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Adventure Comedy Different World (Isekai) Dungeon Fantasy Magic Romance
  • Author: Literataku

All Shikiro Momotarou, aka Blue, wanted was to have an adventure in his own Isekai fantasy world. To be a famous hero, save the day and score fame, wealth and girls. But instead of being summoned into such a world, he’s summoned all the fantasy worlds into his. All. Of. Them. Every story ever written. With a world thrown into mayhem and chaos, the quest begins to return everything to normal before the universe collapses into itself. Familiar and unfamiliar faces and stories abound as mixups and twists on classic and not so classic tales around the world bring you on a wild ride across time, space and genre. Hopefully, Shikiro can find some help.

I knew saving the world was going to be a problem. Especially when I have a lot to learn. First Major Job: Capture the Gingerbread Man! That sounds easy enough though. Right? But easy isn’t the name of this game. Fairies, talking Animals and a village on the edge of a demonic forest. Now to keep Master and this other newcomer from trying to kill me!

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Latest release: The Pagemasters Vol 2 Chapter 14 years 10 months ago

Latest release: The Pagemasters Vol 2 Chapter 14 years 10 months ago

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