That was my first time getting killed, so I was really surprised … Also by chance, your『human blood』splattered on me, which gave a positive effect.」

「My blood?」

「When I feel the vitality of life from others … Especially from someone with a strong 『feeling』, those emotions can turn into a great force of power for us Nightkin to use.」

Senpai looks a little embarrassed as she explains this to me.
ーIndeed, back then I was harboring a strong 『feeling』 towards senpai.

Which according to senpai, my fresh blood enhanced her healing powers, thereby saving her life?

However, self-regeneration through human blood, doesn’t this somewhat resembles a vampire?

Earlier, senpai has said that 『There is no need to drink blood. But yes, it can be considered similar to the type of monster you mentioned.』Maybe this is what she means?

「So, what is a safe day mean?」

Senpai also mentioned that it would’ve been an instant kill if today wasn’t a safe day. In other words, senpai already knew that she was not going to die before she invited me earlier.

「Actually, I already knew ahead of time that I would encounter an incident today involving death, and this incident will not lead to my death. So, this means to everything will be fine as『today is a safe day.』」

I see. So it’s completely different to the kind of safe day I previously imagined.

I feel quite ashamed for mistaking senpai’s meaning.
However, I really wish senpai understand that saying that kind of things will make any men feel excited.

… But then again, those who know Shiinamachi-senpai will also understand that she is quite dense in this department.

「This sounds like a prophecy, the fact that you knew ahead of time. Is this a power of the Nightkin?」

Honestly speaking, I still find it hard to believe that senpai belongs to a different race. It may be easier to understand if senpai is just an ordinary human who happens to be a mysterious girl with a weird tendency.

However, senpai is not the type of person who will lie nor someone who will say things just to impress other people.

As a result, I decided to accept her story for now and analyze it in detail later on.

「Oh no … That’s not a power of the Nightkin, it’s more like a special feature.」
Saying that senpai falls silent for a while, looking troubled.
And after pondering for the right words to say, senpai begins to explain things more.

「From the moment we were born, the 『story』 of our life has been predetermined, as Nightkin we need to live according to the story.」

「A story? Acting out your life like in a story … Isn’t this like a book?」

「Indeed. There exist books amongst us that only the Nightkin can read. Whenever one of our kind is born, a story will be selected from the book and then assigned to the newborn. Afterward, that Nightkin must abide by the story and live, as well as die according to its rules. The special feature I mentioned naturally means that if an event doesn’t match the content of the story, then it’s almost impossible for us to die.」

In other words, senpai’s race must follow the scenario of the『story』starting from their birth and act out their life accordingly. If any deathly incident to occur and it doesn’t match the timing in the story, then it’s almost impossible for the Nightkin to die.

That explains why senpai did not die today.
In other words, today is her safe day.

Slowly, it is getting easier to understand the meaning of senpai’s words.

「Is this what you would call a destiny?」

A predetermined path and story, I guess we should call this destiny.

「Perhaps, but I don’t think that it’s like destiny. Different to a human being, until the story ends a Nightkin will stop aging at a certain age and will not die from any other causes of death.」

Certainly, this race has its own distinct existence.
It’s different from the vampire legend.

「My 『story』has only recently begun, and I will not die until the rest of the story finishes. So today, although I got killed, I managed to survive thanks to my story … However, I myself wouldn’t have known that the reason I am able to survive today … Was because of you, Jiro-kun. I wouldn’t have known that you would also lose your life today for coming here, and your strong 『feeling』carried in your blood saved my life …」

Hearing senpai talks about my strong feeling makes me feel embarrassed.
But in hindsight, my death ultimately helped senpai to survive, so I’m glad.

「So does it mean that if senpai is ever in critical condition, my blood will help you survive?」

I am imagining something similar to blood transfusion.

「Well, blood is not always necessary … Sometimes a strong mental contact is enough. But … It is true that blood pact is the strongest method. Back then, a great volume of your blood entered my body through the wound on my chest …」

Saying that senpai exhales lightly.

「Currently, Jiro-kun’s blood is absorbed and mixed together with the blood in my body.」

… Somehow, listening to senpai saying all that in her sweet voice … To think that I actually had a mental connection with Shiinamachi-senpai, to the point of sharing a blood pact.

Moreover, currently my blood is also flowing inside senpai’s body.
Hearing such things, anyone’s heart will pound with excitement, right?

「C-cough … Anyway, I think I understand now the reason why senpai didn’t die.」

「Phew … I know the explanation just now must be hard to understand with common sense. But you have been really great and I can see that you are trying your best to understand my words, Jiro-kun.」

I feel a bit embarrassed that senpai is being really considerate for me.

After all, senpai already put in so much effort to come in here to give me a back scrub. As a man, of course I must do everything in my power to return her effort in kind.

「Te-hee. Actually, after my resurrection, it took quite a lot of effort for me to move you from where you had collapsed on top of me, Jiro-kun.」

「Uh … Um … I am sorry, senpai.」

At the time, I collapsed on top of senpai’s body when I died.
Even when I felt satisfied at the time, now remembering that makes me self-conscious.

Moving forward, now I truly understand what the『safe day』really meant.

Shiinamachi-senpai used the term literally, and it was only natural that I would fail to understand her in the beginning.

「When I revived … I realized in a panic that you helped me, so I decided to also revive you, Jiro-kun … Actually, I really should’ve asked for your consent first before resurrecting you, but … I’m sorry.」

「No, that’s fine. I should be the one thanking you for reviving me from the dead, so thank you very much.」

In the first place, I was dead at the time so there would be no way for senpai to obtain my consent. I wouldn’t be able to answer her.

And I still think the murderer’s killing technique was too refined.
I am grateful for what senpai did, but I feel like I have more and more questions piling up in my mind.

I guess I can believe that senpai belongs to the Nightkin race.

But it is still hard to believe that it’s a race that could resurrect after death.
But back then, I definitely saw that Shiinamachi-senpai was lying dead on the floor, so one way or another, I have no choice but to believe that her explanation to be the truth.

However, how did I actually revive?
I am just a normal human being.
I don’t have any power like senpai.




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