The Otherworld Conquest Method of a Reincarnated Porter Chapter 4 Part 2


 After lunch, I read a book in my own room, but I can’t get into it at all. I restlessly go back and forth from one corner of the room to another. I wonder what kind of girls are coming. Not good, not good. I may look like this, but I am the next head of the Amberlius family, a family boasting wealth and military power that rivals that of the royal family. I have to act boldly.

 Incidentally, there seems to be talks about the Amberlius family becoming a marquisate, but it seems my father has turned it down. I still don’t understand the political circumstances around that part.

 I have been waiting for an hour. What the hell is going on? Are we doing abandonment play here? I guess Alma is in for some punishments tonight. After a while, Alma finally knocks on the door.

Do you have some times, Kars-sama?

Come in.

Please excuse us.

 With Alma in the lead, girls enter the room one after another. They are all dressed in maid outfits, but they are all wearing makeup and perfume. So this is the reason they took a long time, huh. A lot among them are good-looking. Girls from mature beauty type to cute idol-like type with a hint of immaturity. Most of them are probably the daughters of low-class nobles. There are also some that I often see in the mansion. Fourteen in total, that’s too many, isn’t it? The art of lovemaking is supposed to be difficult to learn, so are those who can use it really this many?

Alma, are all of them able to use the art of lovemaking?

Yes, but only based on their personal statement. However, there is nothing to worry about, Kars-sama. There is this item called birth control pill sold at the Hinomoto Trading Company, and by taking it, it will keep you from being blessed with children. For that reason, I would like to ask for the other girls to have an audience on another day.

 For them to sell not only underwear but also birth control pills, how wonderful, o earthly comrades of mine. Not good, not good, this is not the time to be thinking about such a thing.

There is still the possibility of them getting pregnant by faking that they have taken birth control pills, no? It would be troubling if they later say that they forgot to take it or that the pills were ineffective, you know? If it’s the art of lovemaking, I’ll be able to tell because I’ll be able to feel the flow of their magical energy, but there’s no way to ascertain that they took the pills, after all.

That is, certainly true, but….

You guys can really use the art of lovemaking, can’t you? From here on, I’m going to call an appraiser and have them check your skills. If you are faking it, you yourself is given, but I’ll also punish everyone in your family of origin. Just so you know, this is not a threat. You have conspired against the next head of the family. It won’t be strange even if you are charged with rebellion. You must understand that the sin will spread through the entirety of your family!

 With these words of mine, tension runs through the room. Many of them turn pale.

If it’s now, I’ll overlook it without asking any question. Those who can’t use the art of lovemaking, leave the room. Worry not, I’ll call on you again when I come of age, so be at ease.

 With a sigh of relief, the girls leave the room one after another. In the end, only four remain.

That’s few. Well, I guess that’s just how it is.


 Three of the four have family names, so they must have come from noble families. All of them are magicians. The art of lovemaking is an applied skill of body manipulation, magical energy manipulation, and healing magic. It is probably easy for magicians to learn. Although none of the three can be said to be an outstandingly beautiful woman, I can sense what you would call intelligence and elegance, which is characteristic of those who come from aristocratic backgrounds, from them. They must have studied hard in order to learn the art of lovemaking.

 However, it is the fourth girl that I am interested in. She is short and has a plain face. She wears no makeup and keeps her eyes on the floor the whole time. She has no choice but to come here since she is able to use the art of lovemaking, but she has this air around her that is telling me that she has no interest in me. As for why I am interested in her, it is because of her job.



 Mion, 24 years old, level 28

 Job: Assassin


 If she is an assassin and level 28, she should be able to kill me in an instant. The security of this mansion is of the highest level, so it is unlikely that Mion is an intruder from the outside. If so, she must be an assassin belonging to the Amberlius family.

All right, you can all withdraw now. Ah, the woman over there, you stay behind. There is something I want to talk to you about.

 I instruct only Mion to stay behind. Mion has been expressionless from the moment she entered the room, but she shows a look of surprise and confusion for a moment, though her expression quickly returns to how it used to be. I wonder if she is wondering why she is the one I pick.

 After the three of them leave the room, there is only me, Alma, and Mion in the room.

