Chapter 197 – The Usual Spectacle




“EDITOR: GhostApe”

The space shattered.

My consciousness is rapidly flowing away, but I’m not worried about it at all. I’m convinced that the next time I wake up, I will regain my body.

Just before I closed my eyes, a daydream-like scene came to my mind for a moment――…

An underground altar that looked like a cellar.

The fake kin is standing there with a man with golden hair.

『…Is it really okay to lie like this?』

『Yeah. A lie that has been blown outta proportion like this should help you gather faith. A fraud should be exaggerated. It’s my rule of thumb.』

『No, it’s not about that. Should I explain the situation to that Taizan Katari Lizard and your relatives?』

The blonde man laughed.

『Something like that, of course not.』


『It’s okay, you know. Don’t be worried. This is my personal business. I will carry that lizard well on a portable shrine and just let my descendants suck the delicious juices. There is no other reason.』

『Even though you made me, you are not very good at lying huh, you.』

The fake kin also seemed like he had a bitter smile on the other side of his mask.

『What do you mean by lying. A guy like me, trying to give back to that lizard――What kind of a joke punch line it is, that I am saying such great things.』

The fake kin nodded to his words.

『Then, let’s say that I’ll fill in the overkill part. I’ll keep your bad lie brilliantly.』

『…My bad. Counting on you.』

『No, there’s no need to be so thankful.』

The fake kin looked back at the altar.

Enshrined on the altar, is a dagger with a jewel decoration.

『It’s rewarding for me――I think it’s a really good lie.』



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