Chapter 198


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Chapter 198 – Timi…Pissed Off!

Seeing the two on the other side so angry, I was a bit worried.

Then I asked the men,

「Those two are angry…are you going to be okay?」

「Yeah, fine, fine. We’re experts, you know? They only hired us for this for now. It’s not we’ve been ordered to do something.」

Looks like these fellows weren’t under orders by Cruz in the first place.

They were just employed to make the bridge.

「But, won’t you be fired?」

「In that case, we’ll just build a bridge somewhere else. We’ve got loads of bridges to build in the old Demon Lord’s territory, so we’ve got jobs all over.」

「Is that so? I guess it’s great to have a needed job.」

「Yup. It’s made us really proud to have chosen this job.」

The bridgemaker said, smiling.

Five of the men that crossed were bridgebuilders. Three were underlings of that kid.

So then I asked the other three.

「Are you okay?」

「Yeah, we’re fine.」

Out of all of them, the oldest guy smiled at us and said,

「We haven’t done anything bad, it’s just listening to that kid bitch is not part of our contract.」

「Even so, he might hold a grudge, or hate you afterward.」

「If he hates us, we’ll just report him to a higher up.」

Another fellow said,

「I mean, as soon as we get back I’m reporting how egocentric the “temporary ass” is anyway.」

Seems that instead of the correct title “temporary assistant chief” they were just calling him “temporary ass.”

Kind of an easy title to remember.

「Well, you must really trust the fellow in charge of this “temporary ass.”」

「The assistant and the marquis, they’re both great people.」

「Yes, so, please, don’t worry. If he starts bitching about things, we’ll stop him.」

It seems that these people thought that we were members of the temple’s village.

That’s why they probably worried after seeing us see how the “temporary ass” was conducting himself.

They told us all this with smiles.

After that, Timi asked,

「Is his father, the assistant, nice to all his workers?」

「Not all the time.」

「Sometime’s a bit rough, but if you don’t do something wrong or make mistakes, he can be nice.」

「I see.」

Timi seemed relieved by that.

I asked about something I was wondering about,

「So, that great boss of yours…why did he give this “temporary ass” a job?」

「Apparently the our boss thought this kid could only crap gold, but I think that marquis would think he made a mistake!」

「Yeah, and our boss told the “temp ass” that he had better be polite to others as well.」

Seems that the father wanted the best for this kid, but didn’t pay attention to how nasty the kid was.

I guess you can’t avoid it. It happens. What occurs after the fact is more important.

I would have to tell Cruz about it.

After that, the assistant’s underlings and the bridgebuilders walked off into the forest.

「Let’s head to the village.」




Everyone agreed, so we went back.

As we started walking, the two on the other side shouted,


「Uhg. How tedious. GO OVER YOURSELF!」



It was a joke to hear these two gab on about how royal the kid was.

On the other hand, I had something that could help.

「We can help you if you fall in now. Go ahead and cross.」

「Do your best to cross now!」

Timi and Femm agreed.

Not a safety dog…but a safety wolf. And Femm was wagging his tail waiting for them to cross.

「Commoners! Are you going to mock royalty? The approval for your village rests in me!」

Hearing this, Timi’s appearance suddenly changed.

At first she was looking at this kid like he was stupid, but now I could see her rage rising like a fire from a bellows.

「This guy’s acting like anyone cares where he comes from. How did kid ever end in the royalty?」


Shiggy was angry.

But Timi then shouted at the two.



The old man shouted happily.

The kid still stood tapping his foot and nodding.

Timi took Shiggy out of my pouch and put her on Timi’s head.

She then suddenly changed, instantly. Into an ancient dragon like a mountain.

When she became humongous, the air rushed out all around us. You could see a wave of air over the river.



The old man and kid both screamed and fell down on their rears.

「ryaa ryaa」

Shiggy was still on Timi’s head, crying out.

Then Timi reared back and roared,


It was filled with magic, and quite a roar.

My spine went straight up and I got goosebumps. Femm jumped too.

I smiled at Femm and patted its head.

「I felt the roar echo through my stomach.」

『Strong, like usual.』

Femm still was quiet about it after Timi’s roar.

Looking over the river, the two men had passed out on the ground.

And like usual…they had wet themselves too.

After that, Timi whispered,

「Don’t want to carry them now…」


Shiggy was upset too. She was squeezing both sides of her beak shut.

「Well, I guess that’s what happens…」

It would happen to anyone.

I bet all the creatures for miles around were fleeing too.

「Oh well…」

She took her claws and grabbed the two men, and dunked them in the river.

They woke up, saw her, and fainted again immediately.



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