Alma, tell me what you know about this girl.

Yes, her name is Mion, and she has been working at the mansion since she was fourteen years old. Umm, she is tasked with different jobs from me, so I don’t know much about her. But I believe she has given birth to one of the Master’s children.

 If she has been working here since she was 14, I guess she is not an intruder. Most likely, since she was bestowed with the job of assassin at her coming-of-age ceremony, the mansion took her in as usable personnel. If she has given birth to the child of my father, I think her loyalty should be high, too.

Got it. I want to talk to her alone. Alma, please leave the room for the time being.

… Yes, sir.

 Alma leaves the room. Mion is expressionless the whole time.

Now then, I want to know about you. Introduce yourself briefly.

Yes, Kars-sama. My name is Mion. I am twenty-four years old, from an orphanage, and I have been given the privilege to work at the mansion since I was fourteen. Nine years ago, I was blessed with the child of the Master. I am tasked with handling miscellaneous matters under Astor-sama.

 Hmm. The one who is managing the assassins is, as expected, the chamberlain old man, huh. She didn’t mention her job in her introduction, but I wonder if she would answer if I asked her.

 I take another look at Mion. With bobbed blonde hair and green eyes, she looks plain. I even have doubts that perhaps she is deliberately making herself plain. She is about 140 centimeters tall. In this world, all people, especially those from orphanages, are thin and short. This is because they cannot get enough nutrition in the orphanage during their growth period.

What’s your job?

My job is….

 She is hesitating. She cannot afford to lie, but I wonder if Assassin job is something that is hard to say.

I know what it is. It’s assassin, right?

Did you know that? No, the flow of magical energy at that time, was it used to activate appraisal?

 When you use appraisal on someone, those who are sensitive to magical energy can tell. They can also intentionally repel it. I want to hide the fact that I can use appraisal. There are several people in this house who can use appraisal, but no one is brazen enough to use it on the next head of the family.

I’m the next head of the Amberlius family, you know? I can get most information. More importantly, I’m interested in this job called assassin. Explain it to me.

Yes, sir. Assassin is said to be the weakest yet the strongest job, and it excels in nimbleness. The trait it provides is being able to easily learn presence concealment and throwing skills.

The weakest yet the strongest? Tell me more about it.

Yes. Assassins excel in nimbleness, but their other abilities are poor. This is the reason why it is called the weakest job. However, since they can easily learn concealment-type skills, they excel in killing opponents stronger than them before they are even noticed. This is the reason why it is called the strongest job.

I see. In short, you approach your opponent while making sure not to get noticed and then throw a poisoned concealed weapon at them, huh.

… That is correct.

 I wonder if Mion has ever killed a person. It’s kind of hard to ask.

Are you hiding the fact that you are an assassin?

Yes, I am. I have been ordered to conceal it as much as possible.

 I see, so the reason she could not tell me about her job earlier was because she was instructed to do so, huh. She cannot afford to lie to me, after all. Well, nothing good will come if the fact that she is an assassin known, so I guess it is only natural for her to be cautious. It does not have that good of an image either, after all.

I guess you usually work for Astor. Do you have any ongoing assignments, such as assassinations or intelligence gathering?

Assassination is limited to training only. For other assignments, please ask Astor-sama directly.

Got it. Well then, as the next head of the Amberlius family, I have an order for you. I appoint you as my exclusive night attendant from now on. Ask Alma for details. Also, I want to learn presence concealment and throwing skills. You will wait on me as my teacher. I’ll bring up the matter to Astor myself. Any questions?

Uh, u, um…

 Having been suddenly told to serve as my exclusive night attendant and skill teacher, her brain processor seems to be unable to keep up with the development. I open the door and urge Alma to come in.

Alma. From today on, Mion will be my exclusive lovemaking partner. Carry out the duty in turns with her. There is also the matter of physical condition, so you two should discuss and decide on who will keep me company on your own. Do you have any questions?


 Alma takes a fleeting glance at Mion. She seems to be at a loss as to what we were talking about and why Mion was chosen.

If you have no questions, then that’s all. You two leave the room.

 Both of them leave the room in bewilderment. I am looking forward to the night.


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