The Pagemasters Vol 2 Sidestory 7


Author: Literataku

Sidestory 7:
I’ll Keep On Calling



“Moshi Moshi!”

“Shikihiro-kun! I thought you were coming home tonight.”

“Oneechan! Umm shit… I forgot… Umm… Is Mom upset?”

“Why do you think I am the one calling my Ototo?”


“Duh! My baka ototo needs to get his ass down here next week. Or did you forget about your birthday too?”

“I really very sorry, Oneechan. I got caught up in work, we have a new novel coming out and the managers are freaking out. It’s one of those big western authors and they want to make sure it comes out perfectly. And I just got a call that someone wants to see about publishing one of my web novels for real…”

“Oh, that will make it all better once I explain that to Mother. Baka baka baka!”

“I’ll call Mom tomorrow and apologize. And I’ll definitely show up next week.”

“You better.. Dad is trying to console Mom by talking about disowning you…”


“Yeah. Don’t be so stupid next time ok?”

“Thank you… Again I’m really really sorry.”

“Just show up next week, Ototo! Love you!”

“Love you too, Oneechan. Geeze where did this storm come from…”

“Moshi Moshi!”

“Aren’t you a little too American to be answering your phone like that?”

“Awww… Daniel-san is no fun. This is Japan and I never get to say it back home!”

“Heh. Alright fine, Ariana-san, but only here. And preferably only to me!”

“Well considering only you and my parents have this phone number you have a one in three shot of being the only one.”

“Well, your parents won’t try calling unless they think we were going to do something naughty.”

“Oh my… Is my beloved thinking of hentai things to do with his girlfriend?”


“But I am just a simple country girl. I could never do that with a man I am not engaged or married to.”

“Than maybe I will put a ring on that finger.”

“Oh? Is that a threat?”

“It’s more than that…”

“Mmm, now I’m curious about what you are thinking of…”

“Where are you? I’ll come to pick you up and then I can get into better detail over the phone about what I want to do with you.”

“Ohh! I’m shivering in anticipation… But aren’t you still in that meeting over there?”

“Yeah. And it’s a bunch of new writers too.. Though you’ll never guess who I saw at the Front desk still, Kichi-san”

“She’s still there! Oh my god! We totally have to invite her to the wedding! You know.. If there is one…”

“I’ll buy her damn ticket to get her there. Least we can do for her.”

“So there will be one?”


“Ugh, you tease… Why did I fall in love with a guy who likes to play so vaguely with me.”

“I’d hate to see what you think a lack of subtlety is.”

“Oh, something along the lines of.. ‘Get on your knees and put my ^*&^ in your *^(&* so it’ll be ready to violate your *&%^ and *&(*&.’”

“I thought you were a simple innocent country girl. Such language!”

“Maybe some big Hollywood hotshot corrupted me?”

“Well, I’m going to have to punish you for that when I get out of here..”


“Can you at least sound like you are trying to be penitent?”

“Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned…”

“Cheeky little… Dammit, they are back. I got to go…. I love you!”

“I love you too, Daniel-san!”

“Moshi Moshi!”

“It’s Ichigo. I can’t do it…”

“Ichigo-saaaaaaaaan… you promised me you would try! He’s a really great guy.”

“I know I did but…”

“You need to quit being a shrinking violet. Get back out there!”

“Work has been so busy. And if I start dating I won’t have time to write as much and it could affect my ad revenue. People could get angry at me.”

“You write hentai novels, Ichigo-san. I don’t think people will mind if you take some time out to get some yourself… Besides, guys aren’t all like the ones you write about.”

“Maybe, but where do you think I got the inspiration from?”


“I’ll make it up to you later.. I mean why don’t you go on a date with him instead?”

“Ichigo-san! He’s my brother! I can’t go on a date with him!”

“Well I mean you could…”

“Ew! EW! Ew! Ew! EW! No way in hell… Pervert! Baka! You don’t even write that kind of thing yourself why would you tell someone else to try?”

“I-i-i I didn’t mean it like that. I said go out with him, not drag him to a love hotel! Who’s the pervert here?”

“Still you! I’m only teasing, Ichigo-san. Still, it’s a bit of a shame and.. Hold on…”


“…. who’s my good little man?….”

“…. I’m going to hang up now.”

“No please don’t! I just had to calm down the baby a moment.”

“It’s fine… I need to end my break now. We got to finish up and close down the place. And there is a storm coming by the look of things. I need to get down before the rain hits..”

“Harajuku-kun to the rescue right?”

“You know me too well…”

“Of course I do. You’re my best friend and non-blood twin sister.”

“Tell your brother I’m sorry.”

“I’m going to make you babysit, Haru-kun because of this. Hubby and I need a date night.”

“Umm sure sounds easy… just let him sleep and I can work on writing, right?”

“Hahaha… sure whatever you think, Ichigo-san.”

“I’m telling ye, the library hasn’t acted this strangely in almost twenty years… Yes, I mean the Kyoto incident! I seem to have settled down in some part of Japan again so I am giving ye a hefty forewarning.”


“I don’t know, the library could be looking to resupply its manga section for all I know. I can hear spaces toward the fiction section expanding. Like it’s picking up a lot of stories. It placed us in the middle of some major publishing companies too..”


“I’ve been doing this job for forty years, the only being who knows this place better than I do is the Word itself. It’s waiting for something. And it’s here in all places. ugh… That noise is getting bad… It’s almost like the time it picked up all those Xianxia novels in Shanghai.”


“Well if you think you can understand it more than get yer ass here and then ye can puzzle out for yerself!”


“Atlantis can kiss my arse. If they are so smart they can come up here! They put me in charge and I’m doing my job and telling ye something is about to go down! So either do something about it or go blow on it!”


“Well then, it’s all on you if something happens. The weather is getting awfully peculiar right now. Like the level of somebody needs to call Harold Ramis and Dan Akroyd.”


“Yeah Bill Murray is in it too but he wasn’t the brains of the movie was he?”


“I don’t make fun of yer analogs, so quit doing it to mine!”

“I need to negotiate a raise for this… All the shit I keep getting pulled into by ye lot is making my hair turn grey.”


“Even more grey, dammit!”


“The hell? The library just opened itself up! I told you something was going down here! It’s even lowering the SEB filters… Guess it found a new recruit, maybe. Why the hell it didn’t tell me until now though.. Look. I’ll call you after I figure out what this insane building is up to.”


